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Ten men coup protection not bow to permanent erection

Men want to always be able to firm, however, a lot of male friends because they do not always protect their penis, leading to his critical time can not erect, then the man to how to protect themselves will be able to permanently erect it firm erection is the basis of marital sex life happy。
While many men know that unhealthy lifestyles can damage health, but only really affect the sexual life, they got the idea began。
Fortunately, some simple ways you can help them protect the penis, to avoid permanent erectile dysfunction。
This knowledge is worth learning and practicing every man。 1.Medicine cabinet clean up some antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, painkillers and antihistamines can cause erection problems。
The new study also found that anti-allergy or cold medications can also make a man penis appears weak, it is because the drug pseudoephedrine hydrochloride contained may inhibit sexual arousal。
So when male erectile problems, consider the drug is being used, consult a doctor if necessary replacement drugs。
2.Cut too thick waist waist increases the risk of erectile dysfunction。
The possibility of men compared with men, waist circumference of less than 89 cm, waist circumference greater than 99 cm suffering from erectile dysfunction are twice as much。 Too thick waist show bad body fat content is too high, which could lead to low testosterone levels and increased inflammation, which damage the erectile function。
Ten men coup protection is not permanent erection bow 3.Quitting smoking can damage the vascular endothelium, smooth muscle in the penis influence, thereby impeding the blood flow to the reproductive organs。
The study found that compared with nonsmokers, smokers have the possibility of erectile dysfunction will be 51% higher。
Israeli researchers found that, one year after quitting, former smokers and 25 percent said their erectile function improved。 4.Do not take work home with men busy, stress is often difficult to work on time, which means that they are always in a state of high tension and even anxiety, which make them very difficult in the bedroom。 In addition, take work home may affect the male quality of sleep, lack of exercise make them, which can cause erection problems。