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Classical woman, sad love

Do not drink one thousand goblet not worry Huan, knot-free solution made from one hundred intestine。Cymbidium sales break return Chunpu, Willow stumbled off the boat。Everything is sad cloud has been uncertain, kindness must learn Flows。Flowering season known epic proportions, reluctant Yanyan drunk Yuk。    ——Autumn "Send e-security" Xing Xu's Ferry, overlooking the night sky, bright moon beauty, embrace the hand of surplus。Early light breeze, accompanied by a touch of violet fragrance, leaving hair dancing shape of the wind。who is it?In a hairpin and girls, after undergoing a sea change Kuwata love, elegant quiet seclusion of view suitable for all ages, and long lamp in as partners, such as the lonely valley of orchids, from the open since Xie, self-pity sing。Today, for whom wind Lu Li Zhong Xiao?This sigh stars, has a non-last night!    [Cycle time, first met Chang Qing Fei] southeast corner of a dilapidated small courtyard, filled with my wrinkles sad childhood, childhood memories are mostly cruising in classical poetry between the lines and that faint flicker of tears。Stubborn strict father, a lonely person, so I began to lose playing time wayward youth, in exchange for a generation“Poetry Children”The advent。Poor living such as washing, forcing his mother to bow to bow, I rely on to bring home as a brothel prostitution pound mending clothes。Qinggemanwu Qunzhe flying, and that stereotyped smile, such as spring-like tenderness, I was already commonplace!    Remote remember a late spring morning, attracted visitors of you, interested in culture to me, I saw you moisten ink brush, pen down floating in the air, a "riverside Liu" will be fleshed out, to read a Qingchi still if the proximity to the banks, listen to streams slow trickle。I was flipping hair, smiling wrote: emerald green even shortage shore, smoke pose far into the floor。    Shadow shop spring water, the flowers off the head。    Root old Tibetan cave fish, sticks sill passenger boat。    Rustling wind and rain the night, Tim worry Dream complex。    Put pen to paper boneless, you cast admiring glances, lasting bonds with you from this life。    Talented, learning and ability poet——Wen Ting-yun, people call you a Libertine, spend sleepless Liu Yado thing to mention, poetry Often Lyrics chi resentment, light singing voice eschatological。I know you as a teacher, but the portrait of yearning, just because you know。    Autumn flowers withered, leaving the silent sigh, as you that beautiful smile and backs away, you're gone, leaving Chang Xiang to any provincial governor aide。I miss the rain, disrupting their hearts, tears gone, the battle flag is flying。    [Juanniao homing, good dream shortage stunning fall for the first time], whether versa goodbye?Then send Acacia night speech, has as yet not come geese and other sound, now twist of fate worthy of laughter, feeling he intended to vote。You take a handsome young man, I admire the talent to, he named Li million word child safety, the annual party XXII, the official left Buque, young talents, promising。    Fascinated eyes, as touching apartment in moonlight, the king of Wife, worth mentioning, tired of flying birds, and the wings folded homing。    Mourning wind rustling passed away, faint Hanbo Health。Indus Grottoes wind rotation, rest in peace。Once thought safe can this Ning Yusheng, Xu Zian I smile, but do not expect Chunshan had to change, Wan Shan return。That day, you have to know first wife Pei, you should bring her from Gangneung, heart, tears already, I'm afraid the door lady who can accommodate my humble home concubines?And actually in all expected, the shortage of good dream off, such as a Hua Xu cited, Lei Yu torrential, cold desperate state of mind。    [River spilled worry, just come to an end] before making their names on the line, then the Yin Fu old age, as people feel then?Sentimental years, who in whose fleeting hollow promises, who is in whose shadow wave heart fleeting photo?    Originally, I called love, after all, arrived, but the money in exchange for black yarn。Left Ting, you put me being in a quiet and elegant concept suitable for all ages, from the Road, mystery, retired Red。    Qujiang, green water flows continuously long, as sad Qingchou; Castle Peak faint, forehead Organization hate, the passage, toward the reciprocating Xi, youth disappear。    Qing Fei told he had any wives went to Yangzhou, to persuade them to stop waiting, and I stood riverside song, lamenting his complaints to himself, if had known the outcome, they choose their own care。    After listening, I had tearful, was moved down, but did not look back。    All this, Qing Fei, child safety, or my interpretation of a wash of tears opera, after ending each finish。    [Chamber moon, sigh] force is changed through the years of loss, love fade away, Qiongqiong figure, suitable for all ages independence in view of the atrium, recalling Mochizuki, the bleak autumn season, more desolate; beautiful promises, such as short-lived then withered rife in the bamboo, like a meteor across the sky the moment, no trace disappeared; silkworms spin silk, Candle tears, classical woman in sad feelings faded pale, the fill color memory, sigh brow change, Americans born unlucky!    As the years and become beautiful in the Red sigh, then years, then wait, woman……    Put pen to paper on July 22, 2013 in Guangzhou