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Takeout duopoly pattern can shake

The evening of March 16, reporters exclusive coverage of Baidu takeaway chairman (former CEO) Gong Zhenbing leave a message, bringing the company's original core members of the team began almost entirely from home。
At the same time, Baidu takeaway recently issued an internal e-mail, enterprise architecture a whole new adjustment, but in a lot of internal staff view, the adjusted structure is more like a division, is likely to be its hungry it into the parent company to pave the way Ali。 Takeaway market structure is changing, in addition to the US Mission to the takeaway hungry than what two-hegemony, Yum Chinese takeaway and a bit in this area are about to begin operations rookie, they will take away the market structure is not a small increase variable。
Baidu takeaway founding team leave the Gongzhen Bing's departure, many people in the industry appears to be "sooner or later", Baidu takeaway from being hungry, it acquired since the original company executives will leave a message after another。 As the former CEO Gongzhen Bing Baidu takeaway, although soon was appointed chairman of Baidu takeaway after the acquisition, but this appointment in the outside world is a mere figurehead, no right to speak。 Although this statement was hungry side said it did not agree, but according to insiders Baidu takeaway, hungry after it acquired Baidu takeaway, Gong Zhenbing they are rarely involved in matters related to Baidu takeaway, after being appointed as the chairman of Baidu takeaway even more so。 It is related to informed sources, Gongzhen Bing has received some of the company's offer, but he did not clear the whereabouts of the future。 Baidu takeaway since it acquired last year were hungry since they experienced executives have fled, agents storm and agents, distributors were abolished, such as multiple twists and turns, so this is one of the "take-away three male" gradually began to lose their original platform some competitiveness。
According to Beijing Daily reporter learned that the company's internal structure has changed。
According to insiders Baidu takeaway, takeaway last week Baidu released internal e-mail, the main content of the message is the establishment of quality Innovation Center, Weihai serves as the CEO of the Center for。
Quality Innovation Center consists of three departments, namely the Department of brand, user policy department and user Operations。
The insider told the Beijing Daily reporter, although the establishment of three departments, but did not disclose the person in charge of each department, it looks more like a division of architecture, "Actually, I do not know what the next step Baidu takeaway how to develop "。
Baidu takeaway since been acquired, in addition to internal unrest experienced adjustment, the company's user experience has undergone very significant changes。 Prior to Baidu Takeaway is a model-based self logistics, and located in the white-collar market。
But recently Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Duo Ci and Jie Dao consumers reflect that Baidu takeaway delivery speed obviously a lot slower, compared with the level of service before the Knights also a lot worse, and consumers have been expressly renounce the use of Baidu takeaway。
Such changes and Baidu takeaway parent hungry it will be acquired or contact inextricably Ali。
February 26, Ali is about to acquire a hungry rumors after the Spring Festival this year, it's become a takeaway industry's first blockbuster news, although Ali and hungry and it made no public response to this rumor, but the next day, hungry What investors Hualian Holdings announcement confirmed the news of Ali is in contact with the hungry Mody acquisitions。
According to Beijing Daily reporter, a few days ago, Baidu takeaway executives have been in contact with Ali respect, it is also considered to Ali before the acquisition of Baidu takeaway hungry it a "fishing expedition"。 Hungry yet said when the acquisition of Baidu takeaway dual-brand operators, many people in the industry at the time was considered to retain the core team of Baidu takeaway practice, but the possibility of realization is very small, and the subsequent integration of the fact that the two sides took place strong push also contrary to the idea of dual-brand operations。
The industry generally believe that such a compact fusion of rhythm, in fact, for the acquisition of Ali hungry yet to prepare。 Spate of new competitors in Baidu takeaway by the time of strong to weak, the market began to take away the emergence of new "latecomers", and have good strength, "background", they will also newly formed soon, "Hutch hegemony "takeaway market structure to bring new variables。 March 18, Beijing Daily reporter Chaxun Shanghai Stock Exchange corporate bond information platform for discovery, CITIC Securities – drops of (N) of asset-backed CP special plan was accepted March 16, this plan amounts to be issued 10 billion yuan, varieties of asset-backed securities – ABS。
Industry analysts believe that the current round of financing bit about on-line or in connection with the take-away business。
Drops to only respond to the above speculation "on Monday to see"。 Shanghai Stock Exchange, information display, the special plan issuer Di Yun (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., according to business information, travel drops Technology Co., Ltd. for the company the sole shareholder, and pieces founder Cheng Wei, president of the company, registered capital of 10 billion yuan。 Another source said that the line will be the first takeout drops in Wuxi in April 1。
Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Deng Ludi and Di Peisong client page, at present, the city drops distribution including Wuxi, Nanjing, Changsha, Fuzhou, Jinan, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Chengdu and Xiamen nine major cities。
According to Beijing Daily reporter, drops takeaway takeaway paid digging has begun delivery staff。
In addition to take-out drops, as well as a rookie can not be ignored is backed by bit acquired last year, home cuisine will Yum China, "Beijing Daily" also reported last year, Yum China is preparing to set up an independent delivery company news , leaving only takeaway from Baidu former company vice president, also passed late last year will join the home cuisine。
In addition, Chinese President Qu Cuirong Yum Yum China has also released last four seasons timekeeping said that the future will focus on the strategic focus on digital development and take-away business, etc.。 This is the first time Yum Chinese takeout business as the strategic focus。
If that bit is carrying takeaway takeout "new player" Internet genes, that Yum China's home cuisine is based catering business will be the starting point of take-away platform, the two platforms, although the US Mission to the take-away market share in the share and hungry, it is still a considerable gap, but because of different starting points, different resources and different strengths stir the market。 Takeout platform staged a zero-sum game Recently, the State Information Center issued a "China share economic development annual report (2018)"。
The report shows that, while sharing innovation in popular areas of life services out of the market, also accelerating the pace of mergers and acquisitions。 Other than selling market, for example, the acquisition of Baidu takeaway hungry yet to determine the basic pattern of the industry, further exacerbating market share concentration。 The report mentioned that the current number of users over the US Mission takeaway 2.500 million, accounting for 62% market share, more than 500,000 active distribution riders, covering 1300 cities。
Judging from this data, the US group's market share has more than half takeaway, hungry yet, after the acquisition of Baidu takeaway market share falling instead of rising。 Currently catering enterprises to changes in market structure have different views takeaway。
There are practitioners believe that the future market structure takeaway will show a "dumbbell-shaped", namely the US group and take away hungry it occupies most of the market share, but in the "middle of dumbbell" there will be a variety of small investors of different platforms, such the main platform development effort in the take-away market segmentation and positioning in different groups of people; there are many food enterprises forecast, takeaway market resources gradually move closer to the party more market advantage, and finally form a dominant situation, take-away market will also will return to reason。
As well as the view was that, takeaway market will appear after Baidu takeaway new "third pole" because the current platform still need to rely on takeout food and beverage businesses, but the catering business of "profit" status will also be long lasting, if you want to take away the platform by increasing the profitability of the rebate business, the business will tilt to the other platforms, take-away market dominance of difficult situations arise, take-away future competition between platforms will continue。
But no matter what kind of future these platforms will play selected to compete for the market, are required to comply with the development trend of the industry, changing the traditional catering industry, while service users and businesses a good platform。 Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Xiao Weiguo and Shi Hui / text on behalf of Jill / cartography。