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Caught, I will not let go

He was reunited with her on the gathering of students, he did not know she would come, she will not know met him, fate is so subtle, he called Liu Yang, she is Wang Yu。 。 Liu Yang Wang Yu might not be looking at ten years, say too much, can not even speak, two people so depending on the phase, no one to break this quiet, ultimately, Wang Yu or break this quiet“Are you ok?”“I am OK, you”“me too”I fell into this lonely“I still have things go first, bye”Wang Yu or say goodbye, then,“Hey, etc.”“Ok?”“Ok……All right, bye”“Goodbye”Liu Yang did not innervate the phrase I'm still waiting for, for a while, Liu Yang regret, turned, ran out of the party, want to go, but did not have the figure, Liu Yang disappointment, despair scattershot the purpose of the walk, this goodbye, never see it?Stop and go, Kukuxiaoxiao, somehow went to him and place her on a first date, far, Liu Yang Wang Yu also saw it in“She did not forget me, ha ha, she did not forget me, Liu Yang, this time you can not let go of his mother”Liu Yang walked forward step by step, coming up behind him, and walked her life, quietly watching her, watching the sea Wang Yu, himself“Met him, he flies right?”    Then did not speak, quietly watching the sea for a long time, perhaps Wang Yu tired, turn around, but do not want a hit others, Wang Yu hurry“I'm sorry, I did not mean”Looked at her look of panic, did not hold back Liu Yang heard, Puchi laugh out, Wang Yu puzzled looked up and saw that Liu Yang“Hey, are you sick of it, most of the night would like scary ah”Liu Yang heard shocked, shocked even the king of the rain, they all remembered a decade ago, their slapstick, Wang Yu also said these words, the same people, the same, not the same just nothing mentality, but also into an awkward, embarrassing Liu Yang touched the nose, having a bit of an awkward topic to break the scene, Wang Yu says the words“You still have not changed, awkward time always like Mobi Zi”Liu Yang wry smile“Ah, I have not changed”Wang Yu heard shaking a bit, Liu Yang saw he wanted to skip this topic,“Fast twelve, I take you home”“No, I can manage the”Having turned away,“Hey, can we be friends always the right?”Wang Yu paused, did not stay, Liu Yang himself“You can not escape, I will not let go”. 。 To be continued Wen – sixteen beads