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Open the "Chinese Gate" happy school with a Chinese song speak Chinese

Nankai University Chinese Language and Culture Institute organized by Chinese students Song Contest site。 "To read the three soil Yao, Yao Yao ah bridge to grandmother。
Three days to read the crystal, but also not a monk chanting。 "" The hardest song in the world "is the movie" Li Lu Yao Timah "promotion song lyrics witty, because there are many complex words of uncommon words is referred to as 'the hardest song'。 Not only foreigners to learn Chinese, Chinese netizens have even called himself the "songs literacy"。 Well, listen to music, sing, which help to learn Chinese?Increase interest in learning violès from Mexico to China for several years。
When just beginning to learn Chinese, Chinese teachers had taught them the song "Love Story" in class, she still remembers。
"The first is quite simple songs。 "She recalls," the song also has a word we do not know, the teacher supplement explain, will the。 "I asked:" do not learn the words of the song and then will?"Violès gives an affirmative answer, citing the example:" After the fact, we also learned a song called "too late tomorrow," a song there are a lot do not know the words, learning the songs do not remember less。
"In this regard, Russia is the Confucius Institute to teach Chinese Yu Shuang Moscow University (not his real name), explains:" Learning to sing can increase students' interest in learning the language, students learn to have more sense of accomplishment after a song。
From a professional point of view, such an interesting form of reducing the shielding effect of learners' affective filter, the students are not afraid of difficulties, good natural effect。
"In addition to effective in promoting learning vocabulary, learn to sing Chinese songs for voice learning can also help。 Yu Shuang recall your prior experience in teaching summer school of the University of Utah: "I found the students especially like to sing, so he chose their favorite songs from one to teach them。
In each lesson last aside for 5 minutes to teach a short two weeks down and learned a half。 "Turning to the effect, she said:" The big help in terms of voice, articulation becomes clearer, and speak on some help。 "Adjusting the classroom atmosphere to learn to sing can adjust the classroom atmosphere, enhance interest in learning, many foreign language teachers consensus。
"Interest to students learning Chinese is very important for the students is the primary stage of。 "Li Mei (a pseudonym) in the United Kingdom Confucius Institute at the University of Glasgow taught, she taught Chinese language lessons in primary school, personal experiences。 "A child's attention easily dispersed, learning to sing to attract their attention, they are happy to learn, willing to keep learning。 "Li Mei will sing into teaching。 "Our textbooks have pinyin song, as if we were young with alphabet song memory letters, we taught the students sing the alphabet song to learn Pinyin。 "Li Mei said that, in addition," some basic vocabulary, such as numbers, relatives of the word, can be programmed into a song to teach students, they learn quickly, remember the prison。
"Not only simple learning songs, Li Mei also be combined with other means of teaching, good results:" "Grateful Heart" for children early contact with the Chinese language is actually somewhat difficult, so we not only teach the song, also taught sign language to help children understand the meaning of the lyrics。 Through songs and gestures multi-faceted teaching, children learn the song, but also know the inside word。 "Li Mei said that teaching students to sing Chinese songs for primary grammar teaching can also help:" We teach 'it' and when the 'what' of these two points of grammar, that is, they are incorporated into the song, so that children singing play games, to understand the meaning of these two words and usage。 "Experience Chinese Culture" from the song, I know some Chinese people's attitude to life。
"Hooligan from South Korea, has been learning Chinese for many years, like the Chinese martial arts culture。
"I think of" evil "inside the song good to hear, to help me understand what 'lakes''。
He said。 Learn to sing Chinese songs is actually a Chinese cultural experience effective way。
Nankai University Chinese Language and Culture Institute organizes international students Chinese Song Contest every year, it has been held more than a dozen sessions。 Sponsors king still living teacher, he said: "Culture and language go hand in hand, you want to sing feelings, you need to understand the meaning of the song, understand the meaning, you can experience the charm of Chinese culture。
"For example, he said:" Some students sing folk songs, you can experience the traditional Chinese culture; some students to sing pop songs, can feel the vitality of contemporary Chinese culture。
"He recalled a previous selection of Spanish students" Zhen Huan Biography "theme song to the competition, we are looking forward to listening to。 The student is also very hard, we continue to ask difficult to understand the meaning of the lyrics, after the game fell in love with Chinese ancient poetry。
Not only to experience Chinese culture, activity has multiple purposes。 "We arranged for Chinese students to teach Chinese professional one on one competition to help students correct pronunciation articulation, interpretation do not understand the lyrics。
In this way students can improve their Chinese level, Chinese students' teaching skills has also been improved。 "Wang said Guchen。 Do not forget to select songs that cultural differences have students learn to sing different situation。 "Some songs difficult to understand, difficult to understand。
Some singers do not pronounce itself。
"Indeed, if the song as a teaching materials, teachers will need to advance carefully selected songs for students。 And in the selection should also take into account the differences between different cultures, to avoid cultural misunderstandings。
In response, many foreign language teachers experience is: Many Chinese textbooks for teaching are equipped with some of the songs, especially a lot of, you can take advantage of Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary students, nursery rhymes。
They also said that learning to sing Chinese songs to learn Chinese really helps a lot, but it is still an adjunct to enhance interest in learning is the main role, while learning Chinese language teaching system ultimately depends on science to achieve。
( "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (09 edition October 27, 2017) Editor: Fan Fei, Guan Hao。