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Australia 2018 "Ocean Explorer" military exercise ends

  Xinhua News Agency, Sydney, March 19 (Guo Yang) – Australia 2018 Ocean Explorers military exercise officially ended on the 19th in the eastern Australian waters。
The military exercises from May onwards, aimed at improving the ability of security operations, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance and operational aspects of the high-end。
  According to the news release Royal Australian sea officer network, and ocean explorers exercise is one of Australia's largest naval fleet training activities。
More than 2,000 military personnel from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, 12 warships, two submarines and a number of airplanes and helicopters took part in the military exercise。
Australia's largest Canberra class amphibious assault ship also appeared in this exercise。   According to reports, this exercise include fire drills, man overboard drills and other small-scale activities, including anti-submarine exercises, anti-ship missiles and other combat training exercise。
It also conducted air defense exercises, maritime strike and blockade exercises and maritime forays combat exercise。   Ocean Explorers 2017 first military exercise held annually at the coast of Western Australia。 This year's exercise is carried out in the waters of the northern Bass Strait between the Australian east coast of New South Wales and Tasmania Jervis Bay。