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Bad breath, do not blindly Xiehuo!A point to solve (1)

  Today accelerated pace of life, improper diet, prone to stomach, dry throat, sore throat, etc. lit situation, leading to the occurrence of。
Many people have bad breath how to remove bad breath trouble, make us embarrassed in social。
Chinese medicine, bad breath comes from the Heart of the fire too, that is, "Huo stomach, gastrointestinal hot"。
It is able to be treated by massage points。
Now it was night and take a look at the network point massage which can effectively solve the bad breath trouble now!  Press a point will solve the problem acupoint: The effects points acupoint, the ancient treatment effects points, according to the ancient "Sheng Yu Song" says, "heart hot breath Algol drive"。
Chinese medicine, bad breath comes from the Heart of the fire too, pericardium course of time accumulated heat, burns the blood network, or a pan on the spleen dampness, due to fumigation tongue throat, acupoint pressing a wrist, the most dehumidification can Xiehuo。  Acupoint acupoints for the pericardium, the pericardium due to the fire, Daling territory, the element of "soil to water child"。
According to the principles of Chinese medicine "actually spilled his son," so acupoint can clear heat and diarrhea Firelight spleen and stomach, treatment of Heart attack caused by fire。
  Acupoints method acupoint on the wrist palm stripes midpoint where our wrists, we bend the wrist, it would then appear wrist stripes, then that is the midpoint between the second complete stripes, two tendons this points up。  Massage method first, with the tip of his right thumb pressing the left acupoint, vertical force, press down, press and knead it, and then left wrist activity, allowing sufficient stimulus to reach deep muscle tissue, resulting in acid, numbness, swelling, pain , heat and channeling away and feeling。
Lasts 20?After 30 seconds, gradually relaxed, and then gently topical, time 3?5 minutes。First left and right, left and right alternately, 1 daily?2 times。
Acupoint massage can also relieve heel pain。  Although Heart Huo caused by the addition acupoint massage can improve the outside, life should pay attention to eating garlic, onions, tobacco and other foods prone to taste stimuli。Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink more water and crude fiber foods to prevent constipation, bad breath can all be ways to improve。
  Friendly reminder: sometimes it may be caused by a number of diseases, such as bad breath comes out of the taste of rotten apple or garlic smell, to be alert to diabetic ketoacidosis; smell the smell of urine, renal function may be a problem; in patients with liver disease halitosis general It was rancid。
Therefore, abnormal breath, the best time to go to the hospital to identify the cause。