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Australian State Government additional investment to enhance the public a say in the fight against crime

  Article excerpts are as follows: Australia State Government Local 25 announced a further increase investment in the "community safety network" (CommunitySafetyNetwork) project, launched by organizing community forums and other initiatives to further enhance the people a voice in the fight against crime。   According to reports, the Victorian Government announced that it plans an additional million (Australian dollars, the same below) investment for Crime Stoppers (CrimeStoppers) alarm and prevention programs。 With this initiative, within the next two years will be set up throughout Victoria 12 community safety network organization。   Meanwhile, the State Government will further invest million to the "neighborhood watch" (NeighbourhoodWatch) project to enhance community and the public to contact the police。   In addition, the State Government will hold a community forum and introduce more measures to residents, parliamentary and community organizations, to establish close channels of communication with Victoria Police and the Victorian Department of Justice。   In this regard, Victorian Police Minister Neville (LisaNeville) pointed out that this investment allows more targeted Victoria Police solve crime problems people are most concerned about。
  She said: "We'll give Victorians a more direct platform to discuss the focus of the local Crime and policing。