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Brazilian striker Love educated Spice Girls 8 cm shorter than the woman?Things that do not call!

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 16 reported: Earlier this month, Premier League giants Manchester United officially announced the signing of Brazilian striker Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk。Fred is currently the Brazilian national team preparing for the World Cup, and the concern is, Fred's fiancee also a high-tech talent, it also proves that professional players by no means just like to find a big chest no brain type girlfriend。Fred's fiancee 名叫莫妮克 – Saloum, blonde She is a chemical engineer, he graduated from the University of Belo Horizonte special possession, working for a Nuclear Technology Development Center。January 2016 their affair public, and February last year, Fred and Monique – Saloum has announced the official engagement through Facebook。 Monique – Saloum is not only a smart school tyrant, and face and body very well, she reached the height of 177 cm, and Fred is only 169 cm。From every point of view, are very difficult to make people believe that the first time the two match。However, these gaps do not affect the feelings of the two, Fred and his fiancee are often published intimate photos show of affection on social media, their affair looks very stable。However, after joining Manchester United Fred, Monique – Saloum likely need to work together and her fiance went to Manchester, England life, but that meant she had to quit his current job。For women with such a mind and education are probably very happy about this as a full-time homemaker。Fred suffered minor injuries in the Brazilian national team before training, the training was not normal。However, Teeter said the Brazilian coach, Fred is now injury, can participate in the first round group stage。And Monique – Saloum likely to visit Brazil fiance, that time fans can learn more about the new member of the Manchester United WAGs。