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Analysts say the Fed to raise interest rates depends on the economic performance in the coming months

BEIJING, January 30 Xinhua comprehensive report, the US Federal Reserve recently held the first meeting on interest rates this year, as expected, left interest rates unchanged after the statement reiterated that it would "be patient" in the normalization of monetary policy, and last month the same does not imply in two meetings before the June rate hike, but did not rule out raising interest rates in June。Analysts believe that the rate hike in June or not, depending on the economic performance in the coming months。  Reported that the recent US and global economic data repeatedly, the Fed statement Although raised assessment of the current economic growth, but also said that "employment growth strong," also raised should pay attention to inflation and overseas situation, in the next few months, the Federal Reserve Board will to delay rate hikes if heated debate。  Fed Chairman Xi Yelun said last month's interest-rate statement "be patient" refers not likely to decide in the next two meeting on interest rates begin to raise interest rates。The statement reiterated the possibility of this means that the Federal Reserve Board has announced that it will not raise interest rates in March and April meetings, but retained announced at a meeting June 16 to 17 on。  Analysts believe that the rate hike in June or not, depending on the economic performance in the coming months。The statement "steady expansion" to describe the current economic situation, last month's "moderate expansion" more aggressive, but also more than seven years since the first use of the word。  The statement said that last month the unemployment rate fell to 5.6%, showing the job market stable。Hooper, chief economist of Deutsche Bank, the United States declared with the word think ahead, to reflect the Council satisfied with the current economic situation。  Falling oil prices is another focus of the meeting, the Fed believes that cheap energy will help release the general household purchasing power, falling oil prices constitute only short-term impact on prices, it is estimated that 2% inflation target in the medium term to return to, and expected salary levels will be slow rise。  Recent central banks around the world [microblogging] has introduced a loose monetary policy, the dollar continued to rise, pushing down US prices and hurt exports, the Fed statement to comment on foreign central banks measures, saying future policy assessment will be watching closely, "Finance and International development ", but did not dwell too much。