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Former US officials Condoleezza Rice: US not need to shout to make China understand troops to South China Sea

Data Figure: US Navy Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Nimitz sailed the South China Sea is China。
  China Daily June 11th power (Cheng lifein), according to British media TheRegister website June 10 reported that former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in a speech the same day technology conference held in Miami, will be directed towards positive international market of Chinese enterprises。 She attempted to misuse the Chinese Huawei Company into a "Trojan horse" to spy plans come to nothing, turning to a new way, with the electricity supplier giant Alibaba on the global business stage。
  "China's Huawei hopes to become a powerful, dominated by communications companies, but the problem is that no one believes Huawei, network security issues because of its presence。
"Rice said the plan failed China learned a lesson, start taking different ways of doing things," now found in China, to become a global economic player to be seeking its compromise, so they will not make the same mistake in Alibaba body。
They are pleased to Alibaba into the international market, and the IPO (initial public offering) a great success。
"Rice will describe the United States as a guarantor of democracy and open markets around the world。
She said the United States can stop the Chinese market or international aggression physical world "(USA) just under the order, sending the Pacific Fleet, they (China) will be able to understand, we really do not need them yelling in the South China Sea."。 .Editor: Qiaofei Xiang。