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Chinese female students killed in detail in US: Large head and neck lacerations to death

After the September 28 electric Recently, Georgia Chinese female students were killed at home, Ms Sandra Lee, ex-boyfriend of the deceased Senlineike (BrianMarshSemrinec) alleged assailant fled by car。 After one week follow-up investigation, police in the evening local time on September 25th in Dallas, Texas, the suspect arrested。 Although the police has not yet announced the details and motive of the arrest of any relationship, the coroner's office are doing the final report, but the arrest warrant states that "the dead suspects was using a sharp weapon hitting its head and neck with multiple large lacerations, eventually led to her death. "。
According to the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China news in Houston, Central Time September 25, 2017, Georgia Cobb County Police Department informed the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, a young woman suspected of killing Chinese citizens suspects in local time September 25 afternoon was arrested by police。 Cobb County police present the case to locate the case of domestic violence, Senlineike on the police website arrest information display, charged with murder, he was held in the Dallas County Jail, shall not be released on bail。
Relatives of the dead have arrived in Atlanta handling funeral daughter。 According to local media reports, Georgia, September 18, a young woman was found dead in the apartment Cobb County, police later confirmed that the deceased is 28-year-old Chinese citizen, Ms Sandra Lee, she is from Guangzhou, China, during his lifetime studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology after graduation to find a job in the local。
Chinese Consulate General in Houston to meet with local police after the incident, the families of the deceased and to help link the United States to take care of things。
Police investigations revealed that the suspects were white case 24-year-old ex-boyfriend of the deceased Senlineike, suspects after the attack on suspicion of driving a white Honda CRV car to escape the dead, he faces felony charges of murder and intentional injury。 The police learned that the deceased had Senlineike work in the same company, a friend of both men and women who, after breaking up, they still live in the same apartment。 After the incident the media to expose the suspects Senlineike born in mid-1993, joined the army in 2011 after graduating from high school。 He was sent to Afghanistan after the 19th birthday, after Richardson deployed to bases in Alaska, was a sniper, holding five firearms (a sniper, a blessing, three pistols)。 In the interview the victim's friends, the respondents mentioned that this boy character is not good, although she had never met him, but he has heard bad temper。
Another insider said the suspect is an extremely unstable character of people, just because a neighbor had complained of what he stop position, he took a sniper gun at the other side, the other suspect is a extreme racial discrimination, especially discrimination against Afro victims have since advised him, he had a heated argument conflict。 In a large number of people are quite concerned about information that Senlineike had mysteriously disappeared one week in Alaska。
May 12, 2014, Senlineike after last being seen from a hotel in downtown Anchorage, there have not, then the media police dispatched a large number of police looking for him, finally after a week found to be safe。 (Overseas net Zhu Huiyue) Editor: Lirui Chen, Guan Hao。