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Tourists note!Boracay Island Philippines fastest April closure or up to a year

  BEIJING, March 21 Xinhua, "the Philippine Daily" reported that people want to go to Boracay travel as early as possible, Philippine government officials said 20 local time, for the restoration of the environment, this widely acclaimed by international tourists sightseeing Island, probably in April sealed Island break, time, or up to one year。
  Deputy Minister of the Interior Philippine Long Deng Xing said, Boracay will be the fastest in April may be sealed Island, depending on the implementation of measures to restore the environment, it is possible year-long。   Deng Xing said that during the closure of the island, Boracay businesses will not be proscribed, but are bound to face the dilemma of not tourists。
  Long Beach Island is located in the central Philippines, to the West Bank, about 4 km long white sandy beach flour, shells and beautiful sunset Famous。
  2017 Boracay visitors broke 2 million people, of whom more than 5 percent are foreign tourists, the annual tourism revenue is estimated at 56 billion pesos。   Because of Boracay enhance visibility, in addition to the surge of tourists, migrants have moved to the island for their livelihoods, resulting in difficult environmental load, unscrupulous resort of untreated sewage into the sea, inadequate waste disposal facilities, the road runs through the island traffic jam, also damaged coral reefs。
  Philippine President Walter Dutt February Boracay described as septic tanks in a public speech, limiting the local tourism industry to improve environmental protection measures within six months, otherwise the island will be closed。   Inter-ministerial group of the Philippines Department of Environment, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of the Interior Stewart Dutt consisting of a few days ago to recommend the closure of Boracay Island a year, in order to improve the drainage system and transportation network, the construction of waste treatment facilities, demolition of illegal buildings and widen the road。   Boracay Island tourism operators against seal-year plan, saying the government should not damage the environment for business and few adverse impacts to fish。   Industry, said seal island a year is bound to impact residents on the island, tourism associations, travel agencies, resorts and airlines of revenue, last year many tourists booked in advance tickets, travel itinerary and book a room, closed the island will lead to compensation。
  In addition, some investors to build or expand the resort to bank loans, if not operational turnaround will be difficult to repay the loan。