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And my heart full of sorrow And who will feel bad ah

The new year has staged a new calendar to replace the old calendar on the old calendar looked like a flower dying day I try to piece together bits and pieces of memory fragments actually walk in the memories of lost its way in the old calendar can not find return the road messy heart unspeakable emotion static queue window of time so Tasui their youth in every minute in this way day after day, it changed the face of years of time but why why can not destroy treasure in my city Red in Du Yi read it slowly roots in the terraced rice paddies that a miss journeying waiting for the love of life tears from his eyes what kind of writing Chouyuan lonely sleepless nights looking sad months swaying of the most beautiful poetic Millennium who else can I remember Mo Yang had the most beautiful and quiet possession of arms could not help but grief roots and pieces of Tears passed away in grief even though I am waiting for a lean but not lead back to the message of hope accompany me spend a moment just at this time a roll of thin wind bonds of a dream wake up empty sigh Liao only sad invasion of loss of a heart Qingshenyuanqian who met on the chord played the melancholy heart full of sorrow And who will feel bad ah