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Before burying to lose weight pay attention to what these things to do

Before burying to lose weight should pay attention to what has been the topic of weight loss in the interest of everyone, and now embedding weight loss methods are also starting to get more and more recognition。
So pay attention to what has to lose weight before burying it following small for everyone to talk about what to pay attention to before burying to lose weight, these things do Ay!Before embedding lose weight pay attention to what 1, inform the physical condition of embedding weight loss is mainly for points, so be careful before you do this we must first understand what technology do clinic environment and the quality of technical and medical staff, but also his own physical condition and drugs used to inform。
2, can be buried thigh embedding weight loss test uses worried when the situation occurs, may be buried in the thigh for testing, if no swelling within 24 hours, the heat pain can proceed to lose weight will not be performed, with allergies obese patients should pay attention to this point more dry。 3, for embedding want to focus on acupuncture to lose weight by the method of embedding, then you need to know what parts of the site in embedding energy, not in what areas, such as chest can not be embedding。 Most of the sites are embedding in the abdomen。
4, the front portion Tap swelling embedding lose attention to what a patient using this method of weight loss, after embedding hard particles if there is swelling occurs, light pressure on the wound, 5-10 minutes, can eliminate swelling by buried after the pressed cotton wound wire, paste breathable tape, about 3?After 4 hours, removed, there is a buried micro soreness after normal。
1 treatment, first of all, open the disposable acupuncture needle and needle aseptic packaging, the acupuncture needle into the tail of the needle from the needle, disposable scissors and then pick up the gut into the needle。
2, is then applied to the needle portion of the disinfection treatment with a cotton swab, and then the needle into the tie points, acupuncture needle points buried catgut。
3, finally, rapidly taken out of the needle, the needle is then applied to stop bleeding site with sterile cotton swab, in order to avoid bleeding over time become infected。
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