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22 + 7 Zhan Huang Wade depressed only five points behind the Heat 1-2 and then held Pacers

  Ticker May 18, the Heat lost to the Pacers away to 75-94 to fall behind 1-2 in the conference semifinals。
  - Chris Bosh continued absence, Dwyane – Wade is not one state, in just 2 of 13 shots, had 5 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist。
LeBron – James had 22 points and seven rebounds, Mario – Chalmers 25 points, six rebounds and five assists。   Pacers 2-1。 George – Hill scored 20 points and five assists, Roy – Hibbert 19 points, 18 rebounds and five blocked shots, Danny – Granger 17 points, seven rebounds, David – West 14 points and nine backboard。   Bosh today failed to play, they have to rest the next war, the Heat had to adjust the starting lineup again, let Shane and rarely used Pittman issued the first field, replace mediocre Udonis – Haslem and Ronnie – Turiaf。
  Bosh missed the opener, the Heat only Wade and James both in scoring, others are 5 points or less, which hit a record of the Heat team。 Walker laughed at the Miami defensive battle in the end, the key moment of two free throws, James not becomes failure。   In the Heat of the home, the fans were wearing white T-shirt, and in the Indian Indianapolis, here is a sea of yellow。 Sound of cheering fans, the Pacers perfect start。
Heat actually sent James jump ball, he won the ball for the Heat, but the first shot shot。 Granger hit the third lead, George tipped succeeded, the Pacers 7-0 start。 After the game 3 minutes to play, the Heat was the first score by James。   Pacers lead to 11-2 after, Chalmers continuous succeeded, James fast break to force a breakthrough in the two layup (), the Heat shot 11-1, the score out。
After James hit third in succession and Miller, the Heat to stay ahead, the first section to 26-17 dominant。 In this section, James had 11 points for Houston, but Wade scoreless。
  Section Wade has yet to find the feeling, two minutes after the beginning of this section, Jones hit his back, the body forces are down on the opponent's body, but did not expect a sudden withdrawal of Jones, Wade lost focus, fell to the floor, sentenced traveling violation ()。 Wade twice in this section are not shots in a scoreless first half,。 James also prevent the loss of sensation below, Section 4 only 1 vote。 Walker continued counter, in this section have 1 minute 45 seconds to exceed 41-38。
Chalmers even with a fine cast also to third, only the score ()。
After overtake the Pacers, James break dunk when there are seconds in this section () two sides to end the first half 43-43。
  The third quarter played nearly two minutes later, Wade was first to score, but have since continuous shot。
After George and Granger have hit three-pointers, the Pacers wave of wave of attacks 12-1, in one fell swoop to exceed 57-48。 Heat by James finally hit a ball, but failed to stop the offensive Pacers, after they missed a row, in the last seven minutes, the Heat only James hit a ball, they 50-63 behind 13 points。 This section there are 2 minutes 28 seconds, Miller hit three-pointers, but the Heat scored the last of this section。 Heat the entire third quarter had 12 points, but after the Pacers scored 26, three sessions, the Heat to 55-69 behind。
  After the Pacers 76-58 to expand the advantage, Chalmers third succeeded, then another layup, one Glenealy 5 points, the Heat leading scorer。 Chris Bosh sidelined, James and Wade are mediocre, when the Heat leading scorer from the role players, apparently can not stand Walker。
After more than half of this section, the Pacers lead to 86-67 with 19 points。   James finally also with two goals, but the Pacers hit twice in the game 3 minutes 05 seconds, Hill third succeeded, the Pacers lead to 91-71。 Miami had to give up, pulled all the main, this night, not theirs。     (Angkor)。