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Mexico City Chinese seat: more than 180 in a local restaurant sign

Mexicali is located north of the Mexican border, US border with California, Mexicali is the "Mexico" and "California" the first half of the two put together, with every sector across American cities were called "Calexico"。
Chinese bills by check when you can use According to historical records, the late 19th and early 20th century, thousands of Chinese workers to build Mexicali cotton irrigation system, and then settle down。 Early 20th century, the Chinese began to get involved in Mexicali business, including coffee shops, markets, convenience stores, cleaning companies and other industries。
Before and after mid-1915, various Chinese associations began buying real estate, the construction of Chinese restaurants, cinemas and so forth, the rapid formation of Mexicali Chinatown。
The orchestral percussion voices, mixed with hawkers "red bean paste, almond paste," cries, constitute a school of folk customs of China's urban landscape。 Therefore, the Chinese Mexicali that time also affectionately known as "Little Canton"。 After 1919 years ago, the local Chinese has more than 10,000 residents became subject Mexicali, several times more than the Mexicans。 Cantonese is the prevailing local language, the Chinese written in Chinese bills can use as a check, almost all of the businesses are all Chinese-owned。 Some Chinese and Mexicans start a family, having children, their offspring fusion of two historic traditions and culture。
By mid-1927, Mexicali Chinese have been as many as 40,000 people。
In the 1960s, the Mexican anti-Chinese wave ended, and if the Chinese general trickle slowly re-collection。
Restaurant became the local food culture eighties and nineties, many Chinese came to Mexicali are following Uncle, uncle and other relatives came, Zhenying Wei is one of them。
"No matter what is done in the country before, and this is defected to the restaurant from the chef or waiter stem from。
"Today, the restaurant has been one of Mexicali signs, the city has more than 180 Chinese Restaurant。
Whether it is 40-year history of the Dragon House Restaurant, or gradually opened 12 chain restaurants in Beijing Restaurant Group, attracting many patrons of magic is "authentic Chinese food."。 In the eyes of the locals, Chinese seem to be an important part of the food culture in Mexicali。
I do not know since when, the public rite of children, marriage, and many other local celebrations ordinary Mexican restaurant will choose to hold。
Beijing Restaurant Group founder Zhou said, the local mayor had told him that there is not only driven by local Chinese restaurant employment, but also to pull tourism。 Many other parts of Mexico, people will come here, the US-Mexican border city of Americans who drive enjoy Chinese cuisine。
Dungeons tells the history of the Chinese community in Mexicali has 114 years of history, and Mexicali "Chinese underground city" also has nearly a hundred years of history。
That year, the Chinese settled here, the Chinese community was first established on the ground, due to hot weather and other reasons moved underground。
Most of these underground homes exist independently, but also open up to each other。 Reuben·Hernandez·Chen is a Chinese descendant, but did not speak Chinese。
15 years ago, Reuben's father bought the store in those days the Chinese community。 Ruben began two years ago to own basement shops developed into tourist attractions, registered a "secret origin of the Chinese community" on social networking sites also attract tourists account。 "Creating a Chinese city, I want to let more Mexicans understand this history。
"Reuben spoke, he took us to visit the 'Chinese underground city'。
According to Reuben reports, visit the "underground city" is about two and a half hour trip, visitors can learn about the history and establishment of the Chinese community in Mexicali。
In the living room look like, decorated with Chinese characteristics, all kinds of items, pottery, folding, and decorations with Chinese dragon pattern, and so forth。 Different decorative style show more style was different from the Chinese community, but also to improve the dissemination of Chinese culture and Chinese enormous contribution to Mexicali in history, tourists come to visit very interested。 ( "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (December 13, 2017 Version 06)。