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Stay that is life, "Sha veterans' records of the first generation" Corps Man "

CCTV News Screenshots history must be remembered that the hero can not forget the ripe old age of their memory is fuzzy, but the year is still fresh blood and fire years!  Why should they be resting their homeland!Since mid-1975 the first veterans killed in the line of duty, they agreed to: death should be lined up together in the desert, buried in what has been called their "military demarcation line" place。
Next to the cemetery, is the result of veterans hand out land reclamation。 Here we bear Wada jujube, particularly sweet……He said the Corps is a lofty and great, and this value is noble and impressive performance Corps people with flesh and blood created。   In 2009, when he was deputy director of the Political Department of the Xinjiang Military District, Major General Li Weiping, he entered the Hotan of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps fourth division 47 Regiment, in this stick in the edge of the desert village veterans, veterans he was sublime faith deeply moved and stick to life, full of truth to write a reportage "delighted me, sand veterans village", after the "Liberation Army Daily" published, aroused strong repercussions。 In the same year, planned by General Li Weiping, former Xinjiang Military Department of Television Center organized filmed three episodes of the TV documentary "delighted me, sand veterans village" broadcast on China Central Television, the documentary a true reflection of the sand veterans in the liberation of Xinjiang, Xinjiang construction, great contribution to the prosperity of Xinjiang and extraordinary life experiences and lofty spiritual realm。   After Li Weiping retired general, has been committed to finishing the story sand veterans and creative, since March 12, CCTV hit twenty-six episode TV documentary "Sand Sea veterans" to Liu Noble, Shengcheng Fu, Dong Silver baby, Yang Shifu and other veterans as the prototype adapted by General Li Weiping served as general counsel and head writer, former Xinjiang Military District political Department of the studios famous writer Li Guangzhi such as the screenwriter, the film director Gao Xixi served as the play director, bringing together Shao Bing, Li according to Xiao, Shao Feng, Yu Bin, Huo Qing, Zhang Yujie, Li Yuxuan, Wang Lei, Tong Yue and many competent actor starred join。   Flashback story, about a man named Li veterans peaks seen a newspaper article called reportage "delighted me, sand veterans village" in the newspaper on the bed, so that he fell into a deep memories……(Finish)。