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Fans see Liu Yan sent the most beautiful blessing It was closed "husband group"

Fans see idol, excited intolerable send blessings is common。
But you've seen the fans group numbered seat, but also expect the hearts of the goddess quickly find a good husband do?November 27 beginning at the hot line of "guardian rock girl group", really 798 in Beijing staged a goddess to send good wishes to see the drama, and these lovely fans also called netizens laugh, "Liu Yan husband group "。 In the video above, you can see the treatment of this group of lucky fans get, braving the cold wind waiting shortly, Liu Yan plane shooting in the studio afraid of them chilled, not only suspended midway shooting, put on civilian clothes came out and greeted them, and they are also a group photo together。
Rock girl guard Liu Yan fans group is self-organized civil society, all male, their self-built guard regiment purpose is to maintain the idol is not on the network wantonly spread malicious rumors or slander negative public opinion。
They usually do not have any difference with the ordinary fan friends, will together maintain goddess only when malicious remarks and Liu Yan related to the emergence of。 The meeting with Liu Yan in Beijing 798 is the first activity of this group, we see the idol and posed for success, Fortunately, the value is not really burst table!Interestingly, the members of the Guardian rock girl group are numbered, according to the whole number has been enrolled and continue the sequence from the beginning of 2, and No. 1 will remain vacant, they want to put it No. 1 guard position gives Liu Yan future husband, because they feel that only the right person to be eligible Liu Yan guard wearing No. 1 group, and this may be all pink gave Liu had just spent 34 birthday soon Liu Yan still single most beautiful blessing。 Precisely because of this, users have to give them a more lovely title: Liu Yan husband groups!Liu Yan is black, that is recently on the microblogging very hot one of the # Liu Yan was playing addictive #, which is currently close to 35 million flow of the topic led to "Liu Yan was playing" hot, all the people of the goddess Liu Yan overnight by friends group play bad。
This has been "furious" Stir they formed a "guardian rock girl group" Liu Yan to the scene to cheer issue。 It is understood that members of the rock group the guardian of the girl is not much, recruit relatively strict, senior Stir do not, not old diving bubbling do not, do not say more than 10 kinds of works and Liu Yan play the role of……So if you see these fans happy to see the goddess of treatment would also like to take part, you may wish to see if they are qualified Stir yo!(Liu Han Han)。