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Pharmacies + clinic Anhui's first new wisdom pharmacies appeared Hefei north part

  Buy medicine for the first three minutes fast healthy separation of medicine with new medical reform implementation, "three doctors" linkage reform model innovation, more and more innovative models of health care reform。
  In the northern part near double post, a pharmacy wisdom new appearance, with "Internet +" mode innovation, to create a collection of professional pharmacy services and health intelligence experience as one of wisdom pharmacy。
  In the future, when people will be able to go shopping in the wisdom of pharmacy experience, before the purchase of medicines can understand the physical health needs and pass a medical examination。   "Pharmacy set up a special three minutes fast physical testing instruments, three minutes on the human body can be a quick physical examination, including height, weight, temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, oxygen, ECG, etc., can extract the results in a timely manner to facilitate the public a better understanding of their bodies。
"President Anhui Province pharmaceutical retail industry association was introduced two-weeks。   Pharmacy based chronic disease management zone support professional pharmacy development, explore the "drugstore + clinic", "drugstore + TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Museum" and other new drugs Management, retail, foster new industry, last year, Anhui introduction of relevant policies to promote innovation and Drug Retail paradigm shift, in this context, Anhui new Kanion wisdom came into pharmacy。   In the wisdom of pharmacy, professional health services and pharmaceutical care service focus, focus on chronic disease, combined with intelligent tools to optimize the consumer experience, for the people to provide chronic disease management and chronic disease medication services, use big data to meet the needs of the broad masses of people to provide drugs, residents come to buy medicine health interventions, health counseling, health administration, health records and health management。
  Anhui Anhui to build the most beautiful wisdom pharmacy first pharmacy wisdom also changed the look and feel of traditional pharmacies, using the symbol of health, vitality green background, make an impact。
In addition to operating the drug, non-pharmaceutical, equipment, medicine, but also additional fashion tea, overseas purchasing, members of interactive centers and recreational areas。   Reporters learned that Hefei has a chain of pharmacies and community pharmacies a total of more than 2,400 monomer。
Future, these pharmacies are the upgrading, create wisdom pharmacy。
Zhou was double that wisdom pharmacy is the future trend of development, 2018 demonstration but also to open 10 pharmacies, the main coverage is within the Second Ring。 In the future, more and more wisdom pharmacy will cover Hefei and the province, people's health has become gatekeepers。   Marun Hui Hefei Hefei Evening News reporter Yang game ZAKER Jun Text /。