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After the fifth anniversary of the earthquake in Japan: instant-disaster reconstruction of the road

March 12, 2011 imposition (left) and March 3, 2016 shooting of Miyagi Prefecture Matsushima City, Japan Photos。
March 11, 2011, northeastern Japan Sea earthquake occurred, causing large tsunami。
Operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima nuclear power plant because the water poured lead to power outages, catastrophic nuclear leak。
Disaster led to more than 10,000 people were killed and more than 2,000 people missing。
March 11 this year is the fifth anniversary of the earthquake。 The moment of the disaster has become a memory, and rebuild their homes and resume normal life after this is a local long-term victims of life theme。
When the earthquake occurred, up to 47 thousand victims had taken refuge in the country。 The results of a survey this year, Japanese media published March 6, as of the end of January this year, as many as ten thousand victims are still living in temporary housing, all of the victims be resettled take at least until 2021。
Although the Japanese government has pledged to increase efforts to reconstruction, to accelerate the pace of recovery to normal order of life, but is limited by problems caused by the nuclear accident reconstruction difficult and shortage of funds, the reconstruction of the road is still long way to go。
Published: 2016-03-1109: 51: 17 [Edit: Zhai Lu]。