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Hong Kong closed a platform Bitcoin investor or loss 3,000 HK $ 3 billion

Hong Kong closed a platform Bitcoin 3,000 investors or loss of HK $ 3 billion || Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported that Hong Kong investors in Bitcoin "damaged hand rotten feet" again: Hong Kong, a Bitcoin payment platform has suddenly closed down, estimated at nearly 3000 Bitcoin investors may lose everything at any time。 It is reported that a group of Hong Kong investors in Bitcoin transaction platform when visiting the office and found that have been left vacant, suspected of fraud and pyramid selling, estimate the total amount of each "victims" at any time up to the loss of HK $ 3 billion。
They will collectively February 8 police for help。
Bitcoin (bitcoin's) reckless in recent years, from the mid-2009 after claiming Satoshi players invention of the Internet, has become a global network favorable for the player, to the annual volume increased from 50 million to 80 million, a considerable to grow from $ 15 billion to $ 23 billion (HK $ 180 billion), since Bitcoin total investment amount has reached billion dollars。
But Bitcoin because there is no actual asset value, the price fell sharply last year, but was once hailed as the worst commodity investment。 Bitcoin early January prices had plunged%, since October 2013 the lowest position。
Although the news came out, it caused some players to short-term leave, think better supervision of virtual currency unless otherwise no longer continue to invest; but the severe volatility still favored by speculators, many people blindly sought after, that profitable results throw good money after bad。
Hong Kong police said, cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau as of 7:00 last night, still have not received the case related to Bitcoin, but will closely monitor developments。 30 people involved in paragraph one million Hong Kong dollars per capita assistance of the Legislative Council Leung Yiu-chung recently received nearly 30 bitcoins help victims, refers to a suspected fraud Bitcoin trading and storage platforms, involving a sum of the average victim more than HK $ 1 million, and even victims who lost more than million Hong Kong dollars。 He quoted one of the victims refers, in September last menstrual Friendly, is reported in a platform for investors to trade bitcoin payments, open an account and invest approximately HK $ 1.3 million。 But the victim late last year found that the price of Bitcoin display platform, the trend significantly behind the market, while cash and can not be traded, the Office also suspect no longer working, straight feel cheated。
Leung Yiu-chung continued finger, allow buyers to buy their own Bitcoin, but a sudden change in trading rules of the game early last month when the relevant platform, increase its investment buyers unless otherwise prohibited from free trading, followed by prices significantly behind the market, the platform will stop working。
He said the victims is estimated to fall into the trap of pyramid selling up to 3,000 people, the amount of loss at any time up to HK $ 3 billion, while visiting earlier this platform office, found that the office has been left vacant, the person in charge will not be able to contact, so today will hold an emergency press conference to explain the incident and response to incidents involving suspected fraud and pyramid selling, the collective will to the police for help。 It is reported that earlier this year, Hong Kong police set up a security network and Technology Crime Bureau, as of last night, 19 people have not yet received a report about Bitcoin, the Police will closely monitor the development of events。