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The EU intends to major US technology companies taxed affect Google or Facebook, etc.

  BEIJING, March 21, according to foreign media reports, 21, the European Commission will propose provisions to tax digital technology companies, Google will move parent letters and face book (Facebook) and other US tech giants impact。   The European Commission is expected to propose, pay the equivalent of 3% of tax revenues in the European digital revenues higher company。   If supported by the EU member states and the European Parliament, this provision will apply to the global annual revenues greater than one hundred million euros (100 million USD), taxable revenue in the EU is higher than the 50 million euros of large enterprises。 But the European Parliament can support the above provisions also far from certain。
  The tax is the EU's short-term measures may also be included in taxable Airbnb, Uber Amazon and other well-known US companies。
  The proposal needs the support of the European Parliament and the 28 EU member states, but they are divided on this issue。
EU tax reform need to obtain the consent of all member states before becoming law。