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Mrs Lam: Enhanced support artistic talents to support people with disabilities to play

  Mrs Lam: Support for Disabled People play artistic talent electric Hong Kong, March 14 Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam recently attended the "light up" Arts with the Charity Festival 2018 activities said that in order to build a cohesive society built injuries, the SAR Government always have been through different measures to strengthen support for people with disabilities, people with disabilities also support the artistic talent to play。   Mrs Lam pointed out that the art of living in the hearts of everyone, everyone can learn and appreciate art, as well as participation in artistic creation。 In recent years, the Government continued to allocate additional resources through construction of additional facilities, improve service quality, to change the thinking of popular culture, to help build a barrier-free, pluralistic inclusive society。 The SAR Government recurrent expenditure in this regard, has been HK $ 16.6 billion in 2007-2008 year, to HK $ 31.5 billion from 2017 to 2018 year, an increase of nearly 90%。
  Mrs Lam said the HKSAR government will, together with the business community and non-governmental organizations to provide further employment opportunities for people with disabilities to enable them to develop their potential and contribute to society, and to promote inclusive culture, to show caring spirit of mutual assistance。
She pointed out that, in addition to the construction of barrier-free arts and cultural facilities, last year announced plans to set up the policy agenda for Disabled Arts Development Fund, to assist people with disabilities to show the artistic talents。
The Government proposes to set aside capital as a billion-dollar fund to finance non-profit organizations to provide return on investment or to people with disabilities organized by two types of projects, including universal learning and advanced art projects to help people with disabilities enhance the knowledge of art and culture interest in the arts the development of their potential; foster have generous artistic potential of people with disabilities or the pursuit of excellence to develop a career training program。 At present, the Government is preparing for the operation of the Fund and discuss implementation details, Mrs Lam said the fund expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year。
(Gu Yuqing)。