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Ophthalmology patients see little get together before the semester begins, the age of myopia younger age (1)

  Before the semester begins, some hospitals of Daqing City Eye Clinic ushered in a small peak, the crowd is mainly。  Among them, there are visual acuity, there are counseling eye, but also to go with glasses。  Day admissions of nearly 60 members of the public Ms. Zhang told reporters, her family's a little child hyperopia plus astigmatism, vacation home and watch TV, and play phone, took the child under visual inspection。  Two days before school, before Eye Hospital eye specialist clinic, there are still queuing waiting children and parents。  "One day admissions of nearly 60 children, more than twice the usual。"Pediatric ophthalmology experts say, the reason why patients 'blowout' phenomenon, one is accustomed to parents with children to see a doctor before school starts; the second is part of a family holiday to go out, see a doctor in time before school starts; Third, parents to be careful, after a detailed examination before kids glasses。
  When the age of a younger age tend reporter visited a number of optical shops and hospital eye clinic, said the staff, to go with glasses more and more children。  "Cold Every year, summer is the peak of the glasses, and the age of increasingly younger age。
"Eye Hospital glasses center staff。
  Reporters learned that the relevant data show that not only were younger age, myopia grow a little faster。  In a Eye Hospital, outpatients last year increased by 18% over the previous year, an increase of incidence in the past three to five years old myopic children rarely, now very common。  The reason multifactorial cause increased incidence of "genetic, close your eyes, reduce outdoor activities, eating too fine, have contributed to increased incidence of。
"Eye experts say, the increase in patients with dry eye, which has a great relationship with mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, electronic products have radiation, the child's pupil than larger adults, the ability to absorb light, the ability of the crystal filter weak, so the electronics great damage to the eyes。  Eye experts recommend controlling the amount of time children watch mobile phone, TV, more to outdoor exercise, only exercise the body, and can effectively prevent。