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Lemon duck practice three common practice lemon duck

Duck practice what?Lemons are a lot of people like to eat duck dish, but many people do not know duck lemon practice, do not worry, Xiao Bian today to tell you lemons duck practices, small series to put together three common practice lemon duck。 Lemon lemon duck duck practices practice a material duck, lemon, ginger, salt。 Practice 1.Fresh duck slaughter half a thorough clean up (a large piece of ass last year)。
2.The pot sit in water, added after opening a shot scattered ginger, pepper into a small, cook for 3 minutes fragrance。
3.Duck into boiling water 2 minutes to no blood。
4.Ducks remove the drain water with kitchen paper or dry water。 Fives.Where both sides wiping salt, a little more flesh wipe some。 Lemon duck approach 6.To help spread the duck completely absorbed, excess salt plate be drained, duck down and put on a few slices of ginger。 7.A few ducks at one-third to add boiling water。
8.Foil bag。 9.Into the steamer, small steam for 40 minutes after SAIC。 10.Then wash the lemon。
11.Take half sections。