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Four of the Code can improve immunity, you know.?(1)

  Is the body's own defense mechanism, the body recognize and destroy any foreign alien invasive (viruses, bacteria, etc.), deal with aging, injury, death, degeneration of their cells, and to identify and deal with in vivo mutant cells and the ability of the virus-infected cells, It is the body to identify and exclude "others" physiological responses。
For improve immunity, there are four of the Code had to know。
do you know?  Code One: the principle of balanced nutritional balance is very simple, staple food intake each day approximately three to six, two cups of milk, eggs, fish, legumes approximately three to five servings of vegetables at least three, two fruits, two to three tablespoons of oil。  Code II: drink plenty of water, plenty of rest drink plenty of water: to promote metabolism, adults must daily intake of water 2000-2500cc。
  Multi-: do every day at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, cycling, etc.。
  More rest: stay up late can cause lack of sleep, decreased comply with human biological clock, in order to ensure adequate sleep and rest the body's immune system。
  Code Three: less sweet, less fat, less drinking, less smoking cessation sweets: sweets will affect the ability of manufacturing and activity of white blood cells, reducing the body to fight disease。  Less fat: eating too much oil, it will hinder the ability of immunity, so that the body cells become lazy and can not function。
  Less drinking: alcohol will seriously weaken the function of various immune cells, but also weaken the function of the liver and pancreas。
  Quit smoking: Smoking when blood vessels prone to spasm, reducing blood supply to the local organs, reducing the supply of nutrients and oxygen, resulting in reduced resistance to disease。  Code Four: develop a variety of interests, maintain a wide range of interests not only training physically and mentally, but also to assist the treatment of some mental illness。
  Treat the pressure, learn to moderate decompression, in order to ensure the health, good mood。