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After the beginning of autumn dry skin?Eat these fruits emollient

Fall and winter season is undoubtedly the most dry season, people's skin can easily become dry, dehydrated。
So after the beginning of autumn, you can eat what fruit can prevent dry skin it?In fact, these types of fruits have good moisture replenishment effect!After the beginning of autumn persimmon many fruit shops have already started on a new variety of fresh persimmon。Persimmon is not only taste delicious, nutritional value is very rich。
And in the fall, when eating persimmons not only good relief autumn dryness can also be a very good lungs and phlegm, heat fluid, can be described as helpful to human health is a big say。In addition, after the beginning of autumn right amount to eat persimmon, also can be a good help intestinal conditioning, moisturizing the skin, prevent Qiuzao。
Watermelon is a summer fruit, "Queen", since the watermelon not only good for the body moisturizing, refreshing drop also can be a good summer。But after the beginning of autumn, summer, summer heat has not completely faded, this time, still need to eat watermelon to cool off the body。In addition, the beginning of autumn after eating watermelon, also can be a good fall prevention dry skin problems, except for the cool autumn diarrhea generated, watermelon is also a good conditioning effect。In addition, the fall when eating watermelon, thirst can also make the skin more supple。
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