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Manu 3 minutes lore Spurs double-overtime win 1-0 Curry 44 points can not put out Warriors

  Ticker May 7, when the Spurs at home plus two bitter fight to 129-127 win over the Warriors to a 1-0 lead in the Western Conference semifinals。
  Spurs completed the comeback with 18 points, Manu – Manu Ginobili pointer with seconds in the win third, scored 16 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds。 Tony – Tony Parker had 28 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, Tim – Tim Duncan had 19 points and 11 rebounds, Cowie – Leonard 18 points and nine rebounds, Danny – Green 22 points。 Gary – Neal 10 points。
  - Stephen Curry scored 22 points in the third quarter, scored 44 points and 11 assists, and Craig – Thompson made out 6 in the fourth quarter, scored 19 points, Harrison – Barnes 19 points and 12 rebounds Andrew – Andrew Bogut 10 points and 15 rebounds。 Off the bench Jia Lite – Jack 15 points, Drummond – Green 10 points。
  Spurs 4-0 win over the Lakers, who have been waiting a long time。
Warriors identity of the sixth west out of Denver, the Spurs did not dare to underestimate them。   When the last fight of the regular season, Popovich let all the main break, he is on the sidelines enjoy shooting Curry。
That game, Curry hit seven three-pointers, the Warriors win rate。
"Really fun watching him play," Popovich said. "Everybody hates to lose, but I liked to watch talented players like him, his performance was a classic。
"Curry injury in the body, in the second war against the Nuggets he sprained his left ankle, because the game has always insisted, has still not healed。
After the third and fourth war in the war, he played a large dose of anti-inflammatory acupuncture, but only ease the pain。   To the playoffs, every game is a battle of life and death, Popovich will not be so easy to let Curry。 After the opening, the Spurs would prevent Curry, rarely let him get easy shots, shot the first section only once from beyond the arc, he failed to hit。
  Andrew Bogut continuous strong play basket, Thompson and Barnes also have been shot, the Warriors 11-3 to start a wave。 Spurs played the game nearly five minutes later only to vote in a ball, this section there are 7 minutes 19 seconds, Parker was the second shooting, also still to Duncan after a ball, the Spurs began to chase。
Outside the Spurs also find the feeling, when there are seconds in this section, Ginobili hit third, they only 24-26 behind。 Ginobili foul at the end of this section, two free throws, the Spurs to 25-28 behind 3 points。   When Section 7 minutes and 09 seconds, Curry hit the third shot, the Warriors lead to 39-33。
Curry Since then break layup, but Bogut actually met at this time the Nets, he was sentenced goaltending violation。 Parker after traveling violation, Curry attack again, and again hit third, leading the Warriors to 42-33 by 9 points。 Parker outdone, continuous attack the basket, one arranged Spurs all 8 points, chasing the score 43-46。
In order to win, the Spurs do anything, this section in the final two minutes, began to "cut Bogut" tactics, constantly sent him to the free throw knot。 Andrew Bogut free throw is not satisfactory, the Spurs once the gap to 2 points。
Barnes-thirds vote when there are seconds in this section, the Warriors to stay ahead of the first half to 53-49 a slight advantage。   Duncan first half scored 12 points and 6 rebounds, 10 points for Houston Parker, Ginobili each had 8 points and Neil。 The Spurs shot only 38 percent, while the Warriors 55%。 Thompson scored 13 points, Curry 10 points, Barnes 9 points, Andrew Bogut 8 points and 10 rebounds。   The third is the "library time," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich knows this point, also emphasized before the game, but to emphasize not stop "library time" as about the arrival of。
  This section played less than three minutes, Curry on third hit twice, one person scored seven points, the Warriors gradually expand the。 Spurs finally chasing the score 69-72, but because of too much emphasis on perimeter defense, inside the inevitable gap, Barnes and Thompson after another basket succeeded, Curry also shot at close range。
In this section there are 2 minutes 16 seconds, Curry near-miss at Parker's defense, but picked up the ball immediately after the shot, crashed hit the third, the Warriors double-digit advantage。
When more seconds of this section, the library about two meters away from the three-point line also, but he still shot, still hit, the Warriors lead to 90-72 with 18 points。
  Section Curry hit four three-pointers, one scored 22 points, three after the Warriors lead to 92-80。   Nearly half of the fourth quarter when hit, Leonard vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Spurs will recover as the score 88-98。
But Leonard Spurs have the height advantage to anti-Curry is not a particularly good choice, Curry has since been twice over Leonard, either side twice layup, within 30 seconds scored four points, the Warriors lead to 102-88, forcing the Spurs called timeout。   Because upset stomach, Duncan did not participate in today's pre-match training。
In the fourth quarter and 4 minutes and 31 seconds, to leave him to the locker room。 After 30 seconds, Thompson 6 fouls, both sides have less of a general。
Parker continuous break, Spurs play 8-0, in this section there are 2 minutes 42 seconds to score into 96-104。
After a pause, the Warriors failed to stop the Spurs offensive。
Leonard-thirds vote, Parker layup, they scored seven points to complete the wave of attacks 15-0, with only 103-104 behind in this section more seconds。
  Warriors nearly four minutes without a point, after which the Curry missed shots, but Landry grabbed the offensive rebound。
Jack attack, hit in the cast after the break, when the Warriors to 106-103 lead in this section there are 29 seconds。
Spurs last ball to Green, he determined to hit the third, the score。 Warriors Curry completed by the final blow, but not in the cast, the two teams into overtime。
  Overtime Warriors served five points, but also to the Spurs 7-0 in the game 2 minutes 02 seconds to go beyond 113-111。
Curry layup to tie the game when there are seconds in this section, Jack layup, the two sides battle 115-115。
More seconds when the overtime, Duncan returned to the field。
Ginobili completed the final blow, but failed to hit, the two sides into extra time。
  The second overtime when there is 1 minute 06 seconds, Danny – Green hit third, leading the Spurs to 126-121。
Curry consecutive sudden strong, scored 4 points。 Competition also seconds after Barnes got the rebound, the Warriors initiated the break, pass to Curry Baze Moore, the latter almost no defense, layup, the Warriors scored six points to 127-126 exceeded。
  More seconds Spurs, Ginobili after the ball unguarded, his decisive shot, hit the third, when there are seconds in the game, the Spurs to 129-127 exceeded。
Warriors one last attack, but not in the third Jack despair, regret losing。