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5 Let reason you can not refuse, lose weight eat it (1)

  Is a nightmare for many people, not only because of the perseverance did not insist, but because of uncontrollable mouth, see food to eat always cool, and everyone on the network today night to talk about weight loss magic, the next time to eat to suffer。  1.Ultra-low heat, can inhibit the absorption of fat calories very low, how much to eat do not have to worry about fat。
Bitter gourd contains a lot of crude fiber, weight-loss food is a rare, often eat bitter gourd can effectively reduce the fat content in the body and clean the stomach, the body is more lightweight。
More popular recipes include eggs, bitter gourd, nausea, cold and bitter gourd juice。  2.Can Chuxie hot solution Laofa, pure heart and eyesight, but also to quickly remove toxins for the beauty of women, that is a good thing, the balsam pear Momordicin known as the "killer fat", has a unique effect, to accelerate expel toxins and harmful fats。It can be done according to the following several diet recipe a few side dishes, although some will taste bitter, but as the saying eat, adversity, square man Exalted, to fat, it may be a little brave, eat "bitter"。
  3.Fruit contains glycosides, bitter, summer consumption, with a cool hot weather, heat down effect。  Bitter cold, into the heart, lung, stomach, with Qingshu thirst, blood pressure, blood lipids, beauty beauty, promote metabolism and other functions。
Bitter gourd contains rich in vitamin B1, vitamin?And minerals, long-term consumption, can keep energetic, the treatment of acne has a wealth of significant benefits of vitamin · C can enhance immunity, and prevention of cardiovascular disease。  4.Promoting insulin secretion contain a component having help control blood sugar, acting on behalf of medical research found that prevention of diabetes, including bitter glycosides, serotonin, glutamate, alanine and vitamin B1 and other ingredients。The crude extract of bitter melon insulin-like effects, can reduce blood sugar, diabetes has good control effect。
Different components of different hypoglycemic effects of bitter melon extract, bitter melon extract of mulberry leaves as clean wash pancreatic glucagon, good hypoglycemic effect, may be used to assist in blood sugar lowering effect。  5, against disease, cancer is now the number of cancer disease is really getting higher and higher, it is also important to prevent cancer, some helpful components of the human body, can make the body's normal cells cancerous does not occur suddenly to cancer the role of rapid cell recovery, has a certain anti-cancer and disease。