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This year for the first time the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 25 basis points for the sixth time since the financial crisis

Local time on March 21, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve monetary policy at the end of Powell regular meeting announced that the federal funds rate by 25 basis points。 This is the first press conference since Powell became Fed chairman。 Reporter Dengmin said in a statement, according to economic data in recent months, the Fed's confidence in the US economic outlook is enhanced。 The Fed is expected by further gradual adjustment of monetary policy, the US economy will remain moderate in the medium term growth, the labor market continues to be strong。 The inflation rate will begin to rise in the coming months and stabilize around 2% target set by the Fed policy in the medium term。
Short-term risks to the outlook remained balance。
But the Fed chairman Colin Powell at a news conference held in the day stressed that the inflation rate will not rise fast。
  The Fed also released the same day forecast for the US economy。
Compared with the forecast issued in December last year, the Fed raised its forecast for 2018 growth in US gross domestic product, from% to%; the unemployment rate is expected from 2018% to%。   Some analysts believe that the Fed's optimistic about the US economic situation indicates that the pace of future rate hikes may be accelerated。
Although the Fed released the same day throughout the year to raise interest rates in 2018 it is still three times, but the "Wall Street Journal" reported that, at the regular meeting of monetary policy to support the interest rate four times this year to increase the number of voice than in December last year, 2019 is expected to raise interest rates from December last year the number of reported twice to three times。 "New York Times" that the federal tax cuts and expenditure increases of up to trillion will stimulate economic growth in the short term, there could prompt the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates four times this year。
Chicago Board of Trade Group (CMEGroup) data show that investors generally believe that the possibility of raising interest rates four times this year, at least 40%。   2017, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates a total of three times, the federal funds rate range from% – to upgrade%% -%。 (Finish)。