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International flights luggage is lost how to do?The manual collection really Xie

October 24 electricity go out to study, travel and lost luggage travel across most suck。
If you could retrieve baggage has thankfully。 But did you know that some wit can get compensation for airline passengers last of。
International flights passengers: According to the "Montreal" Convention, airline ticket limit of liability for each passenger for 1131SDR。 Otherwise specified "Warsaw Convention" in international flights the airline limit of liability for each piece of luggage is $ / pound, up to a maximum of $ 640 (1 US dollar equals yuan)。 * SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is IMF's unit of currency。 Based on the exchange rates prevailing compensation baggage will SDR into dollars。 The United States take the passengers of Flight: US Transportation Department regulations, if luggage is lost, damaged or delayed, passengers have the opportunity to receive compensation Airlines。
And, even if passengers suffered delays finally received the luggage, still have a chance to get up to $ 3,500 in compensation。 In addition m t need to emphasize that the airline will not automatically pay compensation, passengers need to confirm the value of damage and loss of baggage to the airline。
M t had several baggage delay, did not know that you can apply for some compensation and reimbursement。
What do I get reimbursed?First of all you need to know: report submitted to the airline's baggage loss or delay of not more than 21; baggage damage report shall not be more than 7 days。 As reported overdue, depending on airline passengers to give up the right to claim。 Therefore, we encounter this kind of problem I remember the first time to contact the local airline sector。
Compensation and reimbursement of expenses must be reasonable declaration, and the file is complete。
Here's file contains: · · luggage tag boarding pass receipt · · damaged or lost items or purchase new items receipt of (reimbursable) required by each airline has a different file or slightly more than is necessary。
Almost all airlines are prescribed a specific amount of compensation and reimbursement。
Passengers suffered baggage delay, damage and loss, need to show a receipt of the damaged goods to airlines。
Airlines have the right to challenge the reasonableness of compensation to declare。
For example, a passenger two days ago to buy a bracelet worth $ 3000 dollars, but the baggage is delayed, this case airlines may not accept a declaration of compensation。
What is it reasonably?For example, delayed luggage emergency toiletries and a change of clothes, and even had passengers reimbursed hair sticks。
These are all reasonable, passengers have the right to receive due compensation。 An airline spokesman told reporters, passengers only need to comply with airline reimbursement protocols and procedures reasonably able to receive due compensation。
How to get reimbursed?The nation's transportation departments to develop the basic bottom line, but the specific reporting rules and procedures are different for each airline。
T m to several large exemplified American Airlines。
American Airlines (American Airlines) passengers required to submit a preliminary report first before you leave the airport, and in the next mailing a formal claim for 45 days。
"If passenger flights within the United States there are items in checked baggage loss, to declare within 24 hours; international flights passengers must declare in 7 days。 When Delta representative to provide you with a reference number, please declare within 30 days of the date of fill in and submit the claim form (select "damage / missing items claims")。 – Delta Air Lines According to regulations, passengers need to notify the airport on behalf of the company, and then submit the application online。
If there is excess of the declared value of the goods, you will need to register additional value over and over declared value shall not exceed $ 5,000。 United Airlines & Continental Airlines (United & Continental Airlines) flight arrival delayed after the United States reported to the baggage office immediately, or call 1-800-335-2247 Baggage Service Center within 24 hours。
After the flight to the International Office report can also be reported in writing within 7 days。 The following information comes from the United official website: "For June 2017 1 day checked baggage or after, if we have not found three days after your baggage, we will keep your luggage and which items worth $ 1,500 compensation , You do not need to issue any documents to prove。
Baggage handling center will contact you to deal with compensation matters。
We will also compensate baggage fees you paid。 If the value of your lost luggage and which items over $ 150, you can provide documentary evidence and ask for a higher amount of compensation。 US Department of Transportation regulations single passenger aboard the flight within the United States can claim up to $ 3,500, take the maximum amount of the claim may also apply applicable international flights。 To apply for a higher amount of the claim, please use the form below。 – United Airlines official website last m t see the compensation provisions of the major airlines, he has finally wrote: "Passengers are advised not to put valuables, fragile or perishable items placed in checked baggage for these items lost, damaged or transportation delays, airlines do not assume any liability。
"For most international travel, according to" Montreal "convention, if there are valuables, documents passengers have confirmed the value of goods may declare compensation from the airline, the airline also shows the limited liability。
Or need to buy insurance for valuables, rice tertiary college students graduate on his way home, luggage lost nearly $ 3,000 gift, paid the excess baggage fee when Fortunately, boarding pass, and finally re-purchase the missing items, has been appropriate reimbursement。
Report lost or delayed baggage must not exceed 21, baggage damage report shall not be more than seven days; report before leaving the airport to the aviation sector your question, and then to a written application; save a copy of the report and note the local baggage office telephone; the situation with the airline sector may be reimbursed items and keep receipts for reimbursement has been prepared after。 In general airline baggage loss probability is still relatively small, but well known to those rules away from home is always more at ease, hit anything do not be lazy, to protect their own interests that some。 (This is the United States) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。