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2017 Annual livelihood "ten" benefits, how much benefit you?

  Xinhua Beijing December 15 electricity (in sub-Ru) 2017 ending soon。 Opened this year's "people's livelihood bills," pension increases, lowered tariffs, and more pilot "with rental rights" such as a large wave of people "small target" to achieve, people's life has also undergone profound change。   Shanghai college entrance examination reform, comprehensive reform of Zhejiang college entrance examination successfully landed, and the remaining 29 provinces with the reform timetable and roadmap。 Multivariate admission examination and enrollment management system to further improve the national encouraged by the abolition of all extra points, extra points for local reduction of 63%。
  Reform of the housing system in mid-2017, the rental market, the supply of land fields, such as financial management and control, supply-side structural reforms in the real estate market continues to advance。 Among them, the lease continues to accelerate market reforms, introduced in some cities lease residential land, "video with the right" to landing。
Collective construction land for the construction of rental housing pilot roll out, Beijing, Shanghai and other places have raised hundreds of thousands of units of rental housing supply program。
At the same time, strictly limit the circulation of commodities housing property "common property housing" launched in Beijing。   Special national poverty assessment examination, 2017, approved the 2016 proposed application for withdrawal of poverty-stricken counties in 28 poor counties, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office expects 2017 full-year poverty-stricken counties Uncap poverty will reach about 100, a further decline in the number of poverty-stricken counties。
State Council Poverty Alleviation Office is expected in mid-2017 will be reduced by about 13 million poor people。   Pension "13 rising" in mid-2017, continued to increase pensions, to achieve a "rising 13"。 More than 100 million overall level of basic pensions for retirees raised about%。 Elderly retirees, retirees from enterprises difficult remote areas of these two groups is much more appropriate pension rise a little。
  Inter-provincial direct billing remote medical treatment in mid-2017, inter-provincial direct billing remote medical breakthrough work。
All the country's provinces and co-ordinating all have access to the national site medical billing system and network operation。
As of mid-November, the national inter-provincial medical institutions increased to 7801, more than 90% of the three designated medical institutions has been connected to network。   Identity card "remote office" from July 1 this year, the Ministry of Public Security ID card implementation in different places across the country to receive, report the loss and loss reporting collar jobs move。 At present, the country has set up identity cards in different places receive points 23,613, including Beijing, Tianjin, Jilin, Shanghai, Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Shaanxi and other 17 provinces in the province all the local police station and the household Rush Hall have been set up identity cards remote receive points。   High-speed rail this year, July 9, Lanzhou, Gansu, Shaanxi Baoji high-speed railway opening and operation。
As China's high-speed rail "four vertical and four horizontal" wrap up high-speed rail network construction, Borland high-speed rail network construction in China marked the start of high-speed rail to "eight vertical and eight horizontal" goal。   High-speed rail to run into the net to make temporal and spatial distance between regions and cities is shortened, forming a 1 hour traffic circle northeast, north, central China, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions; Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Harbin, Xi'an and other major cities inter achieved within five hours to reach 1,000 km 8 hours to reach within 2000 km。
  Tariff cut from December 1, China's cut import tariffs on 187 commodities, most of which are domestic consumers scouring the sea, overseas purchase of popular category, with an average tax rate from% to%。
For example, infant milk formula special tariffs to zero from 20%, perfume and other cosmetics tariff from 10% to 5%, coffee, toaster tariff from a 32% to 10% and 16%, respectively。
  Internet court August 18, the country's first Internet court – the court was formally established in Hangzhou Internet。
The trial court located in the Internet by way of the Internet case, concentrated within the jurisdiction of Hangzhou jurisdiction of Courts have jurisdiction over cases involving the Internet, the parties through the Internet, homes will be able to complete the action, to achieve "the online dispute online"。
  Statistics show that since May 2017 began a pilot, as of November 30, Hangzhou Internet platform court proceedings had been opened 4127, closed 2079, related party to the case to achieve a hundred percent online hearing, so that "court" like online shopping Like convenient。
  Domestic long-distance roaming charges from September 1, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom abolish domestic long-distance phone roaming charges, in our country more than 20 years of domestic mobile phone roaming charges will be history。
  Ministry item of data show that as of the end of June, the total number of Chinese mobile phone users reached one hundred million, which means that over 1.3 billion mobile phone users will benefit。