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Twenty-two Maotai expensive than a gram of gold it had a bottle of wine is not so simple | Maotai

  When we talk about what we are talking about Maotai Lin Zhifu recently attended several dinner, we did not drink Moutai, three drinks, definitely talk to Maotai。 I recently made a few friends circle of buddies, they do not drink liquor, good luck, the sun is pleased to make an appointment to buy Maotai。   Some media calculated that account, twenty-two Maotai has been more expensive than one gram of gold。
Apply a classical describe: the share price and market capitalization soar, onlookers were the same color Tucao。   Originally built Maotai flow, never missing topic, only recently halo particularly large, the wine does not intoxicate people from "drunk"。 Simple combing found that when we talk about Maotai, the three main topic is the price, supply and future。   about the price。   Online shopping era, the affected parties, consumers' price sensitivity is only one, the trend is getting higher and higher。 Maotai recent price adjustment, naturally lead to high interest。
  At 8:30 on December 28, 2017, Liquor Co., Ltd. issued a proclamation declaring appropriately adjust Maotai price。   From the vertical span of history, the Maotai retail price change in recent years is the norm。
After 2010, prices rose into the channel, from about early 2012 bottle thousand to a record high market price 2300 yuan。
By the end of 2012, prices fall, over time, back in 2010 the retail price level。 Upon my honor you in August 2016, I bought a few bottles of Maotai electricity supplier site, 860 yuan per bottle, not limited to purchase。 Now look back, it seems that at that time it should buy more, but there is no regret in this world, just like people now regret not buy more than a decade ago, as early as a reason to buy a house。 Since mid-March 2017, prices will rise into the channel。
"Wolf 2", Wu Jing free booze Maotai lens implantation, this plot was widely disseminated, hot box office will sell large indirect help Maotai。   Horizontal comparison from the individual point of view, Maotai really "Bureau of gas", which is since the fourth quarter of 2012, for up to 5 years time, first adjust prices。
In the high-end liquor price adjustment camp, Maotai no means the first。
  Investors buy or not to buy, consumers want to take advantage of the New Year Spring Festival two points alcoholic wine equipment, thus, appears to make an appointment at the market level, limited shopping, buy, sell and so increase。
High profits, some even "desperate"。 Last December, an upscale district of Chengdu, one of the owners of 48 years of collection stolen bottle of Maotai, first produced in 1992, the market price pushed up to the million。
In the basement of theft more than Jinan police recently cracked, the stolen goods were seized in more than a Maotai。 Shenzhen Customs recently in the "Sino-British Street" seized a smuggling case, the car's spare tire is actually in possession of 16 bottles of Maotai celebrate HKSAR 20th Anniversary Edition。
  The trouble should end it。 Speaking price adjustment problem, Maotai chairman Yuan Renguo pointed out that this is to achieve sustainable development, in order to maintain market order, to take into account the interests of manufacturers, in order to regulate supply and demand, in order to balance the market price。   This is a very fair few comments。
Market returned to normal, need time, but prices go up is the real deal。
Whether the retail price per bottle to break through the 2300 mark?Price change of whether to reproduce the periodic law?Only to watch for。
  About Supply。
  In the era of great wealth of variety of goods, Maotai Why so tight?  Tucao era, consumers eat a good taste of egg laying hens want to know behind the anecdotal。
For Liquor, especially。 Maotai article from the official website of the show – support Moutai investors confidently say: "God only created a Maotai, Maotai any copy futile。
Past that, now and in the future also do so。
"Movie" Red Sorghum ", the wine for a very realistic and detailed reproduction。
In order to spread wine history, Maotai factory had Toupai movie "wine country", certainly not as popular of the former。
  Wine and Chinese cooking, is pure manual labor, more rely on the experience and mentoring, teacher, self-cultivation in the individual。
"Red Sorghum", actually is because a urine, only the achievements of good sorghum。
The secret lies in Maotai town of Maotai terrain, soil, wind, the sun, which is a treasure, good Chishui River water quality, diverse local microbial environment, away from here, not just wine Maotai。 I have been to Maotai Town, the air has a special flavor Lees, who's highly adaptive, after a period of time no feeling。 Many small local wineries, within a range of several kilometers around, there are several relatively large size of Maotai distillery, such as learning wine, Langjiu, Taiwan wine country。 These types of wine, I drink, I feel that, for the people to drink less wine sauce, it is difficult to compete with a product; there have been a few years Maotai wine drinking experience, and then compare, Maotai taste even better。 In addition, not everyone can drink accustomed to the taste of Maotai。
  As for production capacity, is the largest short board Maotai development。
First, the mountain environment, plant expansion difficult; secondly, a bottle of wine from the production to the factory, which lasted five years, there are all kinds of variables, can not accurately predict the market situation after five years。
  Maotai 6600 tons technical transformation project has been started, the base wine production capacity expansion has been on the road。
The next few years, demand could ease?But also "Let the bullets fly for a while and more."。   About Future。
  Maotai price effects will gradually appear。
  Downstream from the liquor industry, the Maotai although not the first price adjustment, but as a "lead Big Brother", which has a strong demonstration effect will stimulate domestic liquor industry collective price adjustment。   From the middle reaches of the distribution channels, the Maotai is online and offline both hands at the same time under the steady line, actively working with major mainstream electricity supplier, in a variety of networks holiday promotional activities, Maotai never absent。 After the price adjustment, gains and losses it experienced in marketing, how to control retail prices, will have a positive impact White Wine。   Wine from the downstream feedstocks, 2018, sorghum Maotai organic purchase price increase, reach yuan / kg。 Common sorghum price 3 5-6-membered between。 This is not only broaden the base of production capacity initiatives, but also to support agriculture and farmers to share the fruits of development and。   As a consumer, easy to look forward to the official price to buy Maotai; as an investor, looking to become China's Maotai "Berkshire – Hathaway" stock; as producers, their goal is to build one hundred billion Maotai。
  "A Brief History of mankind," the main points of global sales, human beings live in the imagination constructed by the order of, including the countries, companies, etc., provided continued progress of human society, it is to strengthen the awareness for this order, compliance and practice。
  Maotai are living in a kind of order, the construction elements include history, geography, production, prices, etc., and especially for。
  March 19, 2012 the "Qilu Evening News," published in the "Detailed road Maotai liquor division for the special: No Zhou Enlai no wine country today," a text, now still be able to search online。
The article mentions: "wine country" de facto, Maotai special for the history of this began。
But since the beginning of liberation annual output of only 75 tons, so from the outset provides for special criteria, or at least qualify for the provincial department for wine。 Even after the price liberalization, "Mao five swords" is still only for organs, social organizations for wine with the military, vice president of Chinese Liquor Business Association Zhu Xingsheng memories: one year each province was divided into hundreds of boxes ( 12 bottles per case), and finally assigned to the county, to have a box has been pretty good。   March 2017, the company chairman Yuan Renguo Maotai, Maotai successfully completed the transition of consumption, public consumption by the past more than 30% to less than 1%, the fourth consecutive year sales rise, not fall, Maotai has become non-people table lack of wine。
  Maotai about the future, it is no longer as simple as a bottle of wine, it can also live in a kind of order in。
Maotai drink, we not only drink, or drink in gold, drink face, mysterious drink, drink fantasy。
  (The author is cultural studies)。