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Bika rectify a year, some investors are still difficult to slow down the process Lock conviction | Bika

  Bika rectify a year, some investors are still locked positions Source: Beijing Daily that began in early 2017 Bika electronic trading straighten storm has shaved more than a year, Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Ri Qianliao and Xie Daocong at the industry, no relevant domestic exchange re-opened, although several also came during a wind from different places, but never is "only heard the sound, but no one down."。
Many retail investors are still in the locked state, psychological changes also occur。 Insiders senior investor said it did not expect the original mode, the original platform opened, but investors need to be settled。
Which is why there are "settled" in demand, the market has a new policy violations。
  Investors funds yet to thaw in early 2017, the Commission led ministerial joint meeting of the Bika market under a clean-up order, just over two months time, Bika class exchanges is reduced from more than 100 to less than 50。 August of that year, under even more severe degrees of No. 49 issued proposed ordered to stop illegal trading and future requirements of the provinces can retain a specialized Bika trading places, was still a lot of open exchanges also simply choose to "one of the back."。
  "There is still no real business forward, there is no exchange re-opened。 "One Bika industry, told Beijing Daily reporter said, the industry revamp more than a year, many fund investors have not thawed or not trading stock on hand。   It is understood that the investment of millions of dollars of investors and a few, some one-time investment, some batches investment。
Since the exchange is closed, investors ask several trips to reopen the time, "but each time have been pushed back, said in June last year to complete the rectification before the end of October until the end of the year completed before the end of March this year, he said。
"The source said, for the stock in the hands of investors, as well as offline channels optional, but much lower than the price when purchased, but also lose money trading。
  Some sign of trouble industry will make waves in circles。 In December last year, Jingdong Mall Entertainment consignment released "panda coin storage identification storage publicity", marking the Jingdong incoming Bika industry; January of this year, announced that Jiangsu Province, is retained as "a province of a regulatory Bika platform "principle, the establishment of new research Bika trading platform, to undertake Nanjing Jiangsu Sheng Wen Exchange and the text submitted by the existing business Bika。
  But whether it is Jingdong set up an incoming or new exchanges, are currently still in its infancy。
"We often hear somewhere new measures, electronic trading will soon be re-opened, the reality is always the desire to deviate too far。 "Bika industry veteran investor Wang Longxiang representation。   The new irregularities derived some investors want to find a new "settled" manner, which in turn gave new offense provides an opportunity。
  Above industry sources, there are some former "banker" went outside to open the exchange, because in some areas outside audit loose, some investors also with the past。 "The actual transaction or at home, just take a cover for exchange。
This is not rational investors much, but doing so is certainly non-compliance, could not persuade tried to persuade。
"The source said reluctantly。 Wang Longxiang analysis also said some ordinary investors face early electronic disk cleanup caused by the "hit", always looking for a "healing" place。   However, this approach not only healing effect can not be maintained, it is likely to make ordinary investors getting burned again。
In fact, behind the current round of clean-up, it is a serious distortion of Bika market。 Industry insiders, Bika boarded the financial stage time is not long, less than a strictly counted only ten years。
But also in this decade, where the frenzied expansion Exchange electronic trading, particularly in the 2014 Nanjing Culture Exchange launched Bika electronic trading as a symbol, market ushered in hot period, what comes next is disorderly competition, mad fry artificially high prices, many investors are so-called "banker" deceive down the drain。   Beijing Daily reporter learned that there are investors very firm stand, even after the consolidation domestic exchanges re-opened, and never will again admission, but will not take the risk of trading in illegal trading places。
  Convicted difficult to slow down the cleanup process is continuing to clean up one side of the exchange, the other side of the case are also being detected in legacy。
March 14, Jinhua Wu District People's Court held a public hearing of the king Bika fraud, in the fraud involved up to 230 people, divided into a number of cases for trial。
The trial of a total of 16 accused, are "80", "90", and familiar with computer operation, the main work is the use of Hebei coastal commodity trading platform, by manipulating Bika prices, resulting in victim losses to achieve the purpose of obtaining by deception。   Hebei coastal commodities trading platform of "backing" is not small, the platform at the end of 2015, on suspicion of operating the OTC commodity price contracts to bet on the overall transformation Bika was shut down in 2016, also known as Hebei Bika trading center, and in March of that year it announced that it had become the "largest volume Bika platform"。 September 2016, Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zeng Jie and Dao Baoliao an investor, said it is in the trade center, a subsidiary member of deception。   However, such a huge number of cases left over, since there are a lot of failed court or by the public security organs cracked, which lack the legal field also has a relationship in。 An industry observers point out that "criminal law" provides for a "crime with legal" principle, and some types of cases from Bika trading on financial behavior that is truly a crime of market manipulation, can "Criminal Law" does not "market manipulation crime," only the "manipulation of the securities and futures market crimes"。
Hidden defects Bika major electronic trading and securities trading system, although similar, but Bika after all, not be able to generate interest in products of interest, more similar to the custody of goods will also pay storage charges to the safekeeping party。 This also makes the problem difficult to apply Bika platform "illegal securities business crime" provisions of the "Criminal Law", which would lead to the problem Bika transaction is not current "Criminal Law" provisions of "supporting" in the conduct of operations。
  Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter Cheng Weimiao。