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Acupuncture bled Acne Acne action bar which bled

Acne acupuncture bloodletting bloodletting acupuncture tie which can be said to be a very ancient tradition of medical items, for a variety of diseases have a good effect, then acupuncture bloodletting acne tie together and small series to see what acupuncture bloodletting acne tie which introduced it!Acne patients bled acupuncture which tie sitting, slightly forward head and neck, the neck Dazhui fully exposed; then with iodine disinfecting Ojo of the patient, taking disposable syringe needle prick Dazhui rapid, generally prick 3 -5, moderate prick depth, and then quickly pulling the cupping bled at Ojo, were bled about 3-5 ml, 2 times per week, 8 times for treatment。 2, acupuncture bloodletting acne role, qi and blood acupuncture because it is the way to maintain physical treatment of diseases of the human body piercing acupoints by acupuncture, so for qi and blood has a natural advantage, to regulate the body's meridians by stimulating acupoints, by stimulating let meridians meridians been expanded, blood running naturally be more smooth, blood red and physical health will be able to obtain a guarantee!, Yin and yang balance of Yin and Yang are everything in the world, people like this, it will lead to imbalance of yin and yang within the human body disease appear, so the balance of yin and yang is a very important thing in the health,。
Acupuncture tie which bled acne because acupuncture points distributed over different meridians, when the male and female body imbalance by stimulating acupuncture points on different meridians, can balance the yin and yang, to reduce the chance of occurrence of the disease。 Application of acupuncture bloodletting in accordance with the principle of "General does not hurt," the role of acupuncture knee pain and blood therapy on the elderly is also very clear that many elderly people to the hospital when joint stiffness, swelling and pain, unable to walk after treatment, the swelling subsided, pain relief, you can walk themselves home。
Wu Mingxia, director, osteoarthritis is an increasing with age and the emergence of degenerative diseases, can occur in any joint, most common of which is double knee。