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Zhangjiagang row nominal value of 37 billion market value evaporated speculative hype feast Away | Zhangjiagang row

  China Economic Net Beijing March 14 news (Reporters Huaqing sword) as of March 13 close, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (abbreviation), shares of dollars, when compared with April last year hit the highest price yuan, the bank one hundred million market value evaporated。
Zhangjiagang line price-earnings ratio, book value, ranking the 26 A-share listed banks first。   In January, Zhangjiagang share price suffered "roller coaster", January 17, 18, 19, daily limit for three consecutive trading days, the closing price was RMB yuan, yuan。 However, January 24, 25, Zhangjiagang row limit for two consecutive days, respectively, to close at RMB yuan。   January 24, Zhangjiagang row billion shares of restricted shares lifted the market。
The industry believes that, aside restricted lifted reason, the roller coaster market or is likely to be hot money, minority shareholders behind the hype。
Analysts say, Zhangjiagang line is small cap stocks, the valuation is the highest in the listed banks, shares rose does not have the performance-based, is a kind of purely speculative hype in nominal。   January 24, 2017, Zhangjiagang small plates listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange line issue price of RMB。
April 5, 2017, the share price reached its highest point line Zhangjiagang yuan, just over two months the stock shot up 6 times。
  100 billion Annunciation SML high proportion of hidden lines, according to Zhangjiagang released 2017 results of Letters show that in 2017 the bank achieved revenues billion yuan, down%; net profit yuan, an increase of%。
By the end of 2017, the NPL ratio%, compared with the beginning decrease percentage points; provision coverage% percentage points increase over the beginning。
By the end of 2017, the bank's assets grew compared with the beginning% to billion into the "hundreds of billions Club"。   For this transcript, Zhangjiagang, chairman season Ying gives his score: "neutral"。   Securities Market Weekly reported that a high proportion of Zhangjiagang line SML kept hidden。 As of the end of the 2017 mid-second quarter, Zhangjiagang line SML accounted%, although compared with year-end 2016 decreased 86BP, but in the listed banks remained at a high level。
From this perspective, Zhangjiagang row asset quality continued to improve to be able to be seen。
  Data show that as of the end of the second quarter, the proportion of Zhangjiagang line more than 90 days past due loans and non-performing loans was 79%, indicating that standard Zhangjiagang line of non-performing loans of more stringent。
From the provision level, Zhangjiagang line provision coverage ratio at the end of the third quarter of 2017 was 197%, up 17 percentage points over the beginning, the level of provision is more abundant。 But one thing needs extra attention, despite the bad line Zhangjiagang identified more stringent level of provision there is a certain degree of recovery, but a higher proportion of loans concerned, the future remains to be seen trends of concern loans。   In addition, although Zhangjiagang line 2017 results of Letters show that earnings growth rose%, asset quality but also signs of stabilization, however, Ping An Securities is still slightly lowered its forecast net profit growth of value Zhangjiagang line 2018, that is, from% down %。   Valuation of listed banks in the highest financial speculation feast scattered January this year, the stock line of Zhangjiagang gone from "three-limit" to "two hit bottom" of。
From January 17 to 19, even pull three daily limit, January 22 and 23, high heavy volume two-day turnover of more than 50%, given the opportunity to withdraw the funds, followed by January 24th to 25th there were two limit-down。
January 22 evening, Zhangjiagang line announcement, the company will have a million shares before the initial public offering of shares on January 24 traded, representing the company's total share capital%。   Some analysts said the valuation is in line Zhangjiagang listed banks in the highest, the stock rose does not have the performance-based, is actually a kind of speculation funds。 Funds chose Zhangjiagang line is that the flow of capital is very small, this restricted shares outstanding capital before lifting the ban only million shares, more than 20 billion market capitalization is ideal for financial speculation, coupled with the hot trend but banking sector, speculation is very Zhangjiagang row good time。
In the view of experts, at present it is an era of value investing, but from a valuation Zhangjiagang line of view, it seems very reluctant to say that the value of the investment, is a kind of purely speculative hype in nominal。   General investors lack experience, only to see the share price rose transaction without knowing Jan. 24 will be the day the amount of restricted shares lifted, fell just become the scapegoat。 Therefore, investors are likely to hold the line Zhangjiagang has become the "leek"。 Although institutional investors, retail investors were "eroded" the stock market has been the norm, but so blatant cut "leek" behavior will inevitably lead to investigation management。   January 25 evening, Zhangjiagang line publishing stock transaction announcement said the company's stock fell for two consecutive trading day closing price deviation from the value has reached%。 The company did not find recent public media coverage may or may have a greater impact on the company's stock trading price of undisclosed material information; the company's recent operating conditions, internal and external business environment no significant change; the case of violation of fair disclosure of information does not exist。   It is worth noting, January 26, High Commission spokesman Li said that the Commission has made the punishment be informed in advance of a company for allegedly manipulating "Zhangjiagang" and other three sub-shares offense cases, severely dealt with according to the law will follow。
  As of March 13 close, Zhangjiagang lines are 26 A-share listed banks earnings and book value were the highest bank。