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Pharmaceutical compositions discovered "fingernail" wonderful "human medicine" collection (1)

  Chengdu Mr. Li found that when a drug ingredient in medicines marked with the human nail, Mr Lai at the time thought it was a misprint, and pharmacy staff said, people really nails blindly。In addition to the human nail, In traditional Chinese medicine, the human body it can be a lot of baby!  Professor Li Jimin said nail medicine as early as the Tang Dynasty there are records of "Prescriptions", the calculation has thousands of years of history。Chinese medicine nails called "muscle out" that it has many medicinal properties。
  But Professor Li Jimin also said that due to the swelling, bleeding medication very much, so now "" This herb has been rarely used, it is no wonder we feel iffy。
  This time rest assured of it, it really was not what strange child medicine。
Reporters also for everyone forget T account, each year, a regular pharmaceutical companies to rural schools to acquire fingernails, two or three thousand dollars in the price of one kilogram。
Usually the normal year nails can grow 2-5 cm, 1 cm nail weight of 1-2 g, fingernails year can grow nearly ten grams fingernails。
This calculation, each of us a year may have to cut it two or three hundred dollars fingernails。However, there are public doubts, even fingernails is a drug, but if it nails from the toes, a bit too disgusting。For this question, Professor Lee said: This is not going to happen。  The human body can be used as medicine "human hair, bitter taste。Slightly warm, non-toxic。
Into the heart via the main cough Wulin。Two will be blocked, blowing the nose burning ash, set only Nvxue。
Also the main pediatric epilepsy, fetal hair and shave male and female children under a plus。Prolific woman hair, burning ash wine service, very good birth, according to the hair is more than blood, heart and blood were also the main。
So the only people。Dan called yin and even the Czech Republic, there are so good ear。Leigong Yun, who used to be the man, aged to have no disease, red and white color appearance, the top heart cut out a plus。Where in pellets and paste in。Prior Sophora soaked night, glistening bottles out to the fire。Order through red, let cool, use of research。
"Urine Chinese medicine believes that human urine can be used as medicine。
Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded, such as human urine, female white Yi, Qiu human urine stone and various other related。Hemorrhoids to its use and so forth from consumptive。
Sun Ssu "Qian Jin Yi Fang" that "hearts and minds in human urine main blood and death, and the main plot full of disease," "Lord of urine WUNIU diabetes jaundice edema beriberi urination" menstruation is worth mentioning that the ancient Chinese medicine blindly drugs is called red lead, it is to the period of menarche, whichever dried powder medicine。
Ming emperors Jiajing under the guidance of the alchemist, take "red lead" the longest, to collect blood girl refining this "elixir", a large number of girls recruited from the private palace。Jiajing thirty-one years (1552) winter, from the capital area mining 8?14-year-old girl 300 palace; Jiajing thirty-four years (1555) in September, and mining following 10-year-old girl 160 people。Two months later from Hubei and Hunan, Tianfu female voters 20 people。
Jiajing forty-three years (1564) the first month, and excerpts ladies 300 people。  Famous Poets Shizhen there is a poem: blue jay double knot red horns, Countless never pass。  Just because for sickness drug, haggard spring rain in。
  About the effectiveness of red lead, Ming Dynasty medical home each disputed。This square is considered "top grade take the life of the drug."。
As described in the Ming Dynasty "regimen public nostrum" in the "red lead party take the word of God," it says: "May the first wave of entrants for the most, two times, three times as in times four, five for the next, and then also be used……This medicine into two or three times a year, and into 2035, or two or three times, immediately see the glow strength, mental disorders。
Vegetation of medicine thousands of clothes, so no drug also twelve。"With a similar argument is in the Ming Dynasty physicians SUN Yi – kui" "upload:" Where the Red River was the first woman to lead gold, two classics as red lead, red lead acquired three men。Available on the various products, able to fill and infuriating, infuriating both feet, V seek more gas law, is the longevity of the road carry。