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Six coup against the summer heat in summer green tea at the same time pay a goal

Location: body summer coup against the summer heat six green tea at the same time pay a goal 2014-08-0415: 4:55 Source: Introduction: situation is now very hot weather, a lot of people can not stand the hot weather, often suffering from heat stroke and heat stroke is not a small thing suddenly happen if there will kill you, so in hot weather should pay special attention to heatstroke。So how to stay cool this summer I do……The body's normal life activities essential vitamin-rich, there are one hundred grams of fresh vegetables mg carotene, thiamine (Victoria mg, riboflavin (vitamin mg, 8 mg of niacin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 83 mg。
And because it is rich in mustard oil, it has a special Xiangla Wei, which can produce large amounts of the protein hydrolyzate of the amino acid。
After processing pickled vegetables pickled bright yellow color, aroma, taste crisp and delicious, whether it is fried, steamed, boiled, soup as a sauce, or serve food alone, urban and rural residents are deeply loved。Refreshing refreshing potherb mustard contain large amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), is a highly active reducing substance, the body involved in important redox processes, can increase the oxygen content in the brain, the brain excited oxygen utilization, has refreshing refreshing, relieve fatigue effect。Detoxification swelling power potherb has detoxification, resistant to infection and prevention of diseases, toxic effects of bacterial toxins, promote wound healing, can be used to aid in the treatment of infectious diseases。
After Kaiweixiaoshi potherb mustard marinated have a special flavor and aroma, can promote the stomach, intestine and digestive function, increase appetite, it can be used to appetizers, to help digestion。Eyesight and diaphragm wide-intestinal catharsis potherb more stiff tissue, comprising a large number of dietary fiber and carotene, and so it is wide intestine eyesight laxative effect, can be used as an ophthalmic patient's diet quality goods, but also prevention of constipation, particularly appropriate the elderly and habitual constipation consumption。Weight function potherb mustard greens or on behalf weight loss。
It can promote the discharge of accumulated waste, purifying the body to make it clean and fresh。
Law rid the body of accumulated wastes and toxins, it is also able to add vitamins and minerals to stimulate original power body, promote digestion, absorption, discharge of。To improve the rate of weight loss is very effective, but also possesses the efficacy of anti-aging。
Lead function of vitamin?Combined with lead generation substances insoluble in water, so that excreted with the feces, thereby Lead。
The potherb mustard containing peacekeeping?One food。
Anti-cancer function of scientists in previous studies, the proposed model of cancer development, that is the initial stage and promotion stage of cancer。The initial stage is often short-lived and irreversible。Under the influence of carcinogenic radiation, toxic chemicals and other elements, the human body planted the seeds of cancer; promotion stage is repeated by the action of cancer-promoting factor, for several years or even ten years before causing cancer。
Experiments show that these two stages of cancer development, through the intervention of some chemical substances can block the growth of cancer cells, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention。
Japanese studies have indicated that nutrients in vegetables and certain phytochemicals, can play a significant inhibitory effect on carcinogens and cancer-promoting factor。