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Vinegar multiple health effects, eat off the disease (1)

  Our spices are enduring, long history。
In addition to used to flavor vinegar, as well as good health care it。
Many health vinegar method, understand its health effects in people who eat it for health care。Today'll tell you about it。  1, contains a lot of bacteriostatic bactericidal organic acid component, microorganisms can penetrate into the cell membrane, destruction of the internal structure of the cell, to inhibit the cytotoxic effect even kill germs。So you can use it to daily disinfection oh: Vinegar fumigation indoor environment daily with disinfecting effect can be achieved with vinegar foam hand or foot bath, you can prevent tinea, fumigation or feet when add minced garlic or ginger, the effect is more good。
  2, which contains vinegar cardiovascular protective flavonoids, polyphenols, and the like polypeptide, can promote cardiovascular expandable promote cholesterol efflux, lower blood pressure blood lipids。
  3 cardioprotective therapeutic small square: vinegar foam peanuts: red salted peanuts with one week, can be eaten directly。  Kelp vinegar: vinegar pickled kelp long time, can add some sugar, white sesame sprinkle a little before eating。  Vinegar Hawthorn: Hawthorn washed seeded flap cut, dried and put into glass bottles and add sugar to edible vinegar pickled 1 week。
  3, promote digestion found in vinegar containing volatile organic small molecules and amino acids, capable of stimulating the olfactory nerve sensation, thus contributing to a large number of gastric juice and saliva secretion。
Therefore, before a meal to eat sour food appetizer, promote digestion。
Vinegar radish, pickled fresh radish, fresh cucumber is a very good appetizer。
  4, to promote calcium absorption of modern study found that vinegar can help prevent osteoporosis。How much calcium in the human body, it will affect the growth and metabolism of bone。In favor of dissolution of calcium in food and dissolution, increased solubility and absorption rate of calcium; vinegar can prevent vitamin?The damage, which will help the body's absorption and utilization。
  5, vinegar hangover hangover Liver described in our country there are many Chinese literature, "Materia Medica words" in mind "should liver where various drugs are required to stir vinegar system, should diseases such as god"。After the vinegar is absorbed by the body, can repair damaged liver tissue, can promote alcohol rapidly excreted from the body, improve liver detoxification capacity, so as to achieve the role of protecting the liver。  Drink vinegar to drink, can reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood, reduce drunken hazards。