Is there a crocodile style for yoga?

Is there a “crocodile style” for yoga?

Crocodile-type treatment of low back pain, strengthening the abdominal muscles, “fairy bowel joints” also called intrapelvic joints, is an important cause of low back pain.
This set of movements can help correct the pelvic and spinal flexion by massaging the intestinal joints and adjusting its position, and can also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles to prevent and treat low back pain.
It is also beneficial to the liver and intestines.
  Action: (1) Lie on your back with your legs straight, your arms flush with your shoulders and straight, with your palms facing down and touching the ground.
  (2) Inhale, raise your right leg, perpendicular to the ground.
  (3) Exhale, turn your ankle so that your right foot and right leg are at right angles, and at the same time your right leg is down on the ground.
  (4) Breathe 5 times. When lowering the right leg, be careful not to lift the right shoulder, and the shoulder should be firmly attached to the floor.
  (5) Alternate left and right legs.
  Important: If you can’t straighten your legs on the ground, bend your knees.
Lie on your back with your knees bent, your right foot on your left knee, exhale, lay your legs down to the left, and your right side.
Be careful not to move your left leg.