Eight characteristics of single women in the workplace

Eight characteristics of single women in the workplace

In the category of women who are single, their words and deeds often have their characteristics of being single.

If you are hovering in a similar situation, then you will have to compare yourself with the following content, whether you are really single and hopeless.

  Eight characteristics unique to single women in the workplace First special gossip Single women, there must be a few clips in the movie “Infinite Movement” of those slutty women-like close friends, all of them are knife mouths, whenever you get togetherYou counted every man around you and said it to yourself.

It ‘s as big as the world ‘s entertainment event, including the latest measurement of a girl. It ‘s as small as the grassroots emotional reality. The owner of the downstairs clothing store seems to have several good friends . But in the final analysis, the topic is still concentratedWhen it comes to men, the men around them are either impersonal or inhuman.

The final result can be seen in the context of this context, no wonder you are single.

  Sad, you just can find your boyfriend, he was drowned by the saliva of your close friends.

Since you are not a paparazzi reporter, you do n’t have the professional need to spread gossip news and acquaintances. Why not keep your mouth shut and think about the advantages of the men around you?

The second is always called by the boss “career type”, “workaholic”, “strong woman” . all kinds of titles used to describe older single women are very tragic excuses, although you also know that “girlfriend”Or “Mrs.” is a title that makes you feel happier.

Who made you single?

The boss thinks that you have no family burden, repeatedly calling you to rush to a company meeting within half an hour, and you pretend to be very cooperative.

You may be able to comfort yourself like this: the company ‘s new plan has just begun, the first half of the year will be busy, and the second half may be slowed down a bit-pull it down, as you said to yourself during last year ‘s work planning.
It’s not the man who can bring up your interest, there are other male customers.

  You dedicate your youth to the company and return home from work sooner or later.

After three years, he has finally become a middle-level cadre such as a department head. Who will be responsible for your single?

A person has been depressed many times, but, taking a look at the men around him, I was deeply disappointed and had to put away the reverie in the high and low.

The third quarter holiday panic You are tired from work, but it is strange that you are also afraid of holiday, especially a holiday like Valentine’s Day.

  If you are single, no one will send roses, or you will receive more than one bouquet.

The former is desolate, which means that you have to go back to the cold nest alone, and then endure the stimulation of the couples who are holding roses in the street.

The ex-boyfriend may find that your conscience will give you a call for comfort, but I’m afraid it will add to your grievances.

In the end, you have to absorb the hair doll from the pillow to sleep early in the loneliness, hoping that the sun will be brighter the next day.

The top looks bright, but in fact it is too late, and the crisis is pervading.

The relationship between you and the men who show you goodness on this day will not make a qualitative leap because of the coming of the festival.

The most likely result is that in a western restaurant surrounded by sweet couples, you and the man look at this absent-minded dinner, and then return to the lonely nest with a rose in your hands.

  Gradually, your holiday panic is getting more and more serious. The common symptom is that when you are worried about the holiday, the six gods have no master and nothing to do.

By the way, your birthday wish is always that you want to marry. This wish has been promised for many years.

Fourth, a bad taste, do you light a cigarette subconsciously when you are upset?

Do you buy a nightclub when you are down?

  At first, you, like every young girl, are pure, innocent, and like a virgin.

After the love breaks down again and again, you either swallow the clouds or groan shallowly, soothing your own heart.

Anyway, no one will take care of you, and there is no need to raise children to regulate the body, so you are anesthetized with every nerve that may cause pain.

  Maybe you ca n’t call it a hobby. For things like tobacco and alcohol, you do n’t have any addiction. At best, you just use cigarettes to soothe your soul and relax with alcohol.

In your opinion, knowing that cigarette smoke hurts the lungs, alcohol, and stomach, but it is better than no smoke and alcohol, and it is harder to quit.

Fifth fear of marriage. On the surface, in front of classmates and friends, you will still show some chicness as a single person, but your heart is eager to look forward to the end of the single state soon-most obviously, you are afraid of hearingClassmates got married again.

If you just heard that, it would be miserable if you were officially invited to a wedding reception.

  First of all, you have to face the contradiction of one person going to the banquet, while others are holding hands in pairs and pairs; then, you have to cheer up and appreciate the grand occasion of the wedding alone-when you see the sweet and intoxicating expression of the bride and groom,You have some envy, some joy, and some sorrow alone. In your heart, there are mixed feelings.

When you heard the groom speak intimate words to the bride, did you also think of eachother in a certain month?

When you see the bride and groom kissing hand in hand, do you think of some fresh memories?

  The most deadly news for a single woman is not to marry her boyfriend in advance. In short, other people’s weddings are bitter to you.Sixth keen on blogging via the internet web2.

With the advent of the age of 0, those of you who are single, narcissistic, self-appreciating, and self-harming, have finally found a good release space-blog.

Although you often laugh and scold with your friends, you still lack deep communication with each other deep in your heart.

  When you find the right person to communicate your emotions, you only have to choose to write a weblog to talk to yourself-it can be a few unfounded emotions, or it can be a trivial chore.

It’s like an extension of daydreams, and it’s like the continuation of youth dreams.

There was a strong desire to talk in the lines.

Although you seem to be talking to yourself, in fact, there are always imaginary readers and reader groups.

  Emotionally harmonious and beautiful women rarely write blogs. It is also the happy home of the husband and wife.

Instead, articles on sentimental topics make up a large portion of your blog.

  By the way, your blog ‘s click-through rate is certainly not low: Single women on the Internet are popular, and single women ‘s blogs are particularly popular.

Seventh, spend your money at will. You are used to living “one person is full, and the whole family is not hungry.” You own and control your own financial power.

When you are clear-headed, you will also save yourself some money to ensure a safe life.

In addition to the surplus, you are basically letting go.

  Since working for several years, the big expenses have been used for seasonal fashion purchases and skin care and beauty supplies purchases. For activities such as “blood fights” that combine indoor and outdoor activities, you basically buy three or six thousand and nine small.Every day.

You cannot be described as not being homeless because you are homeless.

  You are most afraid of moving, because taking care of the out-of-season clothes in the closet is a headache.

Your sole purpose of spending money is to make yourself beautiful. Of course, you will also tell yourself that this is not to attract the eyes of men, but to make yourself happy.

The eighth person’s front is glorious, and the person’s concubine is just like you live alone but want to end the contradiction of being single, and your daily life is a little bit different.

  Point out that you pay attention to your public image and strive to maintain a stylish appearance and grace, but you have to, once you return to your home, you can’t care about anything.

The shoes and socks of the east and the west cats are entangled to change clothes, and you need another ear pendant that you want to find all over the house . If the bra is an integrated design, it may be the eastern hemisphere that the western hemisphere is in a split state.

  The reason you desire to have your own privacy is to hide there all your laziness and nagging.

The reason is that it is because the nationals supervise your other half that your territory is yours.

Yeah, since no one came to appreciate your goodness, it would be better for Soso to carry through to the end-no one would think that your sexy skirt was picked out of the messy clothes at the reception anyway.