[How to make large rice bowls]_how to do_what method

[How to make large rice bowls]_how to do_what method

Large rice bowl rice is a more common type of rice bowl. Its main raw materials are pork ribs, rice, and other ingredients such as loquat. Its method is relatively simple and its nutritional value is better.Pork ribs, so it has a good calcium supplement, can basically meet the nutritional needs of the human body. When you make it, you need to know some precautions. It is best to just make good rice so that it will taste better.

Ingredients: Rice (steamed) 500 g pork ribs (large ribs) 400 g Ingredients: steamed white 150 g Seasoning: cooking wine 20 g soy sauce 40 g bread crumbs 5 g salt 2 g ginger 3 g white granulated sugar 31 gram pepper powder, 1 gram MSG, 2 gram peanut oil, 75 gram each of the appropriate amount.

Wash the pork chops, pat loose with the back of the knife, add to the large bowl, add soy sauce, refined salt, cooking wine, pepper, stir and marinate for half an hour.


Wash white and cut into filaments; peel and wash ginger and cut into ginger, set aside.


Heat the wok on a hot fire. When the peanut oil is heated to 50% heat, dip the marinated rows on the front and back with bread crumbs, and gently squeeze into the oil pan with your hands (at this time, use a low fire)., Fry until golden brown on both sides, remove drain oil, remove bones, and cut into small pieces.


Leave a small amount of base oil in the wok, pour in the shredded white silk, stir-fry the ginger, add salt, sugar, and monosodium glutamate and stir to simmer.


Put freshly cooked rice into the plate, pour the fried wonton white silk on the rice, cover with fried pork chops, and sprinkle with flour and pepper to serve.

Production Tips: The peanut oil in the seasoning is used for frying, so it should be prepared more than the actual consumption.

Nutritional analysis rice (steamed): The main ingredient of rice is glucose, the protein in rice is mainly rice protein, the amino acid composition is relatively complete, the human body is easy to absorb and absorb; rice can provide rich B vitamins; rice has a tonic benefitQi, spleen and stomach, Yijingqiang, and the five internal organs, blood circulation, ears and eyesight, stop annoyance, thirst, and diarrhea.

Pork Ribs (Big Ribs): Pork ribs provide high-quality protein necessary for human physiological activities. A small amount, especially rich in calcium, can maintain bone health.Xuan Na poor.

茭 White: 茭 White contains carbohydrate-containing proteins, proteins, traces, etc., which can supplement the human body’s nutrients and has the function of strengthening the body.

At the same time, Bai Bai is rich in vitamins with anti-alcoholic effect, and has the function of anti-drunk.

The organic nitrogen of Tender White is in the state of amino acid and can provide sulfur element. It has delicious taste, high nutritional value, and is easily absorbed by the human body.

However, because of its rich oxalic acid content, it is not easily absorbed by the body.

Photo: Rice (steamed): Rice should not be eaten with horse meat, honey, and cocklebur.

Pork ribs (large ribs): Pork should not be eaten with ebony, licorice, catfish, shrimp, pigeon meat, field snails, almonds, donkey meat, liver, coriander, turtle, water chestnut, buckwheat, quail meat, beef.

It is not advisable to drink a lot of tea after eating pork.

White: 茭 White bogey is eaten with honey and tofu.