How do you deal with former colleagues becoming bosses

How do you deal with former colleagues becoming bosses

In the workplace, you may encounter this situation: a colleague who was a good relationship, but one day, he was promoted to the superior by your company. In the face of this unexpected situation, you are at a loss and you are also at a loss.Maybe it feels very unfair and even leads to the idea of leaving. Do you have to take the road of leaving or opposing?

Are there other ways to choose?

The answer is yes.

To effectively face the fact that your colleague has become a boss today, you must do at least the following three aspects.

  First, the correct positioning Unless you resign immediately, you should realize that he is already your superior, and the former colleague, at least during working hours, should reflect the relationship between superiors and subordinates. This is the basic positioning of the relationship between you, at the same time, thisIt is also the behavior that professional employees should take.

  First of all, you must follow the normal reporting relationship between superiors and subordinates. In the past, many things about your work may not need to communicate with your colleagues, but now he becomes your superior. As a subordinate, you have the obligation and responsibility to regularly report on your workOr to report to your superiors from time to time, you must adapt to this change.

  In fact, you must obey the leadership’s instructions and arrangements (of course, this does not mean that you cannot raise any doubts), and do your best to complete the work that has been arranged for the former colleague’s superior, the superiorAn agency that just gives you instructions, whoever becomes your boss, shouldn’t stop you from trying to get the job done.

  Finally, since it is a relationship between superiors and subordinates, the communication method must also be changed accordingly, especially during working hours. For example, you might have called each other by your first name as colleagues, but now he is your superior.Maybe the surname will be followed by titles such as “long” or “manager”. You should make this change in the title, which also reflects your respect for others.

  Second, mentality adjustments Some people find it difficult to face their former colleagues now becoming their superiors. Therefore, it is not advisable to face or even adopt a secretive behavior with a negative or uncooperative mentality.

  First of all, you should realize that you are working for yourself. No matter who becomes your superior, you should not be a reason for passive idle work. Otherwise, it will only harm your career and not help the problem.Solution.

  First of all, the promotion of others must be viewed correctly.

Some people who are extremely problematic think that others are promoted by engaging in relationships or flattering. If you are promoted by yourself, you can learn by truth.

Of course, it is undeniable that there will be promotion in the real world, but after all, it is not the mainstream. You need to recognize and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the promoted.

  Third, analyze and improve the past as a colleague, but he has been promoted and you have not. You can ask yourself a few more reasons: What do I do that is not good enough?

What’s my fault?

Is it my ability, mentality, or life that prevented me from being promoted?

The answers to these questions will be your chance to improve yourself.

In such a situation, you should also learn about your shortcomings through various channels. There are some places in the promoted people that you should learn. You should gradually analyze and learn from your strengths, and then you will gradually have a chance.Now, you may still face the same situation next time.

  In short, former colleagues have become your boss today. This is not terrible, nor is it sad. Take a positive attitude and correct professional behavior. Maybe it is you who gets promoted next time!