Listen to the silent expression of love inside a man

Listen to the silent expression of love inside a man

“Silent is gold” is the motto and guideline of many men.

Reflected in love and marriage, that is, many people do not actively express their feelings.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Recently, an article in the “Fashion” magazine in the United States listed several situations in which men use psychological silence to express “I love you”.


Stare into your eyes.

Eyes will always be the window of the soul, but also the spring eyes of the love spring in men’s hearts.

When you are staring at a man, don’t think he is peeping. You can look at him and see if his eyes are stable.

The eyes of admiration should be affectionate, not sneaky.


The kitchen is full of your favorite food.

Surveys have shown that men are willing to try new things.

In love, they are more willing to try their sweetheart’s habits, including the food they like.

This is a man’s inner curiosity.

Such deep curiosity can only occur when you love someone deeply.


Talk to you where he wants to go in the future.

Women love romance, and hope their partner can create romance for her.

Men are well aware of this “vanity” of women.

So for those men who dare not express their love directly, discussing their dreams with their sweethearts is the best expression of “Romantic” and ambition.


Always wearing the clothes you sent.

Clothes are personal, and for men, women are warming their clothes.

He has been wearing the clothes you sent, indicating that he is a dedicated person.

And one of the signs that men love women is to identify with her aesthetics.


He doesn’t shy away when you call.

If he does not shy away from your privacy, it means that he is naturally with you and does not want to keep secrets between you.


Stand beside you in public.

Some people say that men are animals that think about the lower body. Even in public, they instinctively approach their beloved ones.

This is a physical attraction.