5 Whitening Night Creams for Elegant Sleeping Beauty

5 Whitening Night Creams for Elegant Sleeping Beauty

Beauty experts say “Sleeping Beauty” is absolutely correct.

From 11pm to 5am, when skin cells are most active, the nutritional absorption of skincare products is also the best.


hzh {display: none; }  虽说美白的目的都是一样,但达到目的的手段可不尽相同,各大品牌推出的美白产品都有自己独特的一套美白系统,就看你钟情哪种方法,最Which method is suitable.
  Chanel Whitening Night Cream Product Highlights: Unique Yogurt Night Cream, containing “melanin sleep complex” ingredients, to make melanin sleep and diminish the formation of spots; and rich in moisturizing ingredients, the skin is soft and non-greasy after use.

  Comments from netizens: What I like most is this high-priced night cream. Although the name is “cream”, it is slightly very soft, unlike some cream-like skin care products, it has some hardness, moisture, and fineness.

  Lancome’s Smart Pleasure White Night Cream product highlights: Thanks to the newly added high-efficiency ingredient-elasinic acid extracted from the natural plant Tara, the Smart Pleasure Whitening series products can effectively eliminate pigmentation and give all women a more translucent, smooth and cleanSilky skin.

  Comments from netizens: I have been using this product for a long time. I used this cream in the early days and it feels good after use.

As you get older, there are small fine lines on the ends.

I personally feel that this color looks better than white, and it feels nutritious . good.

  Highlights of Estee Lauder Double Nourishing Platinum Cream: Double Nourishing Platinum Extreme Cream, a small amount of full-bodied and soft, perfect combination of unique anti-aging technology and a variety of rare and rare, firm and lift, perfect repair and protect the skin, makeTender skin is soft, smooth and coveted.

  Netizens comment: It is not greasy at all, but the skin will have a faint moisturizing feeling, which is really good, and it is not irritating and will not be allergic.

  Product Highlights of Vichy Double Chance Run White Night Cream: Innovative research and development makes deep basal cell whitening technology go further: deep basal cell whitening technology + active ω3 + 6, 100% penetrates the epidermal layer, effectively neutralizes and deletes existing melanin,Restock healthy cells for the skin.

  Comments from netizens: The night cream is very moisturizing, and the face is still moisturized in the morning, but it is also worried that it will be too greasy. It still depends on the specific conditions of the skin.

  Product highlights of Yves Lixue Plant DNA New Brightening Night Cream: It repairs and renews cells at night and moisturizes the skin at the same time, continuously whitens and tightens the skin; when you wake up in the morning, the skin looks like new, firmer and fairer.

  Comments from netizens: The moisturizing effect is very obvious for the first time. It belongs to sensitive skin. It has been used for many years without any problems, indicating a mild and very good product.

Did you eat tofu today?

Did you eat tofu today?

For thousands of years, tofu has been loved by the masses for its delicate texture, soft taste, easy-to-taste characteristics, and low price. It has become an indispensable “home cooking” and “nutritive dish” on the Chinese table.
The Chinese eat tofu and eat out of culture.
  The nutrition of tofu: Tofu contains 7.4 grams / 100 grams of protein, 3.5 grams / 100 grams of fat, and 279 mg of calcium. After precipitation with gypsum, the calcium content can be increased.
After soybean processing, protein digestibility can be significantly improved. The protein digestion of whole beans after frying is 65.3%, while that of tofu is 92.7%.
  Tofu, as both food and medicine, has many functions such as strengthening qi and tonic.
  Tofu is high in protein in plant foods. It contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids for the human body. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, which are lacking in animal things.
  Therefore, eating tofu often can promote body metabolism, increase immunity and have a detoxifying effect.
Tofu contains all the nutritional ingredients of soybean, and the digestion and absorption rate is above 95%.
  Tofu is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins and other nutrients. Two small pieces of tofu can meet a person’s daily calcium needs. Eating tofu often is also very effective for beauty.
  Tofu is a favorite food of people, but is it better to eat it alone or to mix it with other foods?
Recently, experts believe that tofu should not be “single”, or find a “mate” for the potential harm of the spinach tofu soup. Spinach tofu soup is a traditional folk home-style soup. It is popular for its light and refreshing taste.
然而现代医学研究表明,菠菜和豆腐不应同时吃 >>详细阅读  ◇ 清爽豆腐  原料:皮蛋一个、豆腐一块、油菜芯四棵,葱花、蒜末少许,酱油膏50克、香油5克;  制法: Cut the preserved eggs into four small pieces, wash the rapeseed core and rinse with water for later use; take another deep dish, put a piece of tofu in the middle first, and then put the small pieces of preserved eggs and water-cured rapeseed core around., Sprinkle with shallots and minced garlic, drip with sesame oil, and drizzle with an appropriate amount of soy sauce.

Kidney-reinforcing Food Therapy Becomes a Groom Officer

Kidney-reinforcing Food Therapy Becomes a Groom Officer

Newlywed Yaner, sexual intercourse too often, it is necessary to eat more kidney and strong essence food and medicine, it is necessary, here to introduce the ancient effective newly married men tonic kidney diet therapy are as follows: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry and pig kidney stew.

30 grams of sea cucumber and 60 grams of black sesame stew.

2 fish, 2 pieces, 30 grams of walnuts, 250 grams of rice porridge.

Cistanche 30 grams casserole simmered and dregs, add 100 grams of refined lamb and 250 grams of glutinous rice, boiled into a porridge, add ginger, spring onion, salt seasoning clothes when eating.

Mulberry, longan meat and jujube are each 250 grams, boiled to remove the residue, and concentrated, then add an appropriate amount of sugar and boil until shredded, poured on a clean marble or stainless steel plate, smoothed, and cut into regular clothes after cooling.

  Sishen Pot Tofu Pot Aphrodisiac Ingredients: Fructus Aurantii, Fructus Aurantii, Fifth Huaishan, Fifth Lotus, Five Pounds of Tofu, Two Potatoes, Two Mushrooms.

  Practice: Poria, Poria, Huaishan flour, wash lotus seeds.

Wash the tofu, cut into two centimeters, and dry with salt.

Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water and peel and cut the potatoes.

Increase the heat in a wok, pour in peanut oil, heat to eight minutes, remove the salt from the tofu, and fry the potatoes.

Put tofu, shiitake mushrooms, potatoes, lotus seeds, and millet, Poria, Huaishan, and other materials into the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and then cook on low heat for an hour.

  Ingredients of Chinese wolfberry and sea cucumber soup pot impotence method: Huaishan five money, Morinda officinalis five money, Chinese wolfberry five money, sea cucumber eight two, red dates twenty.

  Method: Wash Huaishan, Morinda officinalis, wolfberry, sea cucumber, and red dates.

Cut sea cucumber into pieces, add them to the saucepan with the above ingredients, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer for 3 hours.

  Pork belly Sanshen soup pot impotence ingredients: one or two lotus seeds, one or two lotus roots, one or two of Huaishan, one or two puzzle kernels, and one small belly.

  Method: Decoction of Yizhiren Jiantang.

Soak the lotus seeds, coriander, and Huaishan in Zhizhiren Soup for two hours, and then put them into the cleaned pork belly.

Put it in a saucepan and cook for three hours.

14 types of food that make you fill your head

14 types of food that make you fill your head

As the saying goes, “medicinal supplement is not as good as food supplement”.

Recently, an article on the US Health website pointed out that once the right choice is made, even if it is just the ordinary food we eat, we can get you from head to foot.

Hair: Milk, pumpkin hair to prevent hair loss.

To have healthy, thick hair, you must absorb enough protein.

A glass of milk provides about 7 grams of protein, and two glasses a day are sufficient.

In addition, Francesca Foske, an associate professor of dermatology in New York, said that eating pumpkin seeds every day can supplement the zinc needed for a day and reduce hair loss.

Brain: Cabbage is good for brain and antidepressant.

Tuna may be omega 3 fatty acids, which can help improve brain function and drive away depression.

At the same time, studies have shown that eating two courses of cabbage-like vegetables, such as cabbage, each day can reduce cognitive function by 40%.

Skin: Tomatoes protect from sun and moisture.

Tomato fruit lycopene can reduce UV damage, reduce wrinkles, and eat better after cooking.

Linseed oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which have a moisturizing effect and make the skin radiant.

Eyes: eggs prevent cataracts, carrots prevent dry eyes.

Cataract and macular degeneration are the two major diseases that cause blindness. Carotenoids in egg yolk can effectively combat these two diseases.

Just eat one a day.

Orange vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins have replaced beta-carrots.

β-carotene can prevent dry eye like natural eye drops.

Nose: Sunflower seeds prevent rhinitis.

Sunflower seeds have vitamin E that can improve symptoms of allergies.

A handful of sunflower seeds can supplement 90% of the required vitamin E content every day.

Lips: walnut moisturizing.

To have hydrated, non-drying lips, the body needs to constantly form new skin cells. Omega 3 fatty acids help regulate metabolism.

Eat a few walnuts a day to achieve the effect of lip balm.

Teeth: mango, kiwi, shrimp to protect the gums.

Two tropical fruits, mango and kiwi, are the guardians of gum health-Vitamin C.

Italian researchers have found that eating one kiwi a day reduces the risk of oral cancer by 50%.

If you have periodontal disease, the body’s cytokines will increase, making you suffer from toothache and bleeding.

Studies have found that vitamin D can inhibit the production of cytokines.

90 grams of shrimp can supplement 65% of the daily vitamin D requirement.

So don’t forget to eat shrimp when eating more vegetables.

Nails: Beef is not broken.

Iron deficiency can lead to decreased physical strength and brittle nails.

Studies show that women generally suffer from iron deficiency.

In the daily diet, the iron content of beef ranks first, and the iron contained in it is easily absorbed by the body.

Dark: Cauliflower prevents formaldehyde.

According to research by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, sulforaphane contained in fresh and tender cauliflower has a good anti-cancer effect, and it stimulates the body to secrete enzymes that can prevent the generation of free radical cells.

Gastrointestinal: words plum, prune, tempeh improve digestion.

High-fiber foods help protect the stomach and improve gastrointestinal function.The United States “Clinical Nutrition” magazine reported that 7 were included.

Among 40,000 women, those who eat high-fiber foods may lose weight by 49%.

Douchi is made from soybeans through fermentation.

Douchi contains probiotics to improve digestive function.

May wish to add some tempeh seasoning.

Bones: Chocolate, salmon increases bone density.

Chocolate crystals are magnesium essential for bone health.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee in the United States believe that large amounts of magnesium supplements can increase bone density.

Experts recommend eating 30 grams of dark chocolate a day.

New research has also found that salmon is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and can also increase bone density.

Heart: Asparagus and purple grapes reduce the risk of heart disease.

Italian studies have found that the potential folate in asparagus reduces amino acids that can induce hypertension in the body.

Eating 8 asparagus a day supplements 20% more folic acid, and also supplements other heart-friendly nutrients such as potassium.

A study by the University of Glasgow in the UK found that the phenols of purple grape oxide have powerful antioxidant effects, can eliminate harmful free radicals and protect the cardiovascular system.

Urine system: yogurt prevents infection.

Blueberries are rich in nutrients, from vitamin C that improves vision to fiber that suppresses appetite to antioxidants.

In addition, research has shown that blueberries eliminate urinary system infections.

Yeast infections have a serious impact on sex.

Drinking fermented dairy products such as yogurt is a good way to reduce this infection.

Muscles and Joints: Olive oil is anti-inflammatory.

Olive oil contains olive oil, which has anti-inflammatory effect and can relieve pain.

For cooking, add two tablespoons of olive oil.

Coup to rescue four parts of women susceptible to aging


Coup to rescue four parts of women susceptible to aging

The most prone areas at both ends are not the bags under the eyes or the deep grooves on the forehead, but the two law lines next to the nose.

A young woman can barely see the two striped paths, but if the groove is deep, the first impression is a sentence-this person is not young.


hzh {display: none; }  电视上纷繁出现的美女明星们也见过了不少,不论照片上和闪光灯下多么明艳照人,可是私下遇到她们时的第一感觉就是——哇,真是Years are not forgiving, Hongyan will eventually grow old, and truth will remain unchanged forever!

Take a closer look at their faces, their makeup is still very delicate, but they all have one thing in common-a deep groove appears on both sides of the nose.

  Elimination of decree lines Decline lines are typical of the deterioration of skin tissue, causing the surface of the skin to sag. The obvious decree lines often make themselves look serious, old-fashioned, and have no intimacy, which makes people have a hard time getting close.

  Tip: You can try the following methods to prevent or eliminate the wrinkles. The effect can be seen for 30 days.


Make a mouthwash-like bulge on both cheeks, move your tongue inside your mouth and push against your jaws.


Do each exercise five times in a row, four times a day.

  Detailed method of preventing decree lines: The tip of the tongue is moved up and down from the left and right inside the mouth, and the points of the lips are massaged clockwise for more than three consecutive times.


Start with the tip of your tongue.


Turn the tip of your tongue to the right of your lips.


Turn the tip of your tongue to the left of your lips.


The tip of the tongue finally turns under the lips.

  Eye Bag Removal Bags, like wrinkles, are one of the first signs of aging.

The age at which annoying eye bags appear varies from person to person, most of which occur around 45 years of age.

The bags under the eyes have a resistive effect, which is mainly manifested by the lower eyelids making the face out of balance and coordination, giving a feeling of old age.

  Tips to eliminate bags under the eyes: There are several ways you can reject bags under the eyes.


It is best to lie on a slanted wooden board for a few minutes every day to increase blood circulation on the head and face and improve the nutritional status of the face and skin.

Before going to bed every night, use the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to implant and massage around the skin under the eyes for a period of time.


Stick figs or cucumber slices to the skin under the eyes before bedtime. You can also use papaya and mint to soak in hot water to make tea, and often take it on the skin under the eyes after cooling.


You can also use some cream or oil on the face and hit the face with your finger upwards.


Adhere to morning and evening eye massage for eye massage, it is best to use targeted eye cream products, such as Bai Dafu’s amino acid peptide eye essence, which are rich in vitamins and plant extracts, which can effectively nourish the eyes and repair eye skin.


This kind of carrot and celery or chewing gum is often chewed in the daily diet, which will help improve the skin.

You should pay attention to eating colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes and other foods.

  In addition, eat too salty and drink plenty of water before going to bed, too low pillows will form bags under the eyes, should be avoided.

  Reduce the appearance of head lines. Head lines are the marks left by people over time and one of the signs of aging.
  Tip: Relaxing methods can reduce head lines.
  Rule 1: Do more facial relaxation exercises, such as meditating with your eyes closed, and focus on your chin.

  Specification 2: Use the moisturizing mask once or twice a week to increase the wrinkle level of the skin and reduce the wrinkle lines.

  Instruction three: When exercising, use indoor aerobic exercise instead of outdoor exercise to reduce the chance of sun exposure.

  Specification four: Be sure to remind yourself to wipe sunscreen before going out (to prevent UVA, UVB more ideal).

  Rule 5: Drink plenty of water, develop a normal diet, and sleep habits.

  Avoiding aging caused by aging occurs unconsciously, reducing the skin is easier to reduce than the face, and wrinkles are generated in advance; reducing the specific surface area of the skin is darker; and there is too much meat accumulation, causing bloating and unsightly.

Although strictly speaking, it is usually not a part of the body, but severe aging can affect a woman’s young feeling.

  Tip: Sticking to four steps can eliminate excess meat.

  First: Apply massage cream or firming cream to excess meat.

  Step 2: Use your index finger and middle finger to squeeze the happening slightly slowly towards the jaw.

  Step 3: Push the excess and excess meat to the left and right alternately with both hands.

How to choose hand sanitizer

How to choose hand sanitizer

Washing hands is not a trivial matter. It is related to our physical health and plays an extremely important role in preventing diseases.

According to the health and epidemic prevention department, the “pollution” of the hand should not be underestimated. Red eye disease, skin disease, hepatitis A, bacterial dysentery, etc. are generally transmitted through contact with hands.

The above-mentioned bacterial viruses are most easily transmitted in some public places and replacement items. These places are high incidence of cross infection of infectious diseases.

If we come into contact with these things every day and do not know the hygiene of our hands, then the chance of being infected with diseases will be very high.

  It seems that washing hands means washing hands before and after meals, but washing them in public places. It is also necessary to wash hands frequently in extraordinary times, and to use “washing hands” as a good hygiene habit in daily life.Persevere.

  I believe most people choose hand sanitizer because it is easy to use, sterilizes, and has an emollient effect.

But hand soap is not a substitute for soap.

  Removing dirt and sterilization is the main purpose of hand washing, and hand sanitizer can only meet its sterilizing effect, because most hand sanitizers contain alcohol. Alcohol cannot effectively remove some dirt such as dust in the small gaps of the skin.Dirt, blood stains, etc. So, once you get this dirt on your hands, just using hand sanitizer is not enough.

It can be seen that instead of using hand sanitizer, these dirts are removed first.

Therefore, in this case, you should use soap to wash your hands instead of just using hand sanitizer.

  Of course, not all hand sanitizers contain the same ingredients. If the alcohol content in the hand sanitizer is 60%, the bactericidal effect will be greatly reduced. If you use this hand sanitizer to wash your hands, it will have no effect.

When buying hand sanitizer, pay attention to check the active ingredients marked on the product label. Some hand sanitizers will be labeled with ethanol, p-aminobenzoic acid, and alternative alcohol instead of alcohol. What needs to be confirmed is that no matter what form the label isIts content should be between 60% and 95%. If the content is less than 60%, it cannot effectively kill viruses and bacteria.

However, the alcohol content is not necessarily better, if the alcohol content exceeds 95% or pure alcohol, the sterilization effect will be inhibited.

  Hand sanitizer can only be used as a reserve for soap. The best way to wash your hands is to wash your hands with soap to remove dirt, and then use hand sanitizer to sterilize and moisturize the skin.

When using hand sanitizer, it is not good enough, it is enough to press one drop each time. After repeated rubbing on the hands, rinse with running water for more than 15 seconds, so that the hand sanitizer can be thoroughly cleaned.

Although sometimes hand sanitizers contain skin care ingredients, in dry winters, if you replace your hand wash, it will still lead to dry hand skin. Therefore, you must apply a special moisturizing hand cream after washing your hands.

  Hand towels should be kept clean and dry, and regularly boiled and disinfected, or use hand towels to wipe hands is the best choice.

  Notes on purchasing hand sanitizer 1.

To buy in square meters of shopping malls, area shopping malls have relatively stable purchasing channels, and there are a large number of strict purchase control systems.


Observe whether the packaging is intact, whether the handwriting on the bottle is clear, and whether the pump head is strong.

Generally, hand washing liquid is squeezed out of the pump head. If the packaging quality is poor, the liquid will not leak or leak during use, causing inconvenience and waste.


To see if the signs are complete, if there is no factory name, site, etc., pay special attention to whether there is a standard number.

Although there is currently no unified national standard for all hand sanitizers, the country allows non-standard production. Therefore, each manufacturer must formulate an enterprise standard and indicate the enterprise standard number on the package to ensure product quality.


Pay attention to the contents, that is, the hand sanitizer itself. Smell if there is any odor, pungent smell, etc.

If so, it may have expired or used a small amount of raw materials, it is best not to buy and use.

Also observe whether there is delamination or oil-water separation phenomenon, if it shows that the emulsification process is not well controlled in the production process, it will affect the washing effect.

6 false life common sense to deceive you

6 false life common sense to deceive you

Eating acne with chocolate The good news for chocolate lovers is that this statement is also a false health legend.

Eating acne with chocolate has not been proven experimentally.

The current treatment of common acne is based on controlling sebum secretion, ensuring unobstructed hair follicles, keeping the skin clean and controlling bacterial infections.

  Milk produces sputum Many mothers dare not drink milk for cold children because the milk produces sputum.

A research team in the United States recruited some volunteers to infect them with rhinovirus (a common cold pathogen). After 10 days of observation, they did not find any association between milk and sputum secretion.

The subjective perception that people form milk and sputum is that milk makes our saliva sticky, so it feels like sputum.

  Vitamin C can prevent colds The 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize winner American chemist Pauling wrote a book called Vitamin C and the Common Cold.

The main point in the book is that taking 1,000 milligrams or more of vitamin C daily can prevent a cold; vitamin C can be antiviral.

  However, several large-scale experiments have confirmed that although vitamin C can help relieve symptoms in cold patients, once there is no credible evidence for adults or children, taking large doses of vitamin C can prevent colds.

It is important to note that continuous high-dose vitamin C supplementation can cause diarrhea, anemia, and urinary stones.

Doctors recommend not to exceed 200 mg of vitamin C daily.

  It ‘s easy to get fat before bedtime. People often warn girls who want to be slender to not eat before bedtime. The reason is that while sleeping, people’s metabolism is slow, and calories cannot be “burned out” by the body.

In fact, the calories taken at night are no different from the calories taken during the day.

The reason for this misunderstanding is that people often eat snacks before bedtime and often choose snacks such as biscuits and potato chips, which are highly transformed foods.

  Ginkgo biloba tea is good for health. Ginkgo biloba leaves contain a lot of flavonoids with antioxidant properties.

Experiments have shown that flavonoids can improve the cardio-cerebral vascular function of experimental animals and have a certain anti-tumor effect.

However, ginkgo biloba leaves also contain another substance-ginkgoic acid, which is also a substance that causes people to eat ginkgo poisoning.

  Eat more spinach and supplement iron Iron spinach and other green leafy vegetables have almost the same iron content, and spinach straw oxalic acid, which affects iron absorption.

The source of this legend is a report on iron content in spinach published by scholar Wolf in 1870.

It was not until 1937 that it was discovered that Wolfe had put the decimal point backward by one.

However, the content of vitamins A, E and carotene in spinach is relatively high. Eating more spinach is indeed good for health.

3 times a week to support the mermaid line with a flat support for 1 month

3 times a week to support the mermaid line with a flat support for 1 month

The mermaid line is practiced 3 times a week for 1 month. “You don’t need to go to the gym or even use the equipment. You can practice the mermaid line 3 times a week!

“Plank” seems to have become synonymous with fashion movement recently.

Known as “the most practical weight loss action”, it claims to help you eliminate excess meat in just a few minutes every day.

How easy is a simple action?

Experts say that flat support has a certain fitness effect, but because it is not aerobic exercise, not the so-called weight loss magic effect, it can make muscles more compact and powerful.

  ■ Nomenclature The reason why flat plates support hips, waists, and legs on a straight flat plate is sought after. This movement has a certain relationship with simple movements. This movement requires the human body to be prone, with both elbows open and shoulder width, while the elbow joints are supported on the ground and upper armsTry to keep it at 90 ° with the main shaft and reduce the support area by putting your toes together.

The distal end is naturally straightened, the eyes look forward and downward, and the chest, head up, shoulders, hips, and lower limbs are kept in the same plane. The tibia muscles and pelvic floor muscles are tightened to keep the spine in a natural physiologically curved form while maintainingBreathing naturally, belching is prohibited, hip joints cannot be shifted or tilted vertically toward the body, etc. This action requires the human body to keep shoulders, waist and legs in a straight line.

  The main exercise muscle fitness instructor stated that in fact, the flat support itself does not have the so-called weight loss effect. This action has certain fitness effects, especially for the front, abdominal muscles, legs, arms and other parts, and the muscles involved in this actionThere are more groups, which can make the core muscle group exercise to a certain extent, and its effect is mainly reflected in that it can make the muscles more powerful and stronger.

  Aerobic exercise is the only way to lose weight. As for the so-called fast weight loss, the coach explained that this is unrealistic, and the fitness effect of tablet support is limited.

Whether the human body is slim or not is mainly related to the trace content in the body. Aerobic exercise is the only way to remove slightness. Flat support is not a kind of aerobic exercise such as jogging, running, and energy consumption is limited, but it does not eliminate the small effect.

  ■ Reminders for disc herniation, scoliosis and other crowds should not be instructed by trainers to say that the plate support itself has certain challenges, that is, the length of the action duration.

In the initial attempt, the crowd should pay attention to grasping the intensity. The duration of the action can be gradually extended, and it should not be rushed.

However, it should be pointed out that not all people are suitable for flat support. In any case, people such as disc herniation, spine bulge, and scoliosis are not suitable for this action. If this is the case for a long time, it may make the original protrusion, scoliosis, etc.The situation is even worse.

  ■ Flat plate support Lateral plate support ● Exercise part: The abdominal oblique muscles are turned sideways, the body is kept straight and the abdominal muscles are straightened, the elbows and forearms support the ground to support the body, and the body and the ground form an angle of 15 degrees.

The other arm is located on the side abdomen with its hips on its hips and remains stable.

  Essentials: Tighten the core muscles, straighten the spine, and focus on the lateral abdomen.

Begin to curl your oblique muscles sideways, pause for a while as you touch the ground, then return to the starting position.

  Flat support lifts legs ● Exercise site: The abdomen faces the ground, the two forearms are bent down to fit the ground, tighten the abdomen, straighten the body, and keep the neck and spine relaxed.

Imagine you become a plank and keep it straight from head to heel.

  Essentials: Raise one leg about ten centimeters off the ground, keep the leg upright and hold that position for 1 second.

Return to the starting position and continue to alternate your legs.

  Parachuting in the air ● Exercise part: The abdomen, the top is prone on the floor, placed on the body, then slowly lift the top, palms off the ground, thumbs outward.

  Tips: Do not tighten the front end, and maintain posture for 30 seconds.


Do you have a ghost press experience?

Do you have a ghost press experience?

50% of people have experienced sleep paralysis (commonly known as “ghost compression”). At midnight, you stare at your eyes, watching the shadows around you move closer to you, but you cannot move or shout . The latest article by a British scholarCalling on the medical profession to improve sleep paralysis: limbs, some have difficulty breathing or hallucinations.

“Scientists already know that this phenomenon is related to stress. It is a” disconnection “between the brain and the body. In short, the person is awake, but the area responsible for the body in the brain is still asleep.

More urgently, researchers believe that the cause of sleep paralysis spreading in the public should be corrected in an effort to reduce the sources of worry and stress that cause this symptom.

  Heidi: I have experienced various kinds of ghost suppression since I was a child, and I am a “severe patient”. I often have hallucinations and occasionally have difficulty breathing.

Later I got used to it and it didn’t matter. I was very aware that I was in this state of inability to move. The person who flashed in front of me was not necessarily true, so I usually concentrated on continuing to sleep.many.

It turns out that decompression is king. I wonder if everyone has a similar experience .

Is there a crocodile style for yoga?

Is there a “crocodile style” for yoga?

Crocodile-type treatment of low back pain, strengthening the abdominal muscles, “fairy bowel joints” also called intrapelvic joints, is an important cause of low back pain.
This set of movements can help correct the pelvic and spinal flexion by massaging the intestinal joints and adjusting its position, and can also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles to prevent and treat low back pain.
It is also beneficial to the liver and intestines.
  Action: (1) Lie on your back with your legs straight, your arms flush with your shoulders and straight, with your palms facing down and touching the ground.
  (2) Inhale, raise your right leg, perpendicular to the ground.
  (3) Exhale, turn your ankle so that your right foot and right leg are at right angles, and at the same time your right leg is down on the ground.
  (4) Breathe 5 times. When lowering the right leg, be careful not to lift the right shoulder, and the shoulder should be firmly attached to the floor.
  (5) Alternate left and right legs.
  Important: If you can’t straighten your legs on the ground, bend your knees.
Lie on your back with your knees bent, your right foot on your left knee, exhale, lay your legs down to the left, and your right side.
Be careful not to move your left leg.