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Beware of three difficult skin diseases in autumn and winter

Beware of three difficult skin diseases in autumn and winter

Compared to the wet spring, autumn and winter seasons not only change the weather, but also dry, and the intensity of ultraviolet rays is also increasing, which leads to the high incidence of skin diseases such as eczema, urticaria, and dermatitis.

  Dermatologists explain that the specific causes of skin diseases are closely related to heredity, environment, infection, and living habits.

From a genetic perspective, skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and hereditary diseases; in terms of environmental factors, people who generally live in transitions and have chemical pollution in the environment are more likely to get skin diseases; for infectious factors, children’s upper respiratory infectionsIt is a cause of skin diseases, especially for psoriasis.

In addition, people with bad hobbies such as smoking, inhaling alcohol, and mental stress are more likely to be “tangled up” by skin diseases.

  It is difficult to prevent dermatitis and eczema without knowing the cause of dermatitis. The causes of eczema include internal and external factors.

The so-called intrinsic factor is the allergic constitution of the patient itself, which plays a leading role in the pathogenesis of eczema and dermatitis.

Internal environment abnormalities such as chronic digestive system diseases, mental stress, insomnia, excessive fatigue, emotional changes and other mental changes, as well as infection lesions, metabolic disorders and endocrine dysfunction, etc., cause or aggravate the condition of eczema and dermatitis.

  There are many external factors, including diet, absorbents, climate, and exposure to allergies.

Among them, seafood, spicy food, alcohol, pollen, dust mites, cold weather, exposure to chemicals, soap, detergent, etc. are the most common causes of eczema and dermatitis.

Such complicated causes cause dermatitis and eczema to occur repeatedly due to the intertwining of many onset causes and triggering factors.

  Acute measles finds allergens. Acute measles is commonly known as rubella or rubella. Its symptoms are characterized by white or red rashes on the skin. Sudden and sudden, there is no certain location.Leave no trace.

It usually subsides within 24 hours, and may recur repeatedly without delay.

  In general, the causative factors of acute measles are drugs, food, inhalants, contact objects and visceral diseases, various infections, physical factors, mental factors, genetic factors, and endocrine changes.

A combination of physical and laboratory tests can be used to find the cause, but the results are often not ideal.

For a long time, discovering the cause, that is, allergens, has become a major problem.

  Allergic skin disease is best treated symptomatically. If you can find a clear allergen, you can easily replicate its torture. This is also the best way to treat allergic skin disease.

  However, there are thousands of substances that can cause allergies in daily life, and the substances that cause allergies in each patient are not one or two, but nearly ten or even twenty or thirty.

It is difficult for patients to avoid exposure to allergenic substances without knowing what they are allergic to.

Therefore, effective symptomatic treatment is suddenly particularly important.

  The most commonly used symptomatic treatment is topical glucocorticoids, which can effectively eliminate inflammation and relieve itching.

But rich in topical glucocorticoids can easily cause improvement, skin atrophy, and formation of red bloodshot blood, and other complications, so you should choose a suitable topical glucocorticoid under the guidance of a doctor.

According to the results of clinical studies, while topical glucocorticoids are anti-inflammatory and antipruritic, combined use of antibacterial (bacterial and fungal) drugs in combination is a fast-acting, strong-acting, and better clinical effect.

Therefore, it is necessary to advocate standardized treatment, which can effectively control the incidence, prevent and reduce recurrence, prolong the duration of seizure-free, and significantly improve the quality of life.

  Experts suggest that in the prevention of allergic skin diseases, the most important thing is to avoid allergens, to find the cause and reset it.

Such as prevent inhalation of pollen, feathers, dust, etc., increase or fast foods that cause allergies; actively treat primary diseases, such as acute tonsillitis, viral hepatitis, etc., to eliminate the source of the disease.

At the same time, maintaining mental optimism, feeling comfortable, ensuring that the room is clean, paying attention to temperature changes, and strengthening physical exercise can also help prevent the occurrence of allergic skin diseases.

How to maintain anti-hair loss in summer

How to maintain anti-hair loss in summer

It is said that beauty is not easy, but it is easy to become ugly.

When a blade is aligned on the ground above the head, the woman should understand how easy it is to change from a butterfly to a cocoon.

In summer, especially in the season change season between summer and autumn, it is the easiest time for human hair to fall. If you want to keep the state of butterflies, please take action for your hair.

  Hair is a symbol of human health and affects a person’s dashboard.

Having a thick, bright hair has become a pursuit of beauty, and hair loss to varying degrees often causes great annoyance.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain and care for your hair.

  Midsummer is the easiest time to replace hair in a year.

The sun is like fire, and the ultraviolet rays directly hit the head, which will cause strong irritation to the head skin, which will easily cause hair damage and displacement.

Moreover, the body is prone to sweating in summer, coupled with oil stains, dust, and germs multiply quickly, making it difficult to clean the hair thoroughly and causing significant hair loss.

  In addition, due to the high temperature and high humidity, people’s appetite is reduced, they like light food, and their absorption of meat is relatively reduced.

This leads to a lack of protein in the hair ingredients, which is one of the reasons for easy hair loss in summer.

To prevent hair loss in midsummer, please note the following points.

  Carefully keep your hair away from the sun. Wear a sun hat or umbrella when going out to avoid strong sunlight.

After exposure to the sun, the hair will lose moisture, become dry, disheveled, easily broken, and lose its luster. Therefore, you can use a sunscreen-containing conditioner before sun exposure.

  Once the hair is damaged by ultraviolet rays, wipe your feet and moisturizers, and then wash with hot towel.

Try to avoid this sort of strongest UV when going out at 11-15, it is the most effective and economical sunscreen recipe.

  Carefully maintained hair should be washed regularly. The temperature of the water during the shampoo should be moderate. Too hot water will damage the hair. Too cold water will be difficult to descale.

The most suitable water temperature should be around 40 ° C.

Do not use harsh shampoos or alkaline soaps to wash your hair, otherwise your hair will be brittle and scorched.

  When shampooing, do not scratch with your nails to avoid hurting your hair. After the hair is completely rinsed, first dry it with a towel and massage the skin on the head for a few minutes.

If the hair is dry, add a lotion at this time, pour the lotion on the palm of your hand, rub it from the middle of the hair to the end of the hair, and finally comb the lotion with a hair comb.

  Usually, you should always comb your hair. Brushing your teeth gently on the scalp will stimulate the nerve endings of the hair, thereby regulating the nerve function of the head, promoting blood circulation, nourishing the hair, and preventing hair loss.

  The specific method is: comb the hair from front to back, then from back to front; from left to right, then from right to left, and so on.

It is better to move slowly and softly. It is better to brush and rub the scalp while combing.

Every morning and night, once every 20 minutes.

Do not use nylon combs and head brushes, as they can cause static electricity and adversely affect your hair and scalp.

  In addition, minimize the use of hair dyes, long-term use of hair dyes can cause hair loss, and also easily induce skin cancer.

It is not advisable to apply oil on the hair frequently, because when the oil breaks down, it will irritate the hair, produce adverse reactions and cause hair loss.

  Adjust your eating habits. Hair, like the body, requires frequent nutritional supplements.

If you want to keep your hair thick and shiny, you should prevent your diet and overcome your bad habits.

Eat a few traces of protein, vitamin A, iron, sulfur, calcium, copper, and iodine, such as lean meat, fish, animal liver, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, black sesame, sunflower seeds, walnut kernels,Honey, etc.

  Eat less spicy foods, fats and fats.

It may be that zinc deficiency in the body can affect protein synthesis and is one of the causes of sudden hair loss.

Those who are deficient in zinc should appropriately add seafood, milk, beef, poultry and eggs to their diet.

  Concerned about anti-seating therapy, take 15 grams of black sesame (grinding powder), 12 grams of wolfberry, and 50 grams of rice, add water to the right amount, cook a total of porridge, and use it for meals once a day.

It can receive the effect of preventing hair loss and nourishing hair.

You can also use 1,000 grams of walnut meat, 500 grams of mulberry seeds, and 250 grams of black sesame seeds.

Add 2500 grams of honey, mix well, store in a porcelain bottle for use, take 50 grams each time, 2 times a day, send it with warm water.It has the effect of replenishing essence and blood, and preventing hair loss.

  Promote growth: ① beer shampoo.

Wash and dry the hair, take 30-50 ml of beer, apply evenly to the hair, and massage for 3 minutes. After 15 minutes, rinse the hair with water, then coat the hair with 30 ml of beer and massage, then use a combComb your hair once, let the beer penetrate the hair roots evenly, and let the hair dry naturally.

This method is used in summer and can be performed several times. It can improve hair growth and make hair shiny and moisturized.

  ② Ginger rubs the scalp.

Use ginger slices to heat in a clean stainless steel pot or microwave, and then rub the hair loss area with hot ginger slices. Persist it several times a day to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

  To maintain emotional stability should avoid irritability, a happy mood is conducive to hair growth.

It is necessary to eliminate the feeling of depression, increase mental depression, reduce human body function, and poor blood circulation, leading to hair replacement.

When you are upset, don’t grieve secretly, try to participate in light exercise to disperse energy, resolve your unhappiness, and have regular rules of daily life to ensure adequate sleep and proper rest.

  Smoking and drinking can also have an adverse effect on hair growth.

Acupuncture for weight loss for young women


Acupuncture for weight loss for young women

Acupuncture for weight loss is to acupuncture certain points in the human body, which can reduce the production of gastric acid, extend the gastric emptying time, promote the body’s slight metabolism, and consume the accumulated aunt to achieve weight loss.

  Acupuncture combined with diet is more effective. The principle of controlling diet is: do not eat without hungry, eat when you are hungry, eat vegetables and lean meat, eggs, you can eat full, do not eat sweets and fatty meat, potatoes, ravioli, Vermicelli and so on.

The most suitable age for acupuncture to lose weight is 20?
Between 40 years old.

But there are also individual differences. Objectively speaking, some people use acupuncture to lose weight. The effect is not obvious. For effective people, acupuncture to lose weight is also a gradual process.

It is unrealistic to count on a few stitches to become stature.

  Acupuncture weight loss therapy is safe, reliable and less painful.

However, why did some patients fail to achieve their goals despite going to the distance clinic?

Xie Xincai, deputy chief physician of the Department of Acupuncture of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained to reporters that this is because he did not understand some of the essentials of acupuncture to lose weight.

  First, patients who lose weight by acupuncture should be obese adults. Such patients are relatively easy to adjust the body’s various metabolic functions, smoothly promote the decomposition of adults, and achieve the effect of weight loss and lipid reduction.

  Second, acupuncture combined with diet is more effective. The principle of diet control is: do not eat without hungry, eat when you are hungry, eat vegetables and lean meat, eggs, you can eat full, do not eat sweets and fatty meat,Potatoes, ravioli, vermicelli, etc.

  Third, the process of acupuncture weight loss is the process of regulating the meridian system, mobilizing the internal regulatory function of the human body and using its own regulation to promote metabolism to achieve a balanced process, so acupuncture weight loss will not quickly gain weight after stopping.

Acupuncture to lose weight is also a gradual process.
It is unrealistic to expect that a few stitches will make you slender.

  Fourth, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture for weight loss is not called “pregnancy therapy”.

Unlike many weight loss methods, in the process of acupuncture weight loss, do not highlight excessive diet control, especially without taking precautionary measures.

Because after excessive dieting, it may lead to anorexia, causing digestive organ dysfunction, with serious consequences, and in some cases, reducing the metabolic function of the human body, and the decrease in metabolic function is a potential factor that is becoming fatter.Will continue to gain weight and may even be fatter than before.

The biggest advantage of acupuncture to lose weight is here.

  Dr. Xie said: Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is a profound science. Patients can only achieve the goal of weight loss if they go to a weight-loss clinic at a distance to receive a plan that has no side effects and that is comprehensively adjusted and treated.

He said that the reason why acupuncture is effective for weight loss is the scientific nature of its principle: first, it effectively regulates the metabolic process of lipids.

Obesity patients’ body zinc oxide is higher than normal. After acupuncture opens the body’s main points for weight loss, it can reduce the peroxidation fraction in the body and accelerate the metabolism of adults. Therefore, the goal of weight loss is achieved.

The second is to correct the patient’s abnormal appetite.

By regulating the nervous system, excessive gastric acid secretion can be suppressed to achieve the goals of fatigue and fever.

After acupuncture, the emptying of the stomach slows down, and the stomach is not empty. Naturally, you feel full and you don’t want to eat much anymore.

The third is to effectively regulate endocrine disruption.

The incidence of endocrine disorders in obese patients is extremely high. Why do women who give birth to children gain weight? It is not overnutrition. It is because the endocrine balance is broken after giving birth to children, causing obesity. When women reach menopause, endocrine disorders also cause weight gain.

Acupuncture regulates the two systems of “hypothalamic pituitary adrenal cortex” and “sympathetic adrenal cortex” to restore endocrine disorders and accelerate slight metabolism, thereby achieving the goal of weight loss.

Four steps for yoga instructor

Four steps for yoga instructor

A person who wants to learn yoga and become a mentor must first go through the study of yoga in order to obtain the overall transformation of physical consciousness, including: the construction of a physical health road, the transformation of a complex, the wisdom of the inner soul, and the development of innate spiritualityAnd other major learning connotations.

That is to grasp the connotation of these studies, based on the needs of a qualified yoga instructor’s initial efforts, put forward four points of practical study: First, yoga exercise-learning yoga asana.

  Yoga practice originated in the Indian jungle thousands of years ago.

Relevant literature on yoga has long existed in the Indian Upanishads.

Yoga practice can change people’s physical fitness, make muscles and muscles smooth, clear the meridians, and restore dysregulated glandular secretion to normal. It can also cure diseases, enhance beauty, and lose weight. It also helps Xi meditation.

If the operation is performed every morning and evening, if the time is called, you can gradually understand the significant effect of yoga practice on the body. The overall yoga practice includes the three aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

  Second, healthy diet therapy-learn diet knowledge, organic diet therapy: “Diet therapy” training means: to gradually change from meat to vegetarian food; then from traditional vegetarian food to “net food”-organic diet (a completely harmless diet)Way and food).

The training process also includes appropriate “fasting” therapies each year;
Two times (three each time?
Seventh, even tenth).

The environment in which people live (the entire earth) has been seriously polluted, such as air pollution, drinking water pollution, pollution of industrial chemicals, etc.-due to ignorance or desire, people eat foods full of preservatives, artificial flavors, refined processingFood, or inadequate treatment of vegetables and fruits and eating pesticides left on vegetables and fruits; or excessive taking of medicines, injections; or even irritating foods such as drugs, which accumulate various kinds of toxins in the body, soGradually destroy the three major detox systems.

  1. Filtration system-liver, kidney; 2. Stomach and intestinal digestive system; 3. Endocrine system-pituitary, adrenal gland, thyroid.

  If the toxins in the body are accumulated in the internal organs for a long period of time, chronic diseases will be formed, which will gradually lead to a multitude of diseases, the blessing will gradually disappear, and the shadow of gray life will be cast.

  The “fasting” exercise can effectively eliminate the pathogenic virin accumulated in the cells, blood and viscera, and restore the self-healing function of the body (autonomic nerve).

This is evidenced by the clinical signs of fasting.

Such as during fasting: 1, black moss-like things or spit black sputum on the tongue of addicts; 2, regular drinkers, the smell of alcohol with breath; 3, people who often inject or abuse medicine,Rule 4, the bowel movements, feces, toxic mucus, sterile mold, etc., which are trapped in the abdomen, intestines, will be excreted one after the other during fasting.

In general, the detoxification function of fasting is like squeezing into a small sponge, all the dirty things will be squeezed out to restore the organic life to health, and the slenderness can increase the work efficiency and increase the fun of life.; If a yoga meditator is more conducive to meditation practice.

  Hint: Even if there are many benefits of fasting, if you do n’t know the common sense or the method is wrong, you may not benefit it and suffer it.

Therefore, if you have no fasting experience, you must implement fasting under the guidance of an experienced teacher.


  Third, explore the self-exploration of the structure and nature of the mind: A qualified yoga teacher must learn to explore the self-knowledge of the entire structure of the self-mind system, and to unlock the underlying psychological complex in different psychological mechanisms at different levels of braking depth., And healing the wounded mind inspiration officer.

From the perspective of positive and deep scale, it is to develop the infinite potential hidden in the deep soul, so as to release the potentially rich vitality.

Therefore, a complete psychological research includes the following seriousness: 1. Psychological emotions, the occurrence of physiological energy (qi); 2. The smoothness or separation of physiological energy, and the impact on psychological emotions; 3. Surface layerSelf-consciousness (first six consciousness) and deep subconsciousness (seventh end of the consciousness), and even the deepest unconsciousness (eighth Arayaya consciousness), the connection and interaction between each other;Transformation, the development of the mind, the study and exploration of the principles of the entire transformation process to the development of spirituality.

  On the theory of self-inquiry, modern western psychology “Floyd et al.” And parapsychology (Kean.

Wilbur et al.) Are worthy of further study and reference.

The Buddhist part is{scientific knowledge}, which belongs to the classic style of Buddhist yoga. Therefore, the words used to explain psychology are mostly Buddhist proper nouns. For practitioners who are not Buddhists, they should use rationalismLearning as a reference material may find difficulties; however, the relevant doctrine of Buddhism is a non-reference truth doctrine. If you miss it, you will regret losing the pearl.

  Fourth, the study and experience of meditation practice-meditation and meditation: There are many ways to practice meditation. For the needs of beginners, here are only two simple, easy to learn and safe methods-relaxation meditation and breathing training.

Relaxing meditation has a great effect on the regulation of the human brain, cerebellum, and autonomic nerves. When the army relaxes meditation, the brain’s complex thoughts will gradually slow down, and when it is settled, it stops the mind and makes the heart completely rest.

Because the cerebellum is no longer dominated or disturbed by the clutter of the brain, it is able to give full play to its potential psychic power and be able to have deeper contact with nature, and even with the spiritual world (spiritual world) or the world outside the third-degree space of human beings.The parties exchange information.

  The autonomic nerve of the human body is easily affected by disturbing thoughts and complexes. Once imbalanced, it will lead to abnormal endocrine system and cause various visceral diseases.

Through the practice of relaxation and meditation, the inner autonomic nerve will naturally adjust the wounded body to show its function of treating diseases.-The physical relaxation, calmness, joy, and narrow sense that the meditation zen sits in during sitting.Health is disease-free, and health in the broadest sense makes the whole person glow, joy, and vitality.

  Correct breathing training-counting breathing and observing breathing-is a therapy health physiology, lively sympathetic nerves, reduce blood acidification, keep the muscles and bones bright and elastic; and supplement the body toxins, a good way to deliver fresh blood from the heart to the whole body-The deeper and slower the breathing, the better it is for physical wound healing and visceral strengthening, as well as for the comprehensive regulation of endocrine functions, so that the mind becomes more focused, and enjoys light and peaceful meditation.

  The above four training programs of yoga exercise, healthy diet, self-inquiry, and meditation practice are the necessary lessons for a fully professional and qualified yoga instructor. They are the overall practice of “physical + mental + mental + spiritual” yoga.Indispensable, otherwise it is difficult to achieve; and under the guidance of a professional teacher (only experience), carry out these four studies at the same time, in order to achieve long-term significant achievements in their own yoga teaching.

Nourishing Yin and nourishing blood and regulating menstrual disorders

Nourishing Yin and nourishing blood and regulating menstrual disorders

Pre-menstrual period: refers to menstrual cramps more than 6-7 days a month in advance, and even menstruation twice a month, also known as “advanced menstruation”.

Those with weak qi and blood often have a large blood volume and pale red color, thin texture, mental fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, a sense of emptyness in the lower abdomen, a pale complexion, pale tongue, and weak pulse.

It is advisable to replenish qi and blood in the winter season. After the beginning of winter, use one black-bone chicken, Angelica, astragalus, and Poria 9g each. Wash the chicken, put the medicine into the belly of the chicken and put it in the thread.Go to medicine residue.

Eat meat and soup after seasoning, and finish serving in 2 times.

Take 1 dose daily before menstruation and take 3-5 doses per menstrual cycle.

  Late menstruation: Refers to the tide that occurs more than 6-7 days after the menstrual cycle is often wrong, and even menstruation once every 40-50 days, also known as “after menstrual error”.

Patients with blood deficiency often delay their menstruation, with a small amount of light color, abdominal pain, weakness, paleness, dizziness, weak heart palpitations, sore bones, sore skin, pale tongue, and weak veins.

Should be in the winter season, blood circulation and menstruation, available 500g mutton, astragalus, codonopsis, angelica 25g each, ginger 50g.

Wash and cut the mutton and ginger, wrap the medicine in a cloth, and add an appropriate amount of water to the casserole.

After the Wuhuo boiled, change to wenhuo for 2 hours, remove the medicine residue, and season it.

After menstruation in winter, once a day for 3-5 days.

  More menstrual experience: refers to more menstrual flow, more than expired.

Those with qi deficiency often have pale red color, thin menstruation, empty abdomen, emptying, fatigue, complexion, palpitations, shortness of breath, red tongue, thin white fur, and weak pulses.

Should be used to qi and blood, Jianpi Ningxin.

1 old hen, 10g of astragalus and 15g of artemisia leaves can be washed, cut into pieces, steamed or boiled with astragalus and artemisia leaves (cloth bag), eat 2-3 times.

Take 2-3 doses every menstrual period in winter.

  Less menstruation: refers to less menstrual flow, that is, 1-2 days, or just a few drops, menstrual color is red, complexion, dry skin, dizziness, palpitations, abdominal pain, warm hands and feet, pale tongue,The pulses are thin and mostly belong to the type of blood deficiency.

Should be nourishing Qi and nourishing blood to nourish Chong Ren, you can use chicken blood vine 9-15g (dry), 10 dates, 200g lean pork, stew.

In winter, take 1 dose daily for 5 days before each period.

  Amenorrhea: refers to the stop of menstruation, pale or chlorosis, tiredness, dizziness, palpitations, lack of qi, annoyance, uneasiness, weakness of limbs, pale tongue, and weak pulses.

Should be qi and blood tonic, nourishing blood through.

1 cuttlefish (squid) is available, about 200-300g, peach kernel 6g.

Wash and cut cuttlefish, cook with peach kernel, eat cuttlefish for soup.

Served once a day for 5-6 days per month.

Or use 30g of astragalus, 30g of wolfberry and 1 suckling pigeon. Wash the suckling pigeons, wrap the astragalus with cloth, and put the right amount of water in the wok stew, stew in water, season the soup and eat pigeon meat.

Usually stew once every other day, and even 4-5 times a month in winter.

Clever use of chrysanthemum tea to quickly eliminate eye puffiness

Clever use of chrysanthemum tea to quickly eliminate eye puffiness

If you drink too much water before going to bed, your eyes will become swollen easily after waking up the next morning, which will make many beautiful women feel distressed.

Here’s a way to try it: Dip cotton tea with chrysanthemum tea and apply it around your eyes. This puffiness will soon be eliminated.

  Chrysanthemum has a very good effect on the treatment of eye fatigue and blurred vision. In addition to applying eyes to eliminate puffiness, drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea usually can improve eye fatigue. If you drink three to four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, it will also help restore vision.
Regardless of hot drinks in winter, ice drinks in summer, chrysanthemum tea is a good drink.