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Winter anti-eye dry computer front cup hot water


Winter anti-eye dry computer front cup hot water

Your usual habits, retain a lot of “fossils”, rice grains, biscuit residue, hair, etc., no wonder some people say: the keyboard in the public computer room is dirty than the public toilet.

At the same time, such fragments may enter your keyboard and plug into the circuitry on your keyboard, making input difficult.

The harm of the drink is even worse, destroying your keyboard once.

It’s just that your keyboard is not destroyed. I’m afraid it’s very sticky.

銆€銆€Solution: Avoid eating on the keyboard, clean it every time, wipe the bath (although it is still very dirty); if you have a fuller pocket, you can consider changing the keyboard for half a year (I never recommend using the difference)The keyboard, that’s about health issues. Try it, it should be better.

Also remember to buy a table for your room.

銆€銆€You can put the following things next to the computer: put a cup of hot water next to the computer, increase the surrounding humidity to reduce the discomfort of the eyes; cactus, ginseng trees and other green plants that reduce radiation; eye drops, when the eyes are dry, you can drop; Put a small fan to increase ventilation.

銆€銆€It is best to use the computer tips to investigate the screen to the eye level of 10 to 20 cm, which can reduce the chance of lifting the eyelids. In addition to letting the eyes rest, you should always blink your eyes to moisten your eyes.

銆€銆€Eat some foods that are good for your eyes, such as eggs, fish, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, hazelnuts, chrysanthemums, sesame seeds, radishes, animal livers, etc.

銆€銆€Eat some anti-radiation foods: Although computers have little impact on human health, they should also be prevented.

Drinking tea can reduce the harm of radiation, and the lipopolysaccharide in tea has anti-radiation effect.

Spirulina, sea buckthorn oil also has anti-radiation effects.

Woman answering a man’s sexual problem


Woman answering a man’s sexual problem

There is an old song called “Black that does not understand the night during the day”, which is suitable for men and women to view sexual issues.

No matter how men think, women’s minds can’t guess.

Therefore, a German sex school research institute specially invited men and women, asked men to ask their most concerned sexual issues, and then invited women to answer truthfully!

銆€銆€Man: Why do women sometimes pretend to be orgasm?

銆€銆€Woman: Yes, we sometimes do this, and when we are young, we even do it often.

銆€銆€Because we believe that only those women who are prone to sexual excitement are more attractive to men, and they are the companions that men like. Therefore, each of us hopes that we can have a very emotional look, or lookIt is so.

銆€銆€Which woman is willing to confess that they are indifferent in bed, like a piece of wood?

In addition, we know that men are so passionate and so fragile that they can’t bear to see them expand so much, but they become necessary rewards.

In that way, they do not know how much more disappointing.

銆€銆€Of course, sometimes we want to maximize, we hope to end again, because at this time we do not want to make love, just to meet the needs of the partner.

For too many women, orgasm is not necessarily an inevitable part of a happy night, but unfortunately, men don’t think so.

銆€銆€Man: Do women like men wearing condoms to make love?

銆€銆€Woman: To be honest, if a man has a condom when making love, we don’t have any special feelings.

銆€銆€Maybe the men will feel that it is itchy like a rubber film across the rubber layer, but this will not affect the woman’s pleasure, of course, it will not bring more pleasure.

However, sometimes we will think: Is the condom slipped and it is torn.

This is mainly to take into account the need for contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you risk sex with a reluctant pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, there is no happiness at all.

銆€銆€Man: Men masturbate, will women be jealous?

銆€銆€Woman: It depends on how the relationship between the two people.

If the relationship is normal or very good, then the man will be entertained by masturbation, and the woman will not be jealous.

銆€銆€We know that masturbation is also a normal sexual act, even in the days after marriage.

In essence, there is no other woman to take away her love.

Sometimes we see how men look at that moment, and even feel particularly excited and excited.

銆€銆€However, although we understand that men have their own way of self-entertainment, they adopt this kind of sexual behavior, which has nothing to do with the relationship between two people, but if our relationship is not good, the total does not come, then see or getKnowing that men open their own masturbation, they will be jealous and even feel inferior and sad.

銆€銆€Man: How do women view non-traditional sexuality?

銆€銆€Woman: Hey, you mean to change the pattern in a sexual posture or try a new sexual act!

銆€銆€Yes, men are always not satisfied with the accustomed sexual posture and caress. They always want to try new things to pursue certain excitement and happiness.

In fact, today’s women also have the need to pursue fresh and exciting.

When we think that this sexual posture is healthy, hygienic, safe, and makes us happier, we will not reject the man’s good intentions.

The key is that we must recognize in advance that this new sexual approach must be harmless and replaced, that is, it must not cause any damage to our physical health.

銆€銆€Do men want to try new sexual gestures and caress?

It is necessary to respect the woman’s intentions and obtain their consent, instead of being self-imposed to the will, giving people a feeling of being exploited, insulted or even raped!

銆€銆€Man: Do women like to have sex under the lamp?

銆€銆€Woman: When I was just going to bed with my lover and chatting on the bed, I didn’t call it to turn off the lights immediately, because I saw the smile on the faces of the lovers under the lights, making me more happy and excited.

銆€銆€But next, there is no doubt that I will turn off the lights.

In the dark, women will have a wider space for sex. I can think more about the pleasant and emotional things of many people, which will make me more excited.

At the same time, the eyes can’t see, everything will give way to the feeling of the body, making me more focused.

銆€銆€Another reason is that at this time, maybe my face and my partner’s face become very difficult to see because of excitement. Maybe we will make some embarrassment.In the dark, these will be disguised, so that we will not feel embarrassed, ashamed, and can enjoy more indulging.

If at this time there is only a dim and blurred light, I feel very happy.

銆€銆€Man: Is a woman always passive in terms of sex?

銆€銆€Woman: Although people’s ideas have changed a lot, in most people’s minds, women are still sorrowful, solemn and docile, especially in terms of sexuality, calmness, restraint.

銆€銆€Therefore, most women are reluctant to be sexually exposed and exposed.

In fact, whether we are active in sexuality or not, we have no sexual enthusiasm, and initiative is two different things.

Women are never always passive in terms of sex.

However, we can only express it in a more subtle way.

For example, prepare your favorite dinner, especially after dinner, and be well-informed; prepare to go to bed early in the evening; go to bed and put on a very sexy underwear, intentionally or unintentionally show you.Besides, what other things do you expect women to do?

銆€銆€Man: Does the woman always like the kind of great man who is brave in sexuality?

銆€銆€Woman: Men think so.

銆€銆€What we are more fond of is the kind of gentle, kind, aggressive, successful, and responsible man. I always feel that I am safe and dependent when I am with this man. I even think that such a man is really sexy.

The mighty and brave warrior that the man said has also been especially loved by women, but it is a matter of the medieval knighthood, or a story in a martial arts film.

Such men are the idols that men pursue and emulate, but they are not the love of women today.

銆€銆€Men always love to use their own ideas to touch the minds of women. It may be that they often can’t really understand women.

5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly


5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly

According to experts from the Center for Gerontology, some flowers are not only ornamental, but also have pharmacological health effects, which are very suitable for the elderly.

銆€銆€Ginseng is suitable for the elderly with chronic diseases.

Ginseng can watch three seasons a year.

In the spring, the germination of the ginseng sprouts downwards, especially like the morphological elephant trunk is pulled out from the soil; in summer, the umbel-shaped inflorescence is covered with white and green seductive flowers; in autumn, the red fruit is lined with green leaves.Especially pleasing to the eye.

The roots, leaves, flowers and seeds of ginseng can be used as medicine, which has a magical effect on the strong body and conditioning function.

銆€銆€Five-color pepper is suitable for the elderly with rheumatism and spleen and stomach.

The five-colored peppers are colorful, and the roots, fruits and stems are all medicinal.

銆€銆€Lilies are suitable for older people with tuberculosis.

Lily flower shape is elegant, bulbs and flowers in addition to food, medicine can be used for antitussive, flat shock, lungs.

Older people with high blood pressure and unfavorable urination can grow honeysuckle and small chrysanthemum.

The flowers are filled with incense pillows, washed with flowers, and have the effect of eliminating heat and detoxification, lowering blood pressure, clearing the brain and clearing the liver and improving eyesight.

銆€銆€The impatiens are simple and elegant, and the seeds are fried and sputum can cure numbness and soreness. Take the whole plant orally and apply it to the venom.

Flowers outside the scorpion can cure goose palm madness, but also remove body odor.

銆€銆€Cactus is in a variety of poses, medicinal cold bitterness, can relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, nourish the stomach, have certain pharmacological effects on arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, etc., Milan, jasmine flowers attack people, can incense tea.

Milan leaves can cure bruises.

Jasmine leaf flower medicine can cure colds and enteritis.

Paradise on the Danube River in Serbia


Paradise on the Danube River in Serbia

Open the world map, at a 30-degree north latitude, with a beautiful country – Serbia.

This paradise-like country on the Danube River has a lot of people’s atmosphere and a lot of natural flavors. Come here to truly experience the relaxation and happiness of a paradise on earth. Serbia’s many European Renaissance buildings.

Serbia is located in the middle of the Danube in Eastern Europe. The Danube is linked to the economy and culture of Western and South-East Europe through ten European countries.

The Danube has a 588-kilometer route in Serbia, which is down by boat and has beautiful scenery along the coast. There are many attractions and ancient sites that attract tourists.

銆€銆€The numerous tributaries and lakes of the Danube provide an ideal environment for anglers.

Tourists from the national parks and nature reserves along the coast experience the experience of returning to nature.

However, due to the lack of unified planning and management of the tourism industry in the country, coupled with insufficient funds, resulting in investment, many supporting facilities have not kept up, and the Danube tourism advantage has not been exerted.

銆€銆€Now the Serbian government will develop the Danube River as one of the key projects for tourism development. Currently, it is actively seeking investors to increase the construction of coastal infrastructure and supporting facilities.

For this reason, Serbia is definitely a “small paradise” for vacations.

銆€銆€Introduction to the main leisure tourism projects in Serbia 1. Fishing and hunting The favorable climate of Serbia has created good natural conditions for rich and varied fishing and hunting.

In the competitive conditions of Europe and the world, Serbia’s fishing and hunting grounds continue to improve.

From the Pannonian plain in the north to the hilly areas in the south, there are 323 hunting grounds covering an area of 8,828,500 kg.

Famous hunting grounds are Karadjordjevo, Morovic, Apatin, Ecka, Tara and Sara.

There are 35 fishing centres, of which Zlatibor and Timok are known throughout Europe for their local cold water.

銆€銆€2, the development of folk custom travel is mainly in the western part of Serbia. At present, there are a total of 111 rural folklore tours in 30 villages, which can provide 600 beds.

The peasants there, the sky is crystal clear, the spring is light and the ear, the natural health farmhouse rice and the simple farmhouse constitute the unique atmosphere of folk tourism.

Guests can enjoy traditional home-cooked food prepared by the host.

Guests can participate in traditional local festival gatherings and dances.

With the increasing demand for tourism in this way, the number of villages providing such tourism services has increased.

銆€銆€3, the city travels to the rich and diverse history of Serbia’s big cities, cultural and recreational activities to make guests feel a bit of relaxation after feeling the passion.

All telecommunications cities can accept tourists for leisure travel or business activities.

The major cities in Serbia are: Belgrade (population 1.5 million), Novi Sad (population 300,000), Nice (population 250,000), Kragujewaz (population 17.

70,000), Leskovas (population 15.


銆€銆€4, hot springs tour Serbian hot springs have a long tradition and history, has been popular since Roman times.

The Roman baths of the Roman period can also be found in 140 hot springs in Serbia.

There are more than 1,000 hot and cold mineral springs, and the natural soil and gas of the hot springs provide guests with treatments.

There are two types of hot springs, both outdoor and indoor.

The hot springs also provide places for gatherings, exhibitions and other events.

Most of the hot springs are located in the foothills and close to the forest, where the climate is pleasant and the environment is not polluted.

銆€銆€5, hiking tour Serbia is a country with a unique mountain.

The conditions of various outdoor mountaineering activities carried out in the mountains are very easy to happen.

Many national parks are built on these wonderful mountain peaks.

Kopaonik is one of the highest peaks in Europe, the largest tourist destination in Serbia, with 44 km of ski slopes and 20 km of ski lifts.

In addition, the Zlatibor, Divcibare, Zlatar, Golija, Goc, Jastrebac and Stara Planina peaks are also tourist attractions in the scenic area.

These places are only a few hours drive from Belgrade.

銆€銆€6, the festival tour of Serbia’s cultural festival reflects the national strength and spirit of the country.

Every year, many ancient festivals in Dublin celebrate the Serbian national customs.Serbian travel companies can offer and organize festivals with a variety of specialties.

During the festival, domestic and foreign tourists are attracted by local traditional customs and handicrafts.

This festival is held in the summer.