Biting a toy?

Chronic poisoning climbs up

Biting a toy?
Chronic poisoning climbs up

Everyone in modern children is happy. Every child has many toys, but toys will be infected with bacteria for a long time.

Researchers have detected pathogenic microorganisms such as E. coli and Hepatitis B virus in toys, which are more polluted than clothes, clogged and tableware.

Therefore, children’s toys should be disinfected regularly.

  Toys are divided according to the raw materials they are made of, including plastic, cloth, metal, and wood.

Some plastic toys contain polyvinyl chloride, which is a highly toxic compound that can cause different degrees of harm to children’s liver and bones.

  The surface of wooden toys is often coated with various colored paints, and these paints also contain some harmful substances.

If the child puts these toys in their mouths for adsorption, bites, and replaces the colored paint, the paint film or pigment will slowly implant into the body through the mouth, which may cause chronic poisoning over time.

  Plush toys are a “good place” to hide dirt and dirt. Many bacteria can be transmitted to children, and they will be transmitted to the body through the nasal cavity, causing respiratory diseases.

  Toys are children’s favorite “playmates”. They come into direct contact with children every day, and children generally bite toys, so children’s toys must be disinfected frequently.

Different sterilization methods should be used for toys of different particle sizes. Here are some simple and effective methods: ⒈ Plastic toys can be replaced with soap water, disinfecting detergent, bleaching powder, etc. After immersion, rinse with water, wipe with a clean clothSeason.

  Made of cloth, plush toys can be directly placed in the sun and disinfected.

  湿 Moisture-resistant, high-temperature, non-fading wooden toys can be washed with soap and water and dried.

  ◎ Because the toys are often exposed outside, it is easy to be infected with bacteria, especially some plush toys have no outer packaging, and customers who come to select them get dirty after a few touches.

Therefore, toys that have just been bought or played frequently should be cleaned and disinfected to ensure the safety of children.

  ◎ Some plush toys are filled with black cotton, and because these fillers contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, children can easily cause tears, erythema, and severe skin diseases or other infectious diseases.

Some black-hearted cotton contain germs, and children are susceptible to infection.

Once such toys are found, they must be removed in time.

How to maintain anti-hair loss in summer

How to maintain anti-hair loss in summer

It is said that beauty is not easy, but it is easy to become ugly.

When a blade is aligned on the ground above the head, the woman should understand how easy it is to change from a butterfly to a cocoon.

In summer, especially in the season change season between summer and autumn, it is the easiest time for human hair to fall. If you want to keep the state of butterflies, please take action for your hair.

  Hair is a symbol of human health and affects a person’s dashboard.

Having a thick, bright hair has become a pursuit of beauty, and hair loss to varying degrees often causes great annoyance.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain and care for your hair.

  Midsummer is the easiest time to replace hair in a year.

The sun is like fire, and the ultraviolet rays directly hit the head, which will cause strong irritation to the head skin, which will easily cause hair damage and displacement.

Moreover, the body is prone to sweating in summer, coupled with oil stains, dust, and germs multiply quickly, making it difficult to clean the hair thoroughly and causing significant hair loss.

  In addition, due to the high temperature and high humidity, people’s appetite is reduced, they like light food, and their absorption of meat is relatively reduced.

This leads to a lack of protein in the hair ingredients, which is one of the reasons for easy hair loss in summer.

To prevent hair loss in midsummer, please note the following points.

  Carefully keep your hair away from the sun. Wear a sun hat or umbrella when going out to avoid strong sunlight.

After exposure to the sun, the hair will lose moisture, become dry, disheveled, easily broken, and lose its luster. Therefore, you can use a sunscreen-containing conditioner before sun exposure.

  Once the hair is damaged by ultraviolet rays, wipe your feet and moisturizers, and then wash with hot towel.

Try to avoid this sort of strongest UV when going out at 11-15, it is the most effective and economical sunscreen recipe.

  Carefully maintained hair should be washed regularly. The temperature of the water during the shampoo should be moderate. Too hot water will damage the hair. Too cold water will be difficult to descale.

The most suitable water temperature should be around 40 ° C.

Do not use harsh shampoos or alkaline soaps to wash your hair, otherwise your hair will be brittle and scorched.

  When shampooing, do not scratch with your nails to avoid hurting your hair. After the hair is completely rinsed, first dry it with a towel and massage the skin on the head for a few minutes.

If the hair is dry, add a lotion at this time, pour the lotion on the palm of your hand, rub it from the middle of the hair to the end of the hair, and finally comb the lotion with a hair comb.

  Usually, you should always comb your hair. Brushing your teeth gently on the scalp will stimulate the nerve endings of the hair, thereby regulating the nerve function of the head, promoting blood circulation, nourishing the hair, and preventing hair loss.

  The specific method is: comb the hair from front to back, then from back to front; from left to right, then from right to left, and so on.

It is better to move slowly and softly. It is better to brush and rub the scalp while combing.

Every morning and night, once every 20 minutes.

Do not use nylon combs and head brushes, as they can cause static electricity and adversely affect your hair and scalp.

  In addition, minimize the use of hair dyes, long-term use of hair dyes can cause hair loss, and also easily induce skin cancer.

It is not advisable to apply oil on the hair frequently, because when the oil breaks down, it will irritate the hair, produce adverse reactions and cause hair loss.

  Adjust your eating habits. Hair, like the body, requires frequent nutritional supplements.

If you want to keep your hair thick and shiny, you should prevent your diet and overcome your bad habits.

Eat a few traces of protein, vitamin A, iron, sulfur, calcium, copper, and iodine, such as lean meat, fish, animal liver, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, black sesame, sunflower seeds, walnut kernels,Honey, etc.

  Eat less spicy foods, fats and fats.

It may be that zinc deficiency in the body can affect protein synthesis and is one of the causes of sudden hair loss.

Those who are deficient in zinc should appropriately add seafood, milk, beef, poultry and eggs to their diet.

  Concerned about anti-seating therapy, take 15 grams of black sesame (grinding powder), 12 grams of wolfberry, and 50 grams of rice, add water to the right amount, cook a total of porridge, and use it for meals once a day.

It can receive the effect of preventing hair loss and nourishing hair.

You can also use 1,000 grams of walnut meat, 500 grams of mulberry seeds, and 250 grams of black sesame seeds.

Add 2500 grams of honey, mix well, store in a porcelain bottle for use, take 50 grams each time, 2 times a day, send it with warm water.It has the effect of replenishing essence and blood, and preventing hair loss.

  Promote growth: ① beer shampoo.

Wash and dry the hair, take 30-50 ml of beer, apply evenly to the hair, and massage for 3 minutes. After 15 minutes, rinse the hair with water, then coat the hair with 30 ml of beer and massage, then use a combComb your hair once, let the beer penetrate the hair roots evenly, and let the hair dry naturally.

This method is used in summer and can be performed several times. It can improve hair growth and make hair shiny and moisturized.

  ② Ginger rubs the scalp.

Use ginger slices to heat in a clean stainless steel pot or microwave, and then rub the hair loss area with hot ginger slices. Persist it several times a day to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

  To maintain emotional stability should avoid irritability, a happy mood is conducive to hair growth.

It is necessary to eliminate the feeling of depression, increase mental depression, reduce human body function, and poor blood circulation, leading to hair replacement.

When you are upset, don’t grieve secretly, try to participate in light exercise to disperse energy, resolve your unhappiness, and have regular rules of daily life to ensure adequate sleep and proper rest.

  Smoking and drinking can also have an adverse effect on hair growth.

Clever use of chrysanthemum tea to quickly eliminate eye puffiness

Clever use of chrysanthemum tea to quickly eliminate eye puffiness

If you drink too much water before going to bed, your eyes will become swollen easily after waking up the next morning, which will make many beautiful women feel distressed.

Here’s a way to try it: Dip cotton tea with chrysanthemum tea and apply it around your eyes. This puffiness will soon be eliminated.

  Chrysanthemum has a very good effect on the treatment of eye fatigue and blurred vision. In addition to applying eyes to eliminate puffiness, drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea usually can improve eye fatigue. If you drink three to four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, it will also help restore vision.
Regardless of hot drinks in winter, ice drinks in summer, chrysanthemum tea is a good drink.

Having a love, they cured love incompetence

Having a love, they cured love incompetence

Unable to move, is love incompetent?

  As soon as I got home from work, I saw Aunt Wu upstairs sitting next to my mother. The two people talked to each other, and when I came in, they stopped talking.

I thought, my mother must be selling me again, sighing how I can’t marry.

From the eyes of Aunt Wu, my eyes can be grinded, sympathetic, compassionate, and a little bit hated for iron and steel, just like looking at a young man who has failed.

  The nameless fire in my heart screamed.

My mother is a university professor and supposedly very reserved and noble.

But no matter what happened at home, she likes to talk to her neighbors, especially my single problem.

She often takes my picture and asks the old people in the community if they know the man who matches me. The expression seems to be fake and inferior.

As a result, the elderly in the entire community knew that I was an old girl who could not marry.

  The mother said: “A son of my aunt Wu’s sister is very good. We have arranged an appointment for you.

“I’m not angry,” “Can you let me go without mentioning it?”


“No, you are already 29 years old. If you can’t marry one day, I can’t eat well and sleep well all day .” She was like a fly, buzzing in my ears, making me annoyed.Want to jump.

  ”Well, stop talking, I promise to go.

“My mother froze, and I only had to obediently surrender.

  I work as a sales director in a real estate company, with rich income, good looks, fair skin, slim body, and elegant temperament, but I have been single.

The reason is very simple. I have been in the shopping mall for so many years. I have been accustomed to cheating, indifferent, and for a long time. I have developed a skill of dealing with people and a heart that is out of reach.

Gradually, when getting along with men, you can see at a glance the tricks they are playing, and they will pay more or less than reflexively.

It is really difficult to have the passion and impulse to love a person wholeheartedly, without the story of being hurt or the passion for falling in love.

Slowly, I became an authentic “incompetent”.

  In the evening, my mom took me to a blind date in a restaurant.

I hate this kind of purposeful blind date meeting, straightforward self-reported home, and then tapping each other’s everything side by side, trying to figure out each other’s attitude in my heart. There must be as many awkward as possible.

I wanted to run away, but my mother looked at me like a prisoner of death, giving me no chance at all.

  As soon as I opened the box door, I was happy because I saw Zhao Xiang.

My mother is more happy, she said: “I knew each other already?

Really destiny!

“Then leave for a reason.

  Zhao Xiang is my client. His current house and office were purchased manually from me.

When he bought a house, I used my power to privately give him a 10% discount, which gave him unexpected benefits.

He was happy and invited me to eat a few times.

  Zhao Xiang is the kind of girl most want to marry in this era: 35 years old, have experience studying in the United States, have a house and car, own company, coupled with a tall and healthy figure, it can really impress anyoneMiss in the boudoir.

Unfortunately, he is a typical playboy. He has known him for two years, and his girlfriend hasn’t changed how many.

In fact, those women couldn’t come into his heart at all. He interacted with them like eating fast food, heading directly to the subject, and fighting fast. Even flirting time and interest were omitted. Gobbling, eating unknowingly, natural indigestion later.nausea.

After all, he is like me, and he is a person who has lost the ability to love.

  I said, “Why are you?

“Zhao Xiang said:” My mother forced me to come.

She said that if I never married again, I would cut off the mother-child relationship with me.

“Zhao Xiang sighed, and continued this:” In fact, I also want to get married and want to have a good relationship!But no matter how good a woman I see, I don’t seem to be able to fall in love. I have lost my heart.

“Heart, what a wonderful thing!

How can we lose this feeling?

My heart is like when spring comes, everything is growing, and the fragrance of flowers and leaves is in the air. That is the most vigorous vitality.

If a person loses his ability to move, his heart must be old and his blood must be coagulated.

  Zhao Xiang and I found a common topic and chatted endlessly while drinking.

  Three hours later, Zhao Xiang and I were a little drunk.

Zhao Xiang grabbed my hand and said, “Just let’s try to have a serious and serious love relationship, and see if we can get back the feeling of heart and get it right?

“I looked up suddenly, and the wine in my mouth burst out, all on Zhao Xiang’s handsome torso.

  I squatted on the ground with a smile, and couldn’t stand my waist for a long time.

Think about it, both funny, how can two love be incompetent?

Not to mention knowing the truth and not mysterious.

  Zhao Xiang said: “Try it out, just dating, eating, watching movies like first love.

“I thought he was laughing and joking, not in my heart.

  In order to get back my feelings, we tried to fall in love. The next day, Zhao Xiang rang the doorbell of my house, and asked me to go to Qingyuan Cafe for coffee.

My mother was so happy that her mouth could not be closed, her eyes narrowed, as if Zhao Xiangyue was not me, but her.

  I went downstairs and stepped forward with Zhao Xiang.

  At this moment, my mother stood on the balcony and shouted, “How can I rush into different ways in love?

Should walk hand in hand.

“My mother’s voice is too loud. The people around me lead me and Zhao Xiangxing’s attention, and I feel ashamed.

Under everyone’s attention, Zhao Xiang took my hand.

  Love Café is very moody, with pink tablecloths, dim light, and low-key euphemistic music.

The lover gently whispered while stirring the coffee in the cup.

  However, the pair of Zhao Xiang and I are particularly abrupt because most of us are not in love. We are talking about the international situation, WTO, and future economic trends . We are loud and vocal, and we are fighting over some issuesBe red-eared.

  The couple next to us looked at us in disgust, and the forewoman of the cafe came over and asked us to be quieter.

  Our voices fell down, but we found it boring to whisper in such a low voice, so we paid and cancelled.

That was the first date.

  Two days later, Zhao Xiang asked me to take a walk in the mangrove.

This time he acted very much like a man in love, holding my hand, telling me jokes, making me happy.

When I saw a wild chrysanthemum blooming on the side of the road, I took it off and put it on my hair.

  Tired of walking, I sat down on a meadow.

Zhao Xiang said: “In the movie, those men who are in love see their girlfriends tired and usually massage her feet.

I’ll press it for you too.

“He took off my shoes and gently pressed my feet.

The mangrove forest at night is very quiet, the wind is flowing unhindered, and the sound of sea waves patting the coast is not far away. The big and round moon hangs alone in the air, the beauty is breathtaking.
It feels so good, there is no hustle and worry, only tranquility and relaxation.

Seeing Zhao Xiang press my feet attentively, a soft warm current surged in my heart.

However, Zhao Xiang’s expression didn’t seem right. He frowned, his expression pained.

I asked, “What happened to you?

He hesitated, and replied, “Your feet smell!”Do you have athlete’s foot?

“I looked at him without snoring, but my heart slowly sank like” Titanic “to the bottom of the sea, both tragic and helpless-he never sincerely tried to fall in love with me.

If I have sincerity, I really smell bad, and I shouldn’t embarrass me if I say it.

  I got up, put on my shoes, and went back angrily.

He followed, saying, “Why are you so angry?

I’m telling the truth!

“I fiercely said:” People in love sometimes can’t tell the truth, they can only speak stupid things and do stupid things.

He sighed: “It’s really hard to fall in love!

“As soon as I got off work the next day, Zhao Xiang knocked on the door of my office and handed me a box of beautifully packed gifts.

I think this guy must apologize to me for yesterday.

I took the gift and opened the box with excitement, but inside it was a bottle of Norfloxacin beriberi.

Zhao Xiang said, “Your feet are really smelly, and your beriberi must be very serious.

Rule it!

“I was so angry that I couldn’t speak for a long time, threw my athlete’s foot water to him, pushed him out of the office, and shut the door fiercely.

  I think two such big people pretending to fall in love are very funny and boring, so Zhao Xiang made another appointment, so I won’t go to the appointment.

Zhao Xiang may also find it boring, and he will no longer ask me for a long time.

  One night two months later, I was boring in the street bored, the streets were brightly lit, and the couples who came and went often were so sweet that I felt like a lonely boat.

At this time, Zhao Xiang called and asked, “Are you free?

Go to the stadium to watch the game!

“I happened to be nowhere, so I promised.

  Zhao Xiang and I rushed to the gymnasium, the ball game has begun, and the voices were boiling.

There was a lot of smoke on the pitch, and the red and green turned.

The crowd was crowded in the stands, all of them showed a hysterical bravery, with a belly of evil fire.

Zhao Xiang and I were infected by the surrounding emotions, like the devil’s body, and my head was groggy.

Zhao Xiang shouted to the red team to cheer, I also followed the shouting of the red team to cheer.

But the red team was frustrated, the old team couldn’t score, and the green team fleeed.

Zhao Xiang stood up and began to swear, I also stood up and followed.

  At this moment, a guy who was sitting in front of us turned his head and stared at Zhao Xiang and me with a violent vulva in his eyes.

  Zhao Xiang said, “What are you looking at?

“The guy said,” The two of you are fucking, spraying my head is drooling.

“As soon as I looked over his head, it was all our saliva.

I provoked: “So what?

“The boy rolled up his sleeves and looked like he was going to fight.

Seeing this, Zhao Xiang quickly pulled up my hand and ran away.

  We ran to the stadium entrance and stopped. The two of us were panting, you looked at me, I looked at you, and then laughed loudly, leaning forward and back.

Zhao Xiang was sweating all over his head, his tie was crooked, and his facial features smiled into a bunch, like a child.

  We started trying to fall in love again, dating every three weeks.

We are more and more like people in love, he often gives me gifts.

Sometimes when I go shopping, I see the right clothes for Zhao Xiang and buy them for him.

Sometimes he sent me home. When I crossed the road, I didn’t see a red light. I rushed forward and he would hold me and said, “Be careful!”The tone is a little blame and reprimand, and a little anxious and the consequences.

The wind messed up my forehead hair and he would naturally raise his hand and gently help me straighten it out.

Everyone thinks that we are really in love, and even we ourselves sometimes have this illusion.

  The heart of the illusion, we finally fell in love with Zhao Xiang going to Chengdu for a business trip, I went to the airport to see him off.

These days, the cold air is going south. The temperature in Shenzhen has dropped for almost 10 seconds. The airport waiting room is not air-conditioned. I can’t help holding it tightly.

Zhao Xiang came over and silently circled me.

Flowing around, Zhao Xiang hugged me tightly regardless of others.

His arms are warm, everything in the world seems to have nothing to do with me, and I’m a little shy.

  At 10 o’clock in the evening, I was taking a bath, the phone rang, and I rushed out to answer the call. It was Zhao Xiang who called. He said he had arrived in Chengdu and had just gone to eat hot and spicy food with the customer.

  I put down the phone and suddenly found myself talking to Zhao Xiang naked, my face couldn’t help but turn red, as if someone was chasing me, and put my pajamas on my body.

Wearing my pajamas and lying on the bed, my heart was still beating.

  Next, I could receive Zhao Xiang’s call on time every night at 10 o’clock. He told me about interesting people and things I met in Chengdu, and I had to talk for about half an hour each time.

People were frustrated and cold on cold days. Zhao Xiang’s phone seemed to be a warm sun, and the cold air in my bedroom was completely removed.

  One night at 8 o’clock, I was hurrying in front of a computer to plan a plan, and the phone rang suddenly.

I was afraid that after answering the call, I lost my mind, so I picked up the phone at the table and hung up.

But the phone still rang, harassing me over and over again.

I had no choice but to let go of my hand and pick up the phone.

Zhao Xiang’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

He was a little upset and asked if it bothered me.

I said okay, but I didn’t expect you to call this time.

Zhao Xiang said, “I’ll go to dinner with the client to discuss things. I may not be able to call you at 10 o’clock.

I’m afraid you will wait for my call and tell you in advance.

“Suddenly a heat flow surged in my heart.

I didn’t speak.

Zhao Xiang said, “What happened to you?

“I said,” Nothing!

“Zhao Xiang said:” I will not call you at 10 o’clock, you go to bed earlier.

Cover the quilt in cold weather.

I said, “Go ahead, but don’t drink too much.”

“Zhao Xiang said:” I see.

“Zhao Xiang’s phone call was the shortest this time, less than three minutes, and it really disturbed me.

Zhao Xiang’s words always rang in my heart: I was worried that you would wait for my call and call you in advance.

Seems to be as casual as usual, but with a completely different warmth and approximation.

I was a little confused and a little confused.

  The computer has entered a screen saver.

My heart is scattered and my attention can’t be concentrated, so there is no way to keep things on the desk.

  I think, what happened to me?

My mother thought cheerfully: “Obviously, you are in love!

“The next week, Zhao Xiang suddenly stopped calling me.

I called his cell phone and shut it down.Coincidentally, in the past few days, when I was eating and reading the newspaper, I saw the news that a car in a certain place was on the cliff and a ship in a certain place was in danger.

Those black headlines made me frightened.

  As soon as 10pm, I started to feel nervous, sweating all over and sometimes shaking my hands and feet.

I can’t do anything, I can only stand in front of the phone and stare at the phone.

As if only in this way can I spend this long night.

  The phone seemed dead, not even a breath.

Anxious, irritable, puzzled and missed, looking forward, lowering rushed together to torture me.

My mother was more impatient than I was and kept talking to herself: “Will there be an accident in Zhao Xiang!

“I feel that I can’t bear the sudden disappearance of Zhao Xiang psychologically, and I have entered a state of unwillingness.

I went to Zhao Xiang’s company, and his secretary said that he had to find him urgently, but he couldn’t be contacted these days.

  I was very depressed, and the feeling of depression was almost extreme.

As if the earth had been working normally, it was suddenly misplaced.

Such a dislocation has always been sane, and I am at a loss as to what to do.

Did Zhao Xiang have an accident?

I have no God, and my heart is exhausted.

  At 10 o’clock that evening, very punctually at 10 o’clock, the phone rang.

The sudden sound of the bell surprised me. I was a little nervous and a little scared.

I rushed up and picked up the phone.

  Zhao Xiang’s voice came from inside.

It was really Zhao Xiang’s voice.

  ”Zhao Xiang, are you okay?

where did you go?

How can I not reach you these days?

“I was talking, tears were streaming down.

  Zhao Xiang said: “A college student here took me to a remote cottage to play, there was no phone and no signal on the mobile phone.

“” I fear for you every day, thinking you’re in an accident.

“I” wow “wept, and he cried so much that he died, and his tears burst out of his eyes.

  Zhao Xiang was silent for a long time and then said, “I will return to Shenzhen immediately.

wait for me!

“The next morning, before I got up, I heard Zhao Xiang calling my name downstairs, clear and penetrating.

I opened the window and answered him.

He lives on the seventh floor, and he rushes up.

I wore pajamas, stayed and ran to meet him.

The two met on the fifth floor and held each other tightly, holding each other tighter.

I involuntarily retracted my shoulders, deep in his arms.

I heard my heart beating, almost breaking through my chest.

  Hehe, we are finally in love.

Deodorizing and mouth-watering porridge

Deodorizing and mouth-watering porridge

(1) 15 grams of xiangxiang porridge (30 grams of fresh products), 50 grams of previous rice.

Wash 15 grams of Huoxiang (fresh product 30 grams), add it to an aluminum pan (always use an aluminum pan), add water for 5 minutes, discard the residue and take the juice for later use.

  Then wash the previous 50 grams of rice, add an appropriate amount of water into the pot, boil it on the Wuhuo, and then boil over low heat. When the porridge is cooked, add the cilantro juice and cook for one or two times before serving.

Dissipate summer heat and avoid evil effects.

  (2) Mint porridge with fresh mint leaves 30 grams (15 grams dry), previous rice 50 grams.

Wash 30 grams of fresh mint leaves (15 grams of dried product), add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and boil, discard the residue and take the juice for later use.

Pour 50 grams of the previous rice, add an appropriate amount of water and cook until the rice is cooked, then pour in the mint leaf juice, cook for one or two boil and serve.

It has a sharp throat and a mouth-watering effect.

  (3) 5-7 pieces of dried litchi from litchi porridge, 50 grams of previous rice or sticky rice.

5-7 pieces of dried lychee (shelled), 50 grams of rice or glutinous rice in the same pot, add water to the pot and cook into a gruel.

Eat for dinner, and even 3-5 days is a course of treatment.

With Wenyang Yiqi, Shengjin nourishing blood.

  Applicable to bad breath, the elderly five more diarrhea.

The elderly with yin deficiency and flaming body should not eat.

  (4) 30 grams of raw reed root porridge, 50 grams of previously rice.

Wash 30 grams of raw reed roots and add water to boil the medicinal juice for later use.

  Then pan the previous 50 grams of rice into the pan and fry until the porridge is ripe, pour in the medicinal sauce and fry until the rice is cooked.

Eat on an empty stomach in the morning.

It has the functions of clearing heat, removing annoyance, and removing evil spirits and deodorants.

This porridge should not be consumed too long.

Female cold and cold Chinese medicine diet to help you

Female cold and cold Chinese medicine diet to help you

Female sexuality is affected by many factors.

Chinese medicine believes that women’s coldness and coldness are mostly caused by hypothermia in the lower Yuan, condensation of cold air, or kidney yang deficiency, and the invasion of the evil of wind cooling, and cold air gathers in the genitals.

Female sexual desire is indifferent. In addition to psychological treatment, coupled with appropriate food therapy, it has a better effect on improving sexual function and sexual desire.

  The spiced mutton and mutton are fatty, steamed or cooked, sliced, and seasoned with garlic, ginger, tempeh, spring onion, fennel, and spiced soy sauce.

  Fresh shrimp stewed with tofu 15 grams, 3 pieces of tofu, add light white, ginger, salt, stewed cooked.

  Shrimp fried leek shrimp 50 grams, soak in water.

Put oil in the pan and heat it, fry it with 250 grams of chopped leeks, and add salt and other condiments after cooking.

  30 grams of wolfberry stewed pigeon with wolfberry, 1 pigeon (hair removal and offal), put water into the stew cup, stew the meat for soup.

Grasp skin care details to fight the four major aging

Grasp skin care details to fight the four major aging

The word “details” is easily overlooked in skin care.

Yet these details often reveal your age secrets.

How to grasp the details of skin care and become an ageless beauty?

Xiaobian takes you to understand the 4 most aging-prone parts, connect the anti-aging difficult points one by one.

  In addition to the daily skin care, Aimei MMs also need to take care of sensitive and vulnerable parts.

What are some of the things we are most likely to age and are most easily overlooked?

Come and understand with me.

  1. Decree lines The most susceptible part of the face is not the eyes or the forehead, but the leg lines on the sides of the nose.

Many of the old-fashioned actresses who still look bright in front of the camera have been replaced by law patterns. Even the delicate makeup cannot be covered, and only the flash can be used to create the illusion of no law patterns.

  The decree lines are caused by the gradual loss of collagen and moisture in the skin, and the atrophy of the skin also shrinks and sags, causing the skin to relax and aging, forming depressions on the surface of the skin.

  Three major countermeasures to eliminate the wrinkles: ◆ Facial movements: Do mouthwashing bulging on both sides of the jaw, move the tongue in the mouth and push against the two forks; each action is done five times in a row, 4 times a day for 30 days.
  ◆ Acupoint massage: The tip of the tongue is used to massage the acupoints of the lips from the left to the right inside the mouth, three times in a row.

  ◆ Smart use of skin care products: Choose skin care products with firming and rejuvenating effects. When using it, you can use hand-lifting and massage techniques, and stick to daily use, the effect will be more significant.

  Editor’s Choice: Dior Reverse Time and Space Skin Rejuvenation Night Cream Product Introduction: Contains STEMSOME NUIT?

The dynamic regeneration complex at night and the active ingredient biopeptide EL optimize the structure of elastin and reshape the skin’s elasticity and firmness; the combined active ingredients can maximize the anti-wrinkle effect of the night repair essence, and enjoy it in extremely pleasant comfortMedium, skin is full of elasticity.

  Editor’s comment: Technological progress has injected more high-end elements into modern skin care.

This night cream launched on the basis of stem cell research, its highly effective active ingredients can improve skin regeneration capacity, make the skin smooth and detailed, and moisturize and plump.

It can be used to prevent decree lines and also suitable for MMs that have been eroded.

  2. With a raised forehead and a stare . a simple expression can shape how many years you have left, and even make you appear to be older than the actual age.

This is all the trouble of raising head lines.

  The forehead wrinkles are mainly caused by the decline of muscle function due to age or long-term exposure to the harsh environment of wind and sun.

So there are too many young MMs who are also disturbed by the raised head lines.

  Five ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles: ◆ Do more facial relaxation exercises-for example, close your eyes and meditate, and put them on your chin.

  ◆ When exercising, use indoor aerobic exercise instead of outdoor exercise to reduce the chance of sun exposure.

  ◆ Be sure to remind yourself to wear sunscreen before going out (to prevent UVA, UVB products are more ideal).

  ◆ Drink plenty of water and develop a normal diet and sleep habits.

  ◆ Using facial essence with anti-wrinkle effect, it can replenish the nutrition lost in the skin and restore the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

  Editor’s recommendation: Estee Lauder Miracle Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Serum Product introduction: Fusion of multi-vitamins, minerals and high-efficiency seed extracts can accelerate facial cell renewal, at the same time purify the skin, avoid skin elastic tissue from turbidity and accelerate aging.

  Editor’s comment: This essence can absorb skin energy and directly inject the moisturizing feeling of cells. It does not need to bear the risk of plastic surgery, and it can also bring the skin to release a fresh and new luster.

In this way, the pattern will not increase as much as the candles on the birthday cake every year.

  3. Eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes are the most common phenomenon of eye aging.

This has a resistive effect on the appearance and easily gives the impression of being old-fashioned and lacking vitality.

  The eye skin itself is relatively young and fragile. Excessive office work or abnormal daily work and rest are the main causes of wrinkles under the eyes and around the eyes.

  Three ways to refuse wrinkles under your eyes: ◆ Chew carrots and celery or chewing gum often in your daily diet, which will help improve your skin.

Usually also pay attention to eat some colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes and other foods.

  ◆ Recumbent on a slanted wooden board for a few minutes every day to increase blood circulation on the head and face and improve the nutritional status of the face and skin.

Before going to bed every night, use the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to implant and massage around the skin under the eyes for a period of time.

  ◆ Insist on eye massage with targeted eye cream products in the morning and evening, so that the tiredness of the eyes is eliminated, and the problem of wrinkles in the eyes is solved at the same time.   Editor’s recommendation: Giorgio Armani Black Key Deep Repair Eye Cream Product introduction: Concentrated “Qianxi Complex Active Substance Concentrate”, which has 4 times the regeneration and repair ability of Black Key Cream.

The buckwheat wax essence has a unique guiding effect, which helps to collect fine bags under the eyes and puffiness of the eyes. It can effectively correct wrinkles in an all-round way and eliminate all eye defects.

  Editor’s comment: The unique creamy viscosity of this eye cream instantly turns into an emulsion when applied, which can quickly absorb the skin around the eyes.

Quickly moisturizes, removes edema, and is suitable for use before and after makeup. It can charge the eyes anytime and anywhere, creating a perfect eye makeup feel.

  4. Correct and exquisite makeup can make up a beautiful face, but be careful of the parts you most easily overlook-wait, it is the secret that most easily causes your age.

  First-rate aging happens unknowingly.

Skin The skin on the skin is easier to relax than the skin, and it is more prone to wrinkles; and the skin on the skin is darker than the face; and there is too much meat accumulation, and bloated and unsightly.

  Three magical tricks to expel the neck line from the “neck”: ◆ Push to eliminate excess meat: apply massage cream or firming cream to the excess meat; using your index finger and middle finger together will cause a slight slow to the jawSqueeze in directions; alternately push the excess and excess meat left and right.

  ◆ During daily skin care, remember that you cannot ignore repetitions, so that they can enjoy the same cost as facial care.

  ◆ Make skin more slack and wrinkles than facial skin, need to use skin care products specially designed for rehabilitation care.

  Editor’s recommendation: L’Oreal Paris Rejuvenating Face and Neck Shaping Cream Product introduction: At the same time, it will help the face and align the skin care products that reshape the fiber net-Fuyan Face and Neck Shaping Cream.

Contains 2 times of elastin and active fibrin. First strengthen the fiber, repair the elastic fiber network, and then improve from the surface, lift the sagging parts, skin is firmer, wrinkles are faded, facial contours are reshaped, as if the lines are woven again!

  Editor’s comment: Continue to use Fuyan Facial Neck Shaper, re-tighten the face and reset the slack parts, regain the firmness, and double the lift above the sagging parts.

Comprehensively solve the Zouwen problem from the face to the calibration, so that the outline of the face is clear and distinct, so that it is younger.

3 times a week to support the mermaid line with a flat support for 1 month

3 times a week to support the mermaid line with a flat support for 1 month

The mermaid line is practiced 3 times a week for 1 month. “You don’t need to go to the gym or even use the equipment. You can practice the mermaid line 3 times a week!

“Plank” seems to have become synonymous with fashion movement recently.

Known as “the most practical weight loss action”, it claims to help you eliminate excess meat in just a few minutes every day.

How easy is a simple action?

Experts say that flat support has a certain fitness effect, but because it is not aerobic exercise, not the so-called weight loss magic effect, it can make muscles more compact and powerful.

  ■ Nomenclature The reason why flat plates support hips, waists, and legs on a straight flat plate is sought after. This movement has a certain relationship with simple movements. This movement requires the human body to be prone, with both elbows open and shoulder width, while the elbow joints are supported on the ground and upper armsTry to keep it at 90 ° with the main shaft and reduce the support area by putting your toes together.

The distal end is naturally straightened, the eyes look forward and downward, and the chest, head up, shoulders, hips, and lower limbs are kept in the same plane. The tibia muscles and pelvic floor muscles are tightened to keep the spine in a natural physiologically curved form while maintainingBreathing naturally, belching is prohibited, hip joints cannot be shifted or tilted vertically toward the body, etc. This action requires the human body to keep shoulders, waist and legs in a straight line.

  The main exercise muscle fitness instructor stated that in fact, the flat support itself does not have the so-called weight loss effect. This action has certain fitness effects, especially for the front, abdominal muscles, legs, arms and other parts, and the muscles involved in this actionThere are more groups, which can make the core muscle group exercise to a certain extent, and its effect is mainly reflected in that it can make the muscles more powerful and stronger.

  Aerobic exercise is the only way to lose weight. As for the so-called fast weight loss, the coach explained that this is unrealistic, and the fitness effect of tablet support is limited.

Whether the human body is slim or not is mainly related to the trace content in the body. Aerobic exercise is the only way to remove slightness. Flat support is not a kind of aerobic exercise such as jogging, running, and energy consumption is limited, but it does not eliminate the small effect.

  ■ Reminders for disc herniation, scoliosis and other crowds should not be instructed by trainers to say that the plate support itself has certain challenges, that is, the length of the action duration.

In the initial attempt, the crowd should pay attention to grasping the intensity. The duration of the action can be gradually extended, and it should not be rushed.

However, it should be pointed out that not all people are suitable for flat support. In any case, people such as disc herniation, spine bulge, and scoliosis are not suitable for this action. If this is the case for a long time, it may make the original protrusion, scoliosis, etc.The situation is even worse.

  ■ Flat plate support Lateral plate support ● Exercise part: The abdominal oblique muscles are turned sideways, the body is kept straight and the abdominal muscles are straightened, the elbows and forearms support the ground to support the body, and the body and the ground form an angle of 15 degrees.

The other arm is located on the side abdomen with its hips on its hips and remains stable.

  Essentials: Tighten the core muscles, straighten the spine, and focus on the lateral abdomen.

Begin to curl your oblique muscles sideways, pause for a while as you touch the ground, then return to the starting position.

  Flat support lifts legs ● Exercise site: The abdomen faces the ground, the two forearms are bent down to fit the ground, tighten the abdomen, straighten the body, and keep the neck and spine relaxed.

Imagine you become a plank and keep it straight from head to heel.

  Essentials: Raise one leg about ten centimeters off the ground, keep the leg upright and hold that position for 1 second.

Return to the starting position and continue to alternate your legs.

  Parachuting in the air ● Exercise part: The abdomen, the top is prone on the floor, placed on the body, then slowly lift the top, palms off the ground, thumbs outward.

  Tips: Do not tighten the front end, and maintain posture for 30 seconds.


Can women have beautiful sex if they are not beautiful?

Can women have beautiful sex if they are not beautiful?

When I was in the fifth or sixth grade of elementary school, I started to join “I am not beautiful at all”, and at the same time it will affect my future life.

But I’m a good girl. Since Heaven didn’t give me a pretty face, I will use my excellent academic performance to make up for my shortcomings.

After going to college, I began to get involved in sex. I found that some eye-catching and well-built female classmates often “famous flower winners”. On the campus, I was very close to my boyfriend Qing Qing, and although I had a good academic background, I was inferior to people.Can’t win boys like it.

I feel that I will always be a neglected person in terms of sexual intercourse, and my heart has begun to grow an aversion to rebellious psychology-because sex will not bring me any joy.

I even secretly resolved not to marry for life.

  It wasn’t until I was 31 years old, and after 7 years of working, I was greeted by an enthusiastic colleague, and I became an engineer with a 1-year-old engineer.

He is loyal and honest, warm and sincere.

For two years after marriage, we respect each other as guests.

If there is any dissatisfaction between our husband and wife, it is that he always complains about my lack of “femininity” and passion in my husband and wife life.

I felt I owed him, but I couldn’t get hot.

  My question is, I’m not pretty, can I have good sex?

  In real life, people who think that “beautiful women can have beautiful sex, but not beautiful women cannot have beautiful sex” are rare. Actually, this is a misunderstanding.

  It is undeniable that a beautiful woman has a little charm and may have a better sex life with more advantages in sexual intercourse.

But why are the two sexes loving each other? External beauty is not the only driving force, nor is it the whole content of love, personality, temperament, emotions, morals, and behavior, and even plays a more important role.

Especially after marriage-if pre-marriage men have always valued women’s external beauty when choosing a spouse, then after marriage, the two parties are more and more concerned about the more essential things.

Therefore, sex is by no means a “patent” for beautiful women. Women who are not beautiful are still qualified to have sincere love and feel the kind of exciting sex.

  Moreover, beauty has never been an absolute standard. If you can respect and love each other with your lovers, build a close relationship with each other, then the other person will look at you with great appreciation, including your appearance and body.

This is exactly as the old saying goes: Lover’s eyes are out of Shih Tzu.

  In fact, in real life, a woman is not beautiful, which often means that some parts of her body are not beautiful, rather than her entire appearance and whole body, and maybe other parts of her body are beautiful.

So don’t worry about your lack, but be good at discovering your own beauty, and learn to appreciate and satisfy yourself.

  And the most important point is: Eliminate sexual prejudice and liberate yourself from inferiority complex and self-repression; build confidence, establish correct sexual awareness, and believe in your sexual ability.

If you do this, you will find that in the intimacy with your loved one, you can also have sexual excitement, sexual impulses until orgasm, and become a truly perfect woman.

Instant-effect products give you instant confidence


Instant-effect products give you instant confidence

The so-called immediate effect is not makeup in disguise?

  Previous skin care products would make use of certain features of makeup, such as gloss, to give skin care products a “camouflage” effect.

Nowadays, the technology components used in instant products are not the same. One of the most popular methods is to use the ingredients and technology of medical care to make the skin instantly have the effect of electric wave peeling. It is really no worse than a shot. It is more amazing.The thing is, this kind of achievement is only a few minutes, no pain, no danger, really fulfill your dream of becoming perfect in a second.

In addition, instant-on products will use these methods: 1.

Natural moisturizing factors, hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients, instantly hide small fine lines.


Add glitter particles, such as 24K gold or diamond powder, and use the refraction of light to make the skin smoother and the wrinkles invisible.

  Immediate-acting products perform particularly well on the two major issues of anti-aging: wrinkles and sagging, such as the use of peptides and botulinum-like ingredients, which can make wrinkles disappear 80% in minutes, and the face can be raised 15 degrees.

In addition, it can be resolved immediately: 1.

Invisible pores 90%; 2.

2. Heal dry lines 100%; 3.

Bright race 85%.

  Will there be dental caries on my skin?

  Regardless of whether it is a super fire-like medical ingredient or pearlescent particles, although it acts on the skin surface, the burden is really minimal and can be ignored.

For example, the 24K gold added to Laponi products can promote blood circulation, but it is a good thing.

However, the main purpose of these additions is to show good looks in real time, so they are mostly designed for when you go out to see people during the day.