5 Whitening Night Creams for Elegant Sleeping Beauty

5 Whitening Night Creams for Elegant Sleeping Beauty

Beauty experts say “Sleeping Beauty” is absolutely correct.

From 11pm to 5am, when skin cells are most active, the nutritional absorption of skincare products is also the best.


hzh {display: none; }  虽说美白的目的都是一样,但达到目的的手段可不尽相同,各大品牌推出的美白产品都有自己独特的一套美白系统,就看你钟情哪种方法,最Which method is suitable.
  Chanel Whitening Night Cream Product Highlights: Unique Yogurt Night Cream, containing “melanin sleep complex” ingredients, to make melanin sleep and diminish the formation of spots; and rich in moisturizing ingredients, the skin is soft and non-greasy after use.

  Comments from netizens: What I like most is this high-priced night cream. Although the name is “cream”, it is slightly very soft, unlike some cream-like skin care products, it has some hardness, moisture, and fineness.

  Lancome’s Smart Pleasure White Night Cream product highlights: Thanks to the newly added high-efficiency ingredient-elasinic acid extracted from the natural plant Tara, the Smart Pleasure Whitening series products can effectively eliminate pigmentation and give all women a more translucent, smooth and cleanSilky skin.

  Comments from netizens: I have been using this product for a long time. I used this cream in the early days and it feels good after use.

As you get older, there are small fine lines on the ends.

I personally feel that this color looks better than white, and it feels nutritious . good.

  Highlights of Estee Lauder Double Nourishing Platinum Cream: Double Nourishing Platinum Extreme Cream, a small amount of full-bodied and soft, perfect combination of unique anti-aging technology and a variety of rare and rare, firm and lift, perfect repair and protect the skin, makeTender skin is soft, smooth and coveted.

  Netizens comment: It is not greasy at all, but the skin will have a faint moisturizing feeling, which is really good, and it is not irritating and will not be allergic.

  Product Highlights of Vichy Double Chance Run White Night Cream: Innovative research and development makes deep basal cell whitening technology go further: deep basal cell whitening technology + active ω3 + 6, 100% penetrates the epidermal layer, effectively neutralizes and deletes existing melanin,Restock healthy cells for the skin.

  Comments from netizens: The night cream is very moisturizing, and the face is still moisturized in the morning, but it is also worried that it will be too greasy. It still depends on the specific conditions of the skin.

  Product highlights of Yves Lixue Plant DNA New Brightening Night Cream: It repairs and renews cells at night and moisturizes the skin at the same time, continuously whitens and tightens the skin; when you wake up in the morning, the skin looks like new, firmer and fairer.

  Comments from netizens: The moisturizing effect is very obvious for the first time. It belongs to sensitive skin. It has been used for many years without any problems, indicating a mild and very good product.

Coup to rescue four parts of women susceptible to aging


Coup to rescue four parts of women susceptible to aging

The most prone areas at both ends are not the bags under the eyes or the deep grooves on the forehead, but the two law lines next to the nose.

A young woman can barely see the two striped paths, but if the groove is deep, the first impression is a sentence-this person is not young.


hzh {display: none; }  电视上纷繁出现的美女明星们也见过了不少,不论照片上和闪光灯下多么明艳照人,可是私下遇到她们时的第一感觉就是——哇,真是Years are not forgiving, Hongyan will eventually grow old, and truth will remain unchanged forever!

Take a closer look at their faces, their makeup is still very delicate, but they all have one thing in common-a deep groove appears on both sides of the nose.

  Elimination of decree lines Decline lines are typical of the deterioration of skin tissue, causing the surface of the skin to sag. The obvious decree lines often make themselves look serious, old-fashioned, and have no intimacy, which makes people have a hard time getting close.

  Tip: You can try the following methods to prevent or eliminate the wrinkles. The effect can be seen for 30 days.


Make a mouthwash-like bulge on both cheeks, move your tongue inside your mouth and push against your jaws.


Do each exercise five times in a row, four times a day.

  Detailed method of preventing decree lines: The tip of the tongue is moved up and down from the left and right inside the mouth, and the points of the lips are massaged clockwise for more than three consecutive times.


Start with the tip of your tongue.


Turn the tip of your tongue to the right of your lips.


Turn the tip of your tongue to the left of your lips.


The tip of the tongue finally turns under the lips.

  Eye Bag Removal Bags, like wrinkles, are one of the first signs of aging.

The age at which annoying eye bags appear varies from person to person, most of which occur around 45 years of age.

The bags under the eyes have a resistive effect, which is mainly manifested by the lower eyelids making the face out of balance and coordination, giving a feeling of old age.

  Tips to eliminate bags under the eyes: There are several ways you can reject bags under the eyes.


It is best to lie on a slanted wooden board for a few minutes every day to increase blood circulation on the head and face and improve the nutritional status of the face and skin.

Before going to bed every night, use the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to implant and massage around the skin under the eyes for a period of time.


Stick figs or cucumber slices to the skin under the eyes before bedtime. You can also use papaya and mint to soak in hot water to make tea, and often take it on the skin under the eyes after cooling.


You can also use some cream or oil on the face and hit the face with your finger upwards.


Adhere to morning and evening eye massage for eye massage, it is best to use targeted eye cream products, such as Bai Dafu’s amino acid peptide eye essence, which are rich in vitamins and plant extracts, which can effectively nourish the eyes and repair eye skin.


This kind of carrot and celery or chewing gum is often chewed in the daily diet, which will help improve the skin.

You should pay attention to eating colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes and other foods.

  In addition, eat too salty and drink plenty of water before going to bed, too low pillows will form bags under the eyes, should be avoided.

  Reduce the appearance of head lines. Head lines are the marks left by people over time and one of the signs of aging.
  Tip: Relaxing methods can reduce head lines.
  Rule 1: Do more facial relaxation exercises, such as meditating with your eyes closed, and focus on your chin.

  Specification 2: Use the moisturizing mask once or twice a week to increase the wrinkle level of the skin and reduce the wrinkle lines.

  Instruction three: When exercising, use indoor aerobic exercise instead of outdoor exercise to reduce the chance of sun exposure.

  Specification four: Be sure to remind yourself to wipe sunscreen before going out (to prevent UVA, UVB more ideal).

  Rule 5: Drink plenty of water, develop a normal diet, and sleep habits.

  Avoiding aging caused by aging occurs unconsciously, reducing the skin is easier to reduce than the face, and wrinkles are generated in advance; reducing the specific surface area of the skin is darker; and there is too much meat accumulation, causing bloating and unsightly.

Although strictly speaking, it is usually not a part of the body, but severe aging can affect a woman’s young feeling.

  Tip: Sticking to four steps can eliminate excess meat.

  First: Apply massage cream or firming cream to excess meat.

  Step 2: Use your index finger and middle finger to squeeze the happening slightly slowly towards the jaw.

  Step 3: Push the excess and excess meat to the left and right alternately with both hands.

Fruits and vegetables with special effects

Fruits and vegetables with special effects

Durian can relieve dysmenorrhea. Durian has a strong smell, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is “smell-smelling”.

However, in Thailand, due to its high nutritional value, durian is often used as a patient and postpartum women to nourish the body.

  Durian is hot, can promote blood circulation and dispel cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, and is especially suitable for women who suffer from dysmenorrhea.

It can improve the symptoms of coldness in the abdomen, can promote the rise of body temperature, and is an ideal supplement for those with cold constitution.

  Although durian has many benefits, it can’t be eaten too much at one time, otherwise it will easily lead to dryness of the body, and then cause “getting angry” due to inability to fully absorb the stomach.

  While eating durian, it does not prevent you from drinking light flour, or eating fruits with reduced moisture, such as pears, watermelons, etc., which can effectively eliminate dryness.

Durian’s best partner is the mangosteen known as the “Queen of Fruits”, which can subdue the anger of the “King of Fruits” and protect the body from damage.

  Garlic shine hair. Many women worry that eating garlic will cause their breath to be refreshed. In fact, it is a women’s “health guard”.

  A large number of epidemiological investigations have shown that the incidence of cancer is significantly lower in garlic-producing regions and people who have been consuming garlic for a long time.

Professor Li Huiming said that eating half a head of raw garlic every day can inhibit the complications of diabetes and ovarian cancer.

  Eating garlic can not only fight cancer, prevent blood clots, but also keep the hair black and shiny. If you massage the scalp with garlic juice, you can not only reduce hair loss, but also make white hair black.

  Toona can help pregnancy. Studies have shown that toona contains vitamin E and sex hormones, which has anti-aging and nourishing yin and nourishing yin, and has a certain effect on infertility. Therefore, it has the good name of “progesterone”.

  Toona sinensis contains volatile aromatic organic compounds such as toonin, which can strengthen the spleen and appetite and increase appetite.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, diuretic and detoxifying, and it is a good medicine to help treat enteritis, dysentery and urinary system infection.

  Coriander medical research to prevent osteoporosis shows that after 40 years of age, bone formation is reduced and bone cortex is thinned, especially in women.

At this time, women’s bones are like eggs, and the cortex is thin like an egg shell, which is fragile and fragile.

Experts remind that women in middle age should eat more boron-containing foods to help the body absorb minerals and protect the bones, while coriander contains a lot of boron.

  In addition, the trace elements of iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C in coriander can also diuretic, help maintain blood sugar stability, and can prevent cancer.

  Chives treat yang deficiency. Leeks have a sweet and warm taste, and have kidney tonifying yang, scattered blood and detoxification, reconciling viscera, warming the stomach, increasing appetite, and dehumidifying blood. It is especially good for women with yang deficiency, which can alleviate their cold and cold.Tiredness, lethargy, decreased libido, polyuria, and diarrhea.

  Leeks contain carbohydrate nutrients, especially cellulose, carotene, and vitamin C.

Because it contains a large amount of precipitated fibers, it can increase gastrointestinal motility and maintain smooth stool.

Leek also contains volatile thio starch, which has a spicy flavor and can increase appetite.

In addition, leek also has certain medicinal effects, among which the sulfide has a hypolipidemic effect, which is suitable for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Mustard makes the complexion ruddy. Mustard has a strong spicy taste and has a reorganizing stimulating effect. It can regulate female endocrine and enhance sexual function. It can also stimulate vasodilation and enhance facial blood flow, making women’s complexion more ruddy.

  The main ingredient of mustard snout is isothiocyanate.

This ingredient not only prevents fractures, but also has certain effects on preventing cancer, preventing vascular plaque deposition, and assisting in the treatment of asthma.

In addition, mustard has the effects of preventing hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and reducing blood viscosity.

Newborn baby urinating is mostly normal

Newborn baby urinating is mostly normal

[Guide]Children’s urine output and urination times are different at different ages.

Because infants and young children have a strong metabolism, the younger they are, the more active their thermal energy and water metabolism are. The foods they eat are mainly based on liquid food (especially in infancy), and the bladder capacity is small, so they urinate many times a day.

  One day, a little “patient” came into the consultation room. She was born only 10 days. Because her mother was still confinement, the “patient” was owned by her father.

The doctor glanced at the little baby lying in his father’s arms. The child was ruddy, calm, and slept soundly, so he asked the parents about the condition.

  It turned out that the first few days of the child’s birth, urination is still normal, about 5 a day?
Six times, I was discharged from the hospital and returned to my home. Somehow, I urinate all at once, and I get up to 20 times a day. Sometimes my urine looks red on the diaper.

Others did not notice anything wrong.

  Because the baby had pyelonephritis the previous year, she also had frequent urination and urgency. She also urinates a dozen or twenty times a day, but she was cured in time.

The new mother was very anxious to see the baby’s condition, and worried whether the baby also had pyelonephritis. In addition, according to some medical books, girls have short urethra and are prone to this disease, so they are extremely nervous.

  The doctor performed a detailed examination of the baby. There were no abnormalities in all aspects of the baby, and blood and urine tests were normal.

Finally, the doctor told the parents that the baby is completely normal.

  Why do babies pull so much urine?

  This is because children’s urinary function and adults have different physiological characteristics, if you understand these characteristics, the new mother will not panic.

  In fact, children at different ages have different urine output and urination frequency.

Because infants and young children have a strong metabolism, the younger they are, the more active their thermal energy and water metabolism are. The foods they eat are mainly based on liquid food (especially in infancy), and the bladder capacity is small, so they urinate many times a day.

  In the first few days after birth, the baby urinates very little due to a small amount of food, only 4?
5 times.

After a few days, the frequency of urination will increase rapidly, 6 months ago, up to 20 a day?
30 times, about 30 ml each.

After 6 months, with the increase of semi-liquid supplementary food and the gradual improvement of renal function, the frequency of urination will gradually decrease. By the age of one year, about 15?

16 times, about 60 cups (about 1/3 cup of ordinary glass) each time).

At the age of 3, on average, about 10 times a day, the amount of each time gradually increased to about 90 ml.

However, due to the individual differences of the baby, as well as drinking water, temperature and other factors, urine volume and urination times can be subject to changes.

  Characteristics of neonatal urine: The urine excreted only at the very beginning of life can be dark and turbid. Fresh urine is almost colorless and transparent throughout the infancy, with a slight aroma.

After the precipitate was left, the ammonia odor appeared more obviously because the urea in the urine was decomposed into ammonia.

  Newborns and infants have a lot of urate in their urine, which sometimes occurs when they break down on the diaper.

Or when the climate is cold, the urine that is just discharged is clear, and it becomes cloudy after being placed. This is because infants and toddlers have more urate and phosphate in their urine, and their solubility decreases when the temperature decreasesAnd the sake of precipitation.

These are normal phenomena.

  Development of neonatal urination system Infants and young children’s autonomous urination function is gradually perfected by the development of the transforming nervous system.

Urination within the first month after birth is purely reflex, and only causes reflex urination after the bladder is full.

  Generally to 5?
Conditioning reflexes gradually develop when they are 6 months old, for example, they can urinate when an adult “urinates”, or when they wake up, they have to urinate.

By the age of one, he can gradually train his control of urination, which is about to 1.

5?After 2 years of age, young children can really control their urination and urinate on their own.

  The urine of infants and young children reflects the health status. The urine of infants and young children can often reflect the health of infants and young children.

As a mother, of course, you must first know that certain conditions are normal and certain conditions are abnormal, so that you can find problems in time and seek a doctor in time.
  For example, a baby’s abnormal urination, whether it is polyuria, oliguria or anuria, can be caused by various diseases such as heart, kidney or pituitary in addition to the effects of breathing and how much water is consumed.If it is cloudy, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of acute urinary tract infection; if the fresh urine just discharged has an abnormal smell, it indicates that the baby may be sick.

  If there is a child with benzoic aciduria, the fresh urine discharged has a special musty smell. This child is often accompanied by low intelligence; for example, during the baby’s urination control function, the “wetting bed” occurs”” Is normal, but if it reaches 5?
At 6 years old, wetting often occurs, which is abnormal.

  In addition, infants and young children have a characteristic of urinating, which is difficult to interrupt once started (unless suddenly frightened). If the urine flow is intermittent, or pain, crying, etc. occur during urination, you should go to the hospital for a check.

It is easy to have five fires in summer, and firefighting has to do this!

It is easy to have five “fires” in summer, and firefighting has to do this!

When the summer arrives, the heart is hot and the weather is hot. The fire burns from the heart. Many people will have this feeling. Even in the hot days, even people with good temper will have small emotions. Summer is easy to get angry. How can we put out the fire?It is usually hot in summer. If you eat a little hot food at this time, it is easy to get angry. How should the fire in the summer “fire”?
Liver is prosperous – drink some pear water. Irregular life, uncoordinated diet, depressed mood and irritability can lead to liver fire.
People with strong liver fire often have a bad temper, and they also have physical symptoms such as dry mouth, bad breath, red eyes, dry eyes, acne, and burnout.
Treat the liver fire, you can drink pear water.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pear water.
First, 10 grams of Fritillaria is mashed into powder, then the prepared 2 pears are peeled and diced, put into a pot and stewed, and then added with the right amount of crystal sugar.
Stomach is prosperous – drink some mung bean porridge Summer is coming, people like to eat “roadside stalls”, like “beer + 鎾?string”, but this can easily lead to “stomach fire burning”.
When there is a stomach fire in the body, there may be yellow thick tongue coating, swollen gums, dry mouth, bad breath, constipation and other symptoms.
Clear stomach fire, you can pick up mung bean porridge.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: mung bean porridge.
Take the appropriate amount of gypsum powder, glutinous rice, mung bean, first boil the gypsum powder with water, then go to the slag to be used, then add glutinous rice, mung bean in the liquid, add the seasoning after cooking and take it.
蹇冪伀鏃衡€斺€斿枬鐐硅幉瀛愭堡銆€銆€涓尰璁や负锛屽績鐏垎铏氬疄涓ょ锛岃櫄鐏富瑕佹湁鎵嬭冻蹇冪儹銆佺洍姹椼€佹偢鐑︿笉瀹併€佸瘣灏戞ⅵ澶氱瓑琛ㄧ幇锛屽疄鐏富瑕佹湁鍙e共銆佸彛鑻︺€丷estless, urinating short red burning, red face red, yellow fur, tongue swelling and pain.
You can take honeysuckle water to reduce the fire, and you can drink lotus soup by reducing the fire.
銆€銆€The therapeutic side of the real fire: honeysuckle water.
Put the honeysuckle soaked for half an hour into the water and fry. You can fry for 15 minutes, pour out the juice, add water and fry, take two decocting juice, and add the water for the third time.
Finally, the juice is placed in a bottle and consumed on behalf of the tea.
銆€銆€The therapeutic side of the virtual fire: lotus seed soup.
Take the lotus seeds (not to the lotus heart) and the amount of the wolfberry, put it into the pot and stew. After the fragrance is scented, add the amount of crystal sugar, and take it after saccharification.
Lung fire – eat some pig liver If the body feels external evil or due to internal injuries, it will affect the normal physiological function of the lungs, followed by a series of fevers such as dry mouth, dry tongue, cough, sore throat.
Treat lung fire, you can eat pig liver soup.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pig liver soup.
Pig liver and chrysanthemum amount, put into the pot and boil, cook until the liver is cooked, add seasoning, you can eat liver soup.
Kidney fire – eat some pork loin in the process of Chinese medicine diagnosis, kidney fire is mostly the deficiency of yin deficiency and fire, mainly irritability, dizziness, tinnitus, toothache, mouth ulcers, waist and knees and so on.
To remove kidney fire, you can use the method of “cleaning up”.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pig waist.
The pork loin, wolfberry and hawthorn meat are boiled in water and cooked until the pork loin is cooked. After adding the seasoning, you can take it.
銆€銆€In fact, whether it is summer or not, if you do not pay attention to regular life and diet, the above five fires are very easy to find us.
Therefore, instead of “fire” after “getting angry”, it is better to take precautionary measures to avoid “burning the fire”.
Deal with the fire on the small coup 1, mouth or mouth long bubble: cut a few pieces of ginger to chew, can make the blisters slowly eliminate; wash your face before going to sleep, squeeze the eye ointment on the pain of the lips, the pain will be reduced the next day, continueApplying it for a few days can make the pain disappear.
2, sore throat: often eat raw pears can prevent mouth sores and sore throat; with vinegar plus the same amount of water gargle, can alleviate the pain; tender loofah smashed juice, frequently with phlegm; throat pain, availableSpoon a spoonful of soy sauce, simmer for about 1 minute, for 3-4 times, with curative effect.
3, throat dry and hoarse: drink light salt water; take honey pear cream; drink orange peel sugar tea.
Chinese medicine recommended fire-fighting tea honeysuckle tea Honeysuckle has the functions of clearing liver and eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxifying, calming liver and cooling blood, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, anti-virus, strengthening defense function, etc. The right amount of drinking this tea has a good health effect.
Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum tea tastes slightly bitter, can dispel cold and clear heat, clear liver and eyesight.
Those who don’t know the doorway will choose chrysanthemums with white flowers and large flowers. In fact, the small and ugly yellow chrysanthemums are chosen.
Drink chrysanthemum tea, do not add other tea leaves, only the dried chrysanthemum soaked in water or boiled to drink.
銆€銆€Use 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 鏋告潪 5 grams, add into the pot and add water to boil.
Suitable for liver fire, dizziness, brain swelling, tinnitus, eye pain and other symptoms to drink.
Honey black tea Brew black tea, then adjust the amount of honey, brown sugar according to personal taste.Drink once a day before meals, can warm the stomach, protect the liver and cold, suitable for liver fire, spleen and stomach function is not good.

The cassia seed tea cassia is slightly cold, and the tea that has been brewed has a light green grass fragrance. The taste is bitter. For those who have a big liver, it is a good way to reduce fire, mainly to clear the heat and clear the liver.

Add the single-flavored cassia seed and mix it directly into the tea until the tea is colorless.

Modern pharmacological research suggests that cassia seed is loaded with chrysophanol, emodin, cassia and other components, which have antihypertensive, antibacterial and plasma-lowering effects.

Green tea green tea tastes slightly bitter cold, with heat, heat, detoxification, fire, dryness, thirst, Shengjin, strong heart refreshing function.

Green tea green leaf green soup, fresh and refreshing, tastes sweet and slightly bitter and cold, causing vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients. Drinking both has the effect of cooling off heat and adding nutrients.

The spring tea in green tea is the best quality in the year, especially in the new tea listed before and after the Qingming and Guyu. After a winter of nutrient accumulation, the free amino acids and protein in the tea are rich in nutrients, and the aroma of the tea is good.Very cool.

However, green tea is slightly cold, and people with weak spleen and stomach should not take it in large quantities to avoid injury to the spleen and stomach.

Fire on the small coups, life rules, eat more fruits and vegetables experts believe that, if you get angry, first we must have a scientific law of life, reasonable work habits, but also on time to eat quantitatively, do not eat in time to avoid, this does notBecause food is overeating.

At the same time, when participating in various activities, there must be moderation, must have reasonable sleep time, do not stay up late, to prevent excessive fatigue, body resistance decreased.

Usually, eat more “clear fire” food fresh green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, oranges, green tea have a good clearing effect, and carrots to supplement the body’s vitamin b, to avoid chapped lips also have a good effect.

In addition, you can take a variety of cool granules, such as Xia Sangjuju granules, Jinju granules, etc. are also very effective for “clearing fire”.

銆€銆€During the “fire” period, it is not advisable to eat spicy food, drink alcohol, smoke and stay up all night. Pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene, gargle frequently, drink plenty of water, and take “clear fire” medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

If the symptoms of “getting angry” are more obvious, and have not improved for more than a week, you need to go to the hospital in time.

Ten wonderful Chinese herbal medicines in the human body


Ten wonderful Chinese herbal medicines in the human body

We only know the hair that has been lost, and the cut nail can be used as a Chinese herbal medicine.

So, do you know that there are some wonderful Chinese herbal medicines in addition to nails and hair?

Hurry and look down!

銆€銆€1, among the whites in the white, the human body is healthy and the urine is naturally precipitated and solid.

This product is irregular in shape, varying in size and thickness 3-5mm.

The surface is grayish white, uneven, often with ribbed or tumorous complications; the underside is earlier.

Hard and brittle, fragile.

The cross section shows obvious layers of different thickness.

It has urinary hernia and is slightly salty.

This product is dry, color gray, strong, and no impurities.

It has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, stopping bleeding and removing phlegm.

Commonly used for lung and heat, vomiting blood, blood stasis, throat, gums, mouth sores, all wet and fester, burns.

銆€銆€2, in the middle of the yellow people, yellow, is the end of the licorice in the bamboo tube, accumulated in the human pit after a certain period of time.

The product is complete, the appearance and section are dark yellow, rough, showing that the licorice fiber is criss-crossed and gathered, the quality is tight and the surface is easy to peel off.

Has a special smell.

Clearing heat and cooling blood; purging fire and detoxification.

The main day is a fever; warm disease and spotting; hot and polydipsia; acne blood heat; erysipelas; sore.

For fever, hair spots, blood heat poisoning, dark purple rash, or high fever, as well as sore throat, erysipelas embolism.

銆€銆€3, human urine urine, Chinese medicine name, for the human health of the person’s urine, go to the head and tail, with the middle section.

It is generally better to urinate in healthy children under the age of 10, which is called “children’s stool”.

This product is a light yellow solution.

It has a smell of urine and a salty taste.

Nourishing yin and reducing fire, stopping bleeding and eliminating phlegm.

Treatment of yin deficiency fever, labor injury, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood stasis, postpartum blood stasis, blood halo, bruises and injuries.

銆€銆€4, the name of the traditional milk supplement of human milk, is the milk secreted by the healthy women after childbirth.

Contains protein, trace, carbohydrate, ash, emulsified calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other nutrients.

The human milk heat service can replenish the five internal organs, fill the essence with the puzzle, moisturize and stimulate the body, and nourish the blood deficiency.

Any constipation, strong tongue, and red eyes can be used effectively; with fresh human eye drops, it can cure eye red, eye pain and other eye diseases; eye drops made with human milk, clinically used to treat electro-opticOphthalmia, the effect is excellent.

銆€銆€5, the placenta is the “human cell”, also known as the purple river car.

The cell coat that was taken off at the time of birth of the human baby was processed and dried by the release of pure blood medicine.

Replenishing qi and nourishing blood;

The main vain wins thin; vain and labor; qi deficiency; blood deficiency yellow; impotence nocturnal emission; infertility and less milk.

For vain and thin, bone steaming night sweats, cough and asthma, eating less gas, short-term impotence, infertility and less milk.

銆€銆€6, human umbilical cord umbilical cord, for the healthy human baby umbilical cord.

This product is the highest strip, 10 long?
15cm, diameter about 0.

5cm, light yellow or dark brown, translucent, to the light sleeve, there are 2 arterial tubes and 1 intravenous tube.

It is tough and not easy to break.
The gas is slightly weak.
Wei Xianping, which has the effect of relieving fetus and stopping asthma and cough, has recently been considered to have anti-viral effect on measles and enhance the immunity of the human body.

It has a long-term cough and wheezing, and its effect is also good.

銆€銆€7, human blood fractures, healthy people’s blood, mainly used for the treatment of major bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, serious infection, anemia and other diseases.

Coagulation factors and platelets extracted from human blood are commonly used preparations for the treatment of coagulopathy.

In addition, human albumin, human gamma globulin, etc., have a certain effect on the treatment of albumin deficiency and prevention of certain infectious diseases.

銆€銆€8, after the hair is processed, it becomes black and shiny, and the body is light and brittle. It is like the charcoal of sponge. Chinese medicine is also called “blood residue”.

Sexual taste is bitter, it can eliminate blood stasis and stop bleeding.

Commonly used for vomiting blood, blood in the urine, uterine bleeding, nasal discharge and bleeding gums.

General oral administration.

9 grams.

External use can cure burns, take blood and carbon, and then mix with Vaseline and apply it to the wound.

銆€銆€9, human nail manicure, Chinese medicine name, nails cut for human health people.

This product has irregular crescent shape, size and width.

The surface is yellowish white and the teeth are white, and the crops are bright and smooth.

There are fine vertical stripes.

Horny, hard and tough, elastic, difficult to break.

Slightly sweet, sweet and salty.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, rotifying and stimulating muscles, and improving eyesight; using yellow wine to deliver clothes can treat the chicken paw wind of palm tremor; put in cigarettes to ignite inhalation and retire.

It was ground into a powder together with borneol.

Then blow into the ear, there is a pus, astringent, anti-inflammatory effect, effective for the treatment of chronic otitis media.

銆€銆€10, saliva saliva, commonly known as saliva, “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that saliva is a traditional Chinese medicine, known in ancient times as “Jinjin Yuye”.

Modern people think that saliva is dirty.

But Chinese medicine experts tell you that saliva is a good medicine and has health and health benefits.

There is a famous saying in the folks that describes the effect of saliva, and that “Tian is a long-term medicine.”

銆€銆€Have you been shocked after learning about this?

In fact, these wonderful herbs really have unexpected effects!

Hurry up and collect it!

Winter anti-eye dry computer front cup hot water


Winter anti-eye dry computer front cup hot water

Your usual habits, retain a lot of “fossils”, rice grains, biscuit residue, hair, etc., no wonder some people say: the keyboard in the public computer room is dirty than the public toilet.

At the same time, such fragments may enter your keyboard and plug into the circuitry on your keyboard, making input difficult.

The harm of the drink is even worse, destroying your keyboard once.

It’s just that your keyboard is not destroyed. I’m afraid it’s very sticky.

銆€銆€Solution: Avoid eating on the keyboard, clean it every time, wipe the bath (although it is still very dirty); if you have a fuller pocket, you can consider changing the keyboard for half a year (I never recommend using the difference)The keyboard, that’s about health issues. Try it, it should be better.

Also remember to buy a table for your room.

銆€銆€You can put the following things next to the computer: put a cup of hot water next to the computer, increase the surrounding humidity to reduce the discomfort of the eyes; cactus, ginseng trees and other green plants that reduce radiation; eye drops, when the eyes are dry, you can drop; Put a small fan to increase ventilation.

銆€銆€It is best to use the computer tips to investigate the screen to the eye level of 10 to 20 cm, which can reduce the chance of lifting the eyelids. In addition to letting the eyes rest, you should always blink your eyes to moisten your eyes.

銆€銆€Eat some foods that are good for your eyes, such as eggs, fish, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, hazelnuts, chrysanthemums, sesame seeds, radishes, animal livers, etc.

銆€銆€Eat some anti-radiation foods: Although computers have little impact on human health, they should also be prevented.

Drinking tea can reduce the harm of radiation, and the lipopolysaccharide in tea has anti-radiation effect.

Spirulina, sea buckthorn oil also has anti-radiation effects.

Woman answering a man’s sexual problem


Woman answering a man’s sexual problem

There is an old song called “Black that does not understand the night during the day”, which is suitable for men and women to view sexual issues.

No matter how men think, women’s minds can’t guess.

Therefore, a German sex school research institute specially invited men and women, asked men to ask their most concerned sexual issues, and then invited women to answer truthfully!

銆€銆€Man: Why do women sometimes pretend to be orgasm?

銆€銆€Woman: Yes, we sometimes do this, and when we are young, we even do it often.

銆€銆€Because we believe that only those women who are prone to sexual excitement are more attractive to men, and they are the companions that men like. Therefore, each of us hopes that we can have a very emotional look, or lookIt is so.

銆€銆€Which woman is willing to confess that they are indifferent in bed, like a piece of wood?

In addition, we know that men are so passionate and so fragile that they can’t bear to see them expand so much, but they become necessary rewards.

In that way, they do not know how much more disappointing.

銆€銆€Of course, sometimes we want to maximize, we hope to end again, because at this time we do not want to make love, just to meet the needs of the partner.

For too many women, orgasm is not necessarily an inevitable part of a happy night, but unfortunately, men don’t think so.

銆€銆€Man: Do women like men wearing condoms to make love?

銆€銆€Woman: To be honest, if a man has a condom when making love, we don’t have any special feelings.

銆€銆€Maybe the men will feel that it is itchy like a rubber film across the rubber layer, but this will not affect the woman’s pleasure, of course, it will not bring more pleasure.

However, sometimes we will think: Is the condom slipped and it is torn.

This is mainly to take into account the need for contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you risk sex with a reluctant pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, there is no happiness at all.

銆€銆€Man: Men masturbate, will women be jealous?

銆€銆€Woman: It depends on how the relationship between the two people.

If the relationship is normal or very good, then the man will be entertained by masturbation, and the woman will not be jealous.

銆€銆€We know that masturbation is also a normal sexual act, even in the days after marriage.

In essence, there is no other woman to take away her love.

Sometimes we see how men look at that moment, and even feel particularly excited and excited.

銆€銆€However, although we understand that men have their own way of self-entertainment, they adopt this kind of sexual behavior, which has nothing to do with the relationship between two people, but if our relationship is not good, the total does not come, then see or getKnowing that men open their own masturbation, they will be jealous and even feel inferior and sad.

銆€銆€Man: How do women view non-traditional sexuality?

銆€銆€Woman: Hey, you mean to change the pattern in a sexual posture or try a new sexual act!

銆€銆€Yes, men are always not satisfied with the accustomed sexual posture and caress. They always want to try new things to pursue certain excitement and happiness.

In fact, today’s women also have the need to pursue fresh and exciting.

When we think that this sexual posture is healthy, hygienic, safe, and makes us happier, we will not reject the man’s good intentions.

The key is that we must recognize in advance that this new sexual approach must be harmless and replaced, that is, it must not cause any damage to our physical health.

銆€銆€Do men want to try new sexual gestures and caress?

It is necessary to respect the woman’s intentions and obtain their consent, instead of being self-imposed to the will, giving people a feeling of being exploited, insulted or even raped!

銆€銆€Man: Do women like to have sex under the lamp?

銆€銆€Woman: When I was just going to bed with my lover and chatting on the bed, I didn’t call it to turn off the lights immediately, because I saw the smile on the faces of the lovers under the lights, making me more happy and excited.

銆€銆€But next, there is no doubt that I will turn off the lights.

In the dark, women will have a wider space for sex. I can think more about the pleasant and emotional things of many people, which will make me more excited.

At the same time, the eyes can’t see, everything will give way to the feeling of the body, making me more focused.

銆€銆€Another reason is that at this time, maybe my face and my partner’s face become very difficult to see because of excitement. Maybe we will make some embarrassment.In the dark, these will be disguised, so that we will not feel embarrassed, ashamed, and can enjoy more indulging.

If at this time there is only a dim and blurred light, I feel very happy.

銆€銆€Man: Is a woman always passive in terms of sex?

銆€銆€Woman: Although people’s ideas have changed a lot, in most people’s minds, women are still sorrowful, solemn and docile, especially in terms of sexuality, calmness, restraint.

銆€銆€Therefore, most women are reluctant to be sexually exposed and exposed.

In fact, whether we are active in sexuality or not, we have no sexual enthusiasm, and initiative is two different things.

Women are never always passive in terms of sex.

However, we can only express it in a more subtle way.

For example, prepare your favorite dinner, especially after dinner, and be well-informed; prepare to go to bed early in the evening; go to bed and put on a very sexy underwear, intentionally or unintentionally show you.Besides, what other things do you expect women to do?

銆€銆€Man: Does the woman always like the kind of great man who is brave in sexuality?

銆€銆€Woman: Men think so.

銆€銆€What we are more fond of is the kind of gentle, kind, aggressive, successful, and responsible man. I always feel that I am safe and dependent when I am with this man. I even think that such a man is really sexy.

The mighty and brave warrior that the man said has also been especially loved by women, but it is a matter of the medieval knighthood, or a story in a martial arts film.

Such men are the idols that men pursue and emulate, but they are not the love of women today.

銆€銆€Men always love to use their own ideas to touch the minds of women. It may be that they often can’t really understand women.

Can anti-season vegetables be eaten?


Can anti-season vegetables be eaten?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese health care, diet should follow the laws of nature.

Food is made up of odors, and its scent can only be obtained when it is ordered, that is, when growth and maturity meet the solar terms.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine says: Eat less anti-seasonal dishes, but from the traditional Chinese way of health, diet should follow the laws of nature.

Food is made up of odors, and its scent can only be obtained when it is ordered, that is, when growth and maturity meet the solar terms.

銆€銆€The famous saying in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon” is called “Senior Prescription”, which means to inherit the yin and yang of the nature to prepare medicines, food, such medicines, the food has the essence of the world, the smell is thick, and the nutritional value is high.

According to the theory of yin and yang gasification, plant growth has a certain growth cycle. The vegetables that violate the laws of natural growth violate the laws of cold and heat in the spring, summer, summer and autumn collections, which will lead to the cold and heat, the smell is confusing, and become the so-called 鈥渟haped dish鈥?””, it has its shape and no quality.

For example, the summer cabbage is long, but the taste is far less than that of winter; the winter tomatoes are red and beautiful, but hard and tasteless.

銆€銆€Confucius also said: “From time to time, do not eat.

That is to say, dishes that do not meet the solar terms, do not eat.

Sometimes I want to adjust my appetite and eat some anti-seasonal dishes. It is not bad, but long-term consumption is not good for the body.

銆€銆€The greenhouse vegetables, the inevitable controversial anti-season vegetables, today, a few years later, personal experience and practice let us give some new feelings to the anti-season fruits and vegetables.

We began to pick out its impure taste, disliked its lack of nutrients, and even questioned its safety issues鈥攅specially the greenhouse cultivation of the insulation facility, which almost became a target.

Professor He Hongju from the National Vegetable Engineering Technology Research Center also made it clear that anti-season fruits and vegetables should be avoided.

銆€銆€In foreign countries, it is also a big blow of “fresh and natural” style.

Many fruit and vegetable sellers now calculate 鈥渇ood miles鈥? which is how far food is shipped from outside.

Because the more nutrients are transported from farther away places, they advocate eating seasonal fruits and vegetables grown by farmers instead of anti-season fruits and vegetables.

銆€銆€Eating, or not eating, this is not a problem. In the case of anti-season fruits and vegetables, we have created a “miracle”, but at the same time, it turns out that we are really doing it – except for the taste, but the face is tooMore security risks.

Therefore, on the issue of eating and not eating, how to choose, is a game of confrontation between different desires.

銆€銆€When you want to maintain the diversity of your diet, you naturally need different vegetables to mix, and it is inevitable to eat some anti-season fruits and vegetables. When your taste buds especially miss some certain anti-seasonal foods, then you should also accept them in the taste and nutrition.The facts are slightly inferior and more careful when selecting and cleaning.

銆€銆€So, for us, eating or not eating anti-season fruits and vegetables, this is not a problem, because it has no absolute answer, the key is how to maintain balance.

Of course, respecting nature and adapting to nature are a popular global health concept.

Hold on to this concept and let yourself learn to be smart in the world of fruit and vegetable.